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Friday, April 6, 2018

Anna Von Reitz -- Our Flags, Our History

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Our Flags, Our History

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The only "laws" or "regulations" you commonly find about the Stars and Stripes is in the Territorial United States Federal Code where they define the proportions of the flag that THEY will be using in Title IV.

But those regulations in no way restrict the proportions of the Stars and Stripes that We, the People use.

The Stars and Stripes literally belongs to us. It is our property. It came about as one of the war flags used in the Revolutionary War --- the other flag to come out of the Revolution as a "national" level flag, was the "rebellious flag" --- so-called because of the vertical stripes--- the United States Civil Flag.

In the world of international flags generally, the horizontal "bars" indicate resistance and forbidding of trespass, much as a gate bars a road or a dam blocks a stream. Thus the flag with horizontal bars symbolizes conditions of war, where we are resisting or fighting or otherwise restricting and controlling.

The vertical columns symbolize "free flow" -- the gates are open, the columns of the government are solidly in place.

Just think of an old-fashioned dam in a river --- the floodgates can be closed, forcing the water to back up behind the dam (horizontal bars on a flag) or open, allowing the water to pass through (vertical bars).

So both flags have their genesis during the Revolution. Both are national level flags, meaning all the colonies used them to identify the American side of the conflict. But because of their symbolism, one came to be used in war and the other in peacetime. Prior to the Civil War, both flags were in common use with the Stars and Stripes being flown over military installations --- forts, arsenals, training fields, etc., and the Civil Flag being flown over civilian installations --- post offices, customs houses, departmental buildings, polling places, public hospitals, town halls, and so on.

If you think about this, this is merely common sense. There should be a clear distinction between the federal military service and the federal civilian service. So there are two flags, and that should not be any big surprise to anyone.

What should be cause for concern and alarm is that there has commonly been only one flag -- the war flag -- in evidence for many years, but because people don't know that there should be two flags, they haven't questioned the absence of the civil flag.

Both flags inhabit international jurisdiction. Because the Territorial United States continued to make war and "be" at war after the so-called Civil War ended, it continued to fly the Stars and Stripes and exercised our delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea. Because the actual states were at peace after the conflict, they flew the United States Civil Flag instead, so for a time, from 1865 to 1907, both flags were -- as before the "Civil War" -- being used to distinguish between military and civilian functions.

Then, in 1907, the first Great Fraud occurred when the Territorial United States Congress bankrupted "The United States of America, Incorporated" and "took title to the land" that the Territorial States were holding in trust for us and used our land as security backing their bankruptcy. Because title to our land thus was transferred "for safekeeping" to foreign Third Parties (the Holy See) and basically impounded (like we impound a car) the international land jurisdiction that we are owed functionally disappeared and all that was left flying was the Stars and Stripes.

Out of habit and necessity and most of all to prevent public alarm, the perpetrators continued to operate federal services for the international land jurisdiction using the Territorial United States Government structure to do so. Thus, we continued to have "Federal Marshals" policing the international land jurisdiction and "United States Marshals" policing the international sea jurisdiction just as it always was, even though there was now only one flag --- the Stars and Stripes -- being flown. Likewise, the Coast Guard continued to function as a "civilian maritime service" under the same conditions.

[Fast forward--- In 1953, this first bankruptcy settled and all the land titles were released, both public and private. It would have been the correct moment for the Territorial Congress to return those titles to the states and people to whom they belong, but by then, 46 years had passed and many parcels of private land had changed hands and the various states had made allocations for parks and roads and electrical easements ---- and besides, giving it all back would entail admitting that they stole it all in the first place, so inside of the Territorial Congress doing the right thing, they did the convenient thing. They threw up their hands, pretended that they didn't know and couldn't trace the actual owners of the land, so they declared it "abandoned" and rolled all the land titles into gigantic state and federal land trusts.]

Then, in 1933, the second Great Fraud hit, when the Municipal United States Congress bankrupted the "United States of America, Incorporated" and the perpetrators seized upon our private property -- our copyrights, patents, trademarks -- embodied as names, our physical bodies and our labor, our private property in sum total and also confiscated our privately held gold-- as collateral to back their debts during their bankruptcy. Again, the Holy See held us in receivership.

This was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's infamous "New Deal". Thanks to this Gross Breach of Trust, the civilian side of the federal government was reduced to using the "National Colors" as a flag --- the familiar flag with gold fringe around it, to give the appearance that the Stars and Stripes was still in use.

[Fast forward -- In 1999, this second bankruptcy settled, and all the private property, including claim to our labor, was released. However, once again, 66 years had passed and the perpetrators -- for all the same reasons as the first time around -- claimed that they couldn't possibly locate all the heirs of these estates. So, again, they declared all our "personal estates" to be "abandoned property" and cast them adrift as abandoned properties in the international jurisdiction of the sea. All of this, of course, is gainsaid by the fact that they continued to know where we were for tax purposes. In 1999-2000 during the infamous Bush-Gore Presidential Election and the Florida Chads scandal, the perpetrators were obliged to abandon Washington, DC and leave it vacated for 40 days. During that time, Commander Russell-J:Gould stepped into the gap and reclaimed the Title IV flag so that no hostile foreign entity could gain control or use of it, he also re-opened and kept open the Postmaster and Post Master Offices, and took other actions to guarantee the continuance of the government as a whole. He also restructured the Territorial and Municipal Supreme Courts and conducted court martial proceedings for a period of many months. At the time, people laughed at him, but he preserved the entire public side of our government, except for that portion maintained by The United States of America (Unincorporated) which continued to exercise all the non-delegated powers.]

I trust that you can now see why the United States Civil Flag disappeared and why the Stars and Stripes was reduced to a mere "color banner" during our lifetimes.

When the perpetrators rolled everything and abandoned the American Trusts in 1999 we knew we had to take action, so those of us who had stayed awake formed up our Nation-States and gave Notice to the Hague and the Queen and the Pope and other parties of interest. We also began to evaluate the history and the legalities of all this to discern the mechanisms of the fraud and therefore, how to unravel it. This was a long and thankless and dangerous road to be on. Many thousands of us were mis-characterized and railroaded into federal and "State of State" prisons. Up to a million and a half peaceful American state nationals remain unlawfully and unjustly incarcerated in federal prisons and up to 15 million more in federal franchise State of State and County jails --- simply to be used as slave labor and to generate profits for the federal perpetrators because they can charge our trust accounts for the "service" of keeping us in their jails. Many thousands of us were murdered, beaten, burned out, jeered at, our families threatened, our property seized, all while being subjected to unlawfully imposed taxes, fees, and levies to pay for the "services" of our abusers -- our own employees, our own military.

Even now some members of the endlessly deceitful and often grossly incompetent Bar Associations are trying to promote and justify the idea that such fanciful and supposedly dangerous creatures as "sovereign citizens" exist and they are prosecuting these oxymorons in the courts as "subversives". One doesn't know these days whether to laugh or cry. Faced with these ridiculous claims, people need to observe that one cannot act in the capacity of a sovereign and a slave (citizen) at the same time. The same is true of their next offer, "private citizen", because it is impossible to act in private capacity while acting in public capacity.

When Obama took office --- a Muslim man born in Kenya -- eligible to serve in Territorial and Municipal corporation offices, but not eligible to serve as our National President nor as an agency for the Head of State, it was a clear warning sign and the ax was not long in falling. He announced the impending bankruptcy of the Municipal United States in early 2015 and he set up the bowling pins to make sure that the Territorial United States would be forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy by 2017.

This would have been the coup de grace, as it would vacate both the Municipal and Territorial Governments at the same time, and leave this entire continent at the mercy of bankruptcy trustees chosen by secondary creditors --- the international banks.

That would have left all three federal Constitutions vacated from the federal side of the agreements. The National Constitution has purportedly been held "in abeyance" since 1861. The Territorial Constitution would cease to function upon declaration of the insolvency. And the Municipal Constitution would no longer be in effect thanks to the liquidation of the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia.

The banks and the scheming criminals behind them had planned the perfect Trifecta and fully intended to place a claim of abandonment against this entire country and its people, and then to come in here and use a commercial mercenary army operated under color of law "as" the familiar alphabet soup agencies --- BATF, IRS, BLM, FEMA, FBI, and so on, to evict the peaceful American people and "resettle" them exactly as the profane British Government "resettled" the Irish population in the mid-1800's.

Imagine their surprise when the American Head of State showed up and faced off the Queen of England?

And when, moreover, our well-established Due Process and International Claims were brought forward? And we demonstrated beyond any doubt that we know who we are and that our actual sovereign (means "unincorporated") government is still alive, kicking, and here to claim back every iota of the property owed to the American states and people as the Priority Creditors and Lawful Holders in Due Course?

When the "heirs to the Kingdom return from over the sea" -- as we have-- then the trusts all collapse and are indeed "factualized" and must vest in the institutions and the people and states that they rightfully belong to. Not only that, but upon their declaration of bankruptcy, all the powers that were delegated to these creatures revert back to us and to the government of the people, by the people, and for the people ---- so long as we are still organized and sentient enough to conduct our own business, which, Thank God, we are.

So what does all this mean for our flags? It means that we are totally enabled to fly our flags any time and in any style we wish. We can unfurl our long moth-balled civil flag and send out our Federal Marshals to police the international jurisdiction of the land. We can return our Coast Guard to civilian service. We can fly the Stars and Stripes in any manner we wish, and thanks to Commander Russell-J:Gould even the Title IV flag was rescued and preserved intact and kept out of hostile hands.

It means that there won't be any commercial mercenary armies disguised as "STATE OF STATE" police or as employees of "federal agencies" coming around causing any trouble on our shores. It means that instead of being paupers, Americans who have labored as slaves for these vermin for the past 150 years, will instead inherit all that they stored up for themselves and be able to forgive the debts and restore the national governments and bless the people of the entire Earth.


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