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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Another Vatican-led Holocaust Surfaces

By their Bloody Deeds will you know them: Another Vatican-led Holocaust Surfaces

By Kevin Annett. See and .

Over a million people were slaughtered at the Catholic-run Jasenovac death camp in Croatia: a crime authorized by Hitler's good friend, Pope "Pius", and concealed for decades by Rome and America. Like in Canadian Indian residential schools, the camp was run by Catholic clergy and targeted non-Catholic children. The Vatican continues to sit on the looted wealth of these murdered people and the evidence of its Satanic practices.

An eyewitness to the Jasenovac atrocities, Dr. Srboljub Zivanovic, joins us this Sunday April 29 on Here We Stand 6pm EST on Against enormous opposition, Dr. Zivanovic led the campaign to uncover the mass graves at the camp and bring the Catholic-Ustashe criminals to justice. We will discuss the parallels between Vatican genocide around the world, and how and why this oldest criminal conspiracy in history must be stopped.

Also featured will be updates from Operation Atonement, the campaign to disestablish criminal churches, and the upcoming June 21 protest and counter-conference in Geneva to expose and stop a planned Ninth Circle Satanic ritual led by Jorge Bergoglio, "pope Francis". With your regular host Kevin Annett. See and

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