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Saturday, April 14, 2018

FIFTY8 Interviews Marina Jacobi -- Energy Philanthropy

Source: FIFTY8

FIFTY8 Interviews Marina Jacobi / PART III Energy Philanthropy

I talk to Marina Jacobi, an intuitive channel and energy philanthropist. She has direct communication with higher consciousness beings such as the Council of 9, 11 Dimensional Beings, RA, the Pleiadians and an ancient race called The Letorians.

She discusses her platform Energy Philanthropy and why giving from the heart structure is the biggest and most instantaneous way of manifesting. By helping from the heart without any conditions, like money, we begin to vibrate a higher frequency of consciousness which is sent into the quantum structure which turns around and gives you everything you need. When the old structures of manipulation and suppression begin to collapse, more and more people will begin to give from the heart. Without conditions, we become clear and hold a higher vibration of pure joy and frequency.

She also discusses her structures and other platforms such as her Quantum Manifestation webinars and Masters Octave Lectures.

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