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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 22, 2018 Compiled 22 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse R...

Saturday, April 14, 2018

GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Primed" -- April 13, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is a report based on rumors relayed to the author which may or may not be truthful or accurate. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Source: Dinar Chronicles


The GCR/RV pump is primed and ready to flow now. There will be no more pump fakes at the start of quarters. No more near misses and false starts to draw out the enemy anymore. There will also not be a be a financial crash of any kind. If anything the NPTB will keep the total value of 3 US market indexes below 35k before the event. Anyone telling you differently is either lying or trying to create chaos to upset this community.

The flashbang distraction we’ve been waiting on is Trump firing Mueller. His attorney’s “taped conversations” is the equivalent of the Nixon Watergate tapes. Which was the precedent intellectually and historically for the Trump psy-ops (which should be obvious now). All the chaos in and around this event is just build up to take attention away from the start of the RV.

All Zimbabwe Bond Note holders will be included in a structured payout, even at screen rate. Below screen rate, and well below, is an option for immediate liquidity.

Structured Payouts range from 3 years to 25 years, with interest rates ranging from 7% to 10% depending on length of contract term.

Quarterly interest payouts is standard, but semi-annual and annual payouts are available also.

Humanitarian projects are only necessary if above screen rates are negotiated. Anything at the screen rate or below will not require humanitarian projects.

Trump will remain American President through the 2018 midterms (November), and into 2019 util he will be forced to resign via impeachment proceedings begun by the New Democratic majority House of Representatives.

Former Speaker Paul Ryan will replace Mike Pence as Vice President less than two weeks before this happens, and ultimately will replace Trump after his resignation.

This is why Ryan never criticizes Trump, and why he recently resigned as the Speaker, and is retiring from the House of Representatives.

It’s also why Trump was allowed two years to completely erode American soft power around the world either via scandal or inept governance, per the negotiated desires of China, Russia and African Elders.

Ryan will run in 2020 as a sitting incumbent President, via Trump’s resignation, taking office after Trump’s second year, so he can run in both 2020 and 2024, thus be US sitting President until January 20, 2029.

It has long been known within intelligence circles that Paul Ryan was controlling American legislative policy since October 29, 2015 when he was installed by Obama as Speaker of the House, per the agreement of China and Russia, the largest debt holders of American paper when the country’s Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, when legally bankrupt on December 25, 2012. After Puerto Rico’s default in 2015, Ryan was then inserted into the lead legislative office to straighten out American affairs.

The House of Representative have passed over 431 bills, with 300+ still pending Senate approval. This was done because Trump’s shenanigans were sure to lose the House majority for Republicans in 2018, but ironically hold and grow the Senate’s Republican majority in 2018 and beyond. This will allow a lame duck Democratic House of Representatives to vote out Trump via impeachment, but pass not significant legislative achievements, while allowing Ryan and McConnell to pass old Ryan legislation and change the fabric of American legal Democracy.

Ryan will also be eligible to nominate to new conversation Supreme Court Justices, replacing two liberal swing votes and making a 6-3 conservative majority for the foreseeable future. This is how Russia and China wanted the country reset at the highest level of law.

Ryan’s running mate in 2020, 2024 will be Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska.

The Mueller firing is expected to come Saturday night, to replicate the Saturday Night Massacre of Richard Nixon’s administration, and the removal of Trump will thus commence and conclude nearly 10 months later when Trump is forced to resign after the House of Representatives judiciary committee recommends impeachment proceedings come to a vote on the House floor. Thus, Trump will not be impeached. He will resign like Nixon. Unsure yet how or if a pardon will come, but if the NPTB want to exactly replicate the 1974 removal of a sitting President, Ryan would need to pardon Trump. Which is doubtful, but certainly possible given Trump has a 35% hardcore voting block across America.

Expect 90 days to be allowed access to your first quarterly structured payout, and you will take this time to make secondary professional arrangements with accounts, lawyers, family office and estate trust representatives who will guide you through the process.

All redemption staff is on call now and waiting for the event to take place over the weekend.

In terms of security, the US, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Israel are all on high alert around Middle Eastern hot spots that will provide anti-WW3 assurance against a cabal attack on the religious sites in Jerusalem. In essence, they have formed a no fly zone around Israel, in the Mediterranean Sea and a country wide perimeter around the Holy City.

This is the reason for all the chemical attack rhetoric—that clearly is untrue yes—but it gives an excuse to load up the region with a multi-lateral collation of forces to ensure security.

Same goes for Trump’s fake boarder wall fiasco, and subsequent deployment of the US National Guard around the Mexican American boarder.

This seemingly normal and legal exercise is being done so poor Mexican citizens rush the boarder when the RV starts, as many of their family or from their towns have currency in the US and all they must do is get to the United States for a better life, in fact a life of leisure potentially. Notice how no troops are being deployed to the Canadian boarder because in Canada it is not illegal to hold and redeem foreign currency—whereas in Mexico it is. Hence the rapid and sudden troop build on the southern boarder.

Iraq and Iran out-of-country rates have exceeded 40.00 USD. Afghanistan still at 10.00+ USD and Vietnam 25.00+ USD. These are not retail branch screen rates mind you, these are the private sovereign redemption rates showing on off site redemption center screens only.

ZWN sovereign screen rates (0.18 ZWN) are nearing the opposite value of the CNY (6.28 USD), however the playing field will ultimately be 360 degree flipped in the future when the gold standard is announced globally, and all currencies are readjusted based on their nation’s gold reserve holdings. Sovereign rates already account for this flip and will not register on the older FOREX, non gold backed currency value system.

So be prepared to have your jaw dropped when what was low suddenly becomes high, and what was high suddenly low—including the USN, GBN, EUN--again this is a mathematical certainty based on how much gold each nation reports per country.

Release of normal exchange setting appointment contact information (800#s) is expected anytime after 9:57 PM EST. Optimal start times for appointments is 3am EST on Sunday morning.

Monday is Emancipation Day in the United States (freedom from slavery) and is a holiday in the District of Columbia or Washington, D.C.. It is not a bank or Federal holiday.

There is no war or conflict anywhere in the world despite what the media is portraying. A peaceful harmony among all 209 sovereign nations has been achieved and thus the RV can begin and conclude safely now.

God is with us

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