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Friday, April 27, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: But a Few

Braveheart best scene ever

ITSOEZ to Love, and if it ain’t, it ain’t

Home awaits within the Pathless where there should be thousands of tired feet, who Delight in the Spirit treading Lightly, yet oh how the Matrix suffers in wanton censure, and what a web we, spun-addicted weave.

How can I turn within Life-in-Kind Spirit Ascension Central, while, actually looking for a physical Home-miracle to appear as the, only enlightening mirror-miracle rainbow, after all these Love-inverse Matrix-motives in, as many Dark-suffering years?

Last ‘sunny’ evening, right after a refreshing shower at twilight on the way home magical miracle rainbows, animal sightings, and all the winter ice melted off the lakes with that sublimation mysterious-looking fog catching all the twilight colors, so I thought, “I think that means YES on my New House idea.”

This evening after a day of working on details from this idea, a few Matrix-minions seemed ‘mysteriously’ happy to show me the many spider web rules, and complications that, absolutely destroy any possible chance to get a modest home with privacy in nature, to enjoy some nurture after writing in Grateful Harvest to Holy Spirit for this “But a Few” new guidance.

Physically exhausted with disappointment, as I went into a deep meditation back inside toward my ‘realer’ Spiritual Home acceptance, I can now, actually feel gratified when I pray “Thank You, Holy Spirit nurturing for experiencing forgiveness miracles working through, and for me this evening.”

Suffering becomes such an addiction to the Matrix, for most people, who have no idea how we all project out our need to keep suffering altogether, or else! “But a Few” catches my attention to reveal to me how others, really need to not ‘want’ to understand ‘kindness doesn’t fit in the Blue Pill addictive Matrix’, to enjoy disappointing their mirror-double offer to stop trying any more.

My guidance “ITSOEZ to Love, and if it ain’t, it ain’t”’ didn’t make sense to me until “Home awaits within the Pathless where there should be thousands of tired feet, who Delight in the Spirit treading Lightly, yet oh how the Matrix suffers in wanton censure, and what a web we, spun-addicted weave.” helped me understand last evening’s Ascension Rainbows, to keep on keeping on, and trust the enlightening experiential process.

A New Home is coming, and it is entirely up to Holy Spirit to provide the miracle, not anything to do with our, still suffering needy Matrix-rules, and, not SOEZ Love-inverse harried-minion complications. From deep inside with Holy Spirit at my side for some companionship, we looked up from underneath a Spiritual path, that should have been thousands of upside down souls treading Lightly along, not, just a rare one or two, in between nap-taking.

Like all my writing, healing takes place ‘during’ the creative process so, all this Rainbow, and Ice-melting sign means to me is that “New Home is coming, but we ain’t never seen a Matrix-accident, like this jubilee is gonna to be.” I know all the many rules, and complications, all too well, so this is one of those miracle times when I am the, very mirror-double one who has to get outta my own suffering-addicted old Matrix-minion ways and, glaring let go LET GO oops-a-daisy ‘let go. if you Please’.

So, here I sit broken-hearted, paid a day now-teachable and even, more-open started.

As one of the worst Home-abused control freaks, I can ITSOEZ to Love surrender, and maybe, even ‘keep it simple’ enough to, possibly experience what the Hell “But a Few”, really means, as an affirmation of my real good work to, just let go LET GO and, glaring Ascension Jubilee don’t know, DON’T KNOW New Home, I just won’t NEW HOME understand, until after ITSOEZ Spirit-happens.

I bet any New Home carries with it, in my old tired mind, the Child-rape, and Child-murder experiences, that keep trying to assure me this Matrix isn’t much different than anyone’s else’s same toxic homeless-shame need, to keep others suffering in addiction to our beat down beat down beat down heavily trodden, not so Lightly Earth Grave Motif.

One mentor asked me to imagine the best life I can at this time, and after I did, he asked me to keep on keeping on and, after a year, experience how silly my ‘best’ would appear once my self-esteem grew in that recovery-year. Is it just me, or isn’t, another Rainbow evening ‘today’ an Ice-melting Chilly Willy Penguin miracle for me to, not remain addicted to my old Pill-singing the blues Big Pharma-stinking Child-sacrifice, still in Matrix-thinking unaware?

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