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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix

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Thousands of children under the mind-control hubris of mean Parents were, so addicted to physical-role Wolves in sheep masquerade survival, that when it came time to switch to ONENESS Spirit kindness, astonishing as it seems, actually got angry at the thought of letting go of the man parents handlers that made them addicted to the Feminazionist elite’s Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix.

Mother-roles demand an addiction to codependency with children-wolves, who remain as addicted to their Mother-abuse, as the Mother-wolves who hate each other glued-together. The protection facade of Mother-bear projection isn’t really protection from others, but reveals how Mothers project their own need to stop abusing children themselves. What a joke on the poor wolves in sheep clothing, all, because while the elite use us as Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix human food, we humans cling to the physical-role, that even Christ demonstrated is the very Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix, that we, of the Light come to shine on Mothers, and the whole Earth-savage planet.

Billions of human abused-children under the mind control hubris of Mean-spirited Earth are so addicted to anti-Christ Light physical-role Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix, that when it comes time to switch to ONENESS Spirit Kindness, astonishing as it seems, we would rather fight against waking up in Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix, than switch, just like the thousands of children in Mean-spirited Feminazionist Earth addiction in a sick loyalty just like wolf children married to hate each other, and then act all surprised when things go oh so jealous rage human fear-food bad.

It seem denial of abuse makes us addicted to remaining fear food for the Cannibals, and makes my revealing how everything that I reveal about how bad it is makes me happy to enhance my desire to turn within ONENESS Spirit Kindness away from our obvious addiction to cling to Mean-spirited Earth allegiance physical-role survival human fear-food Cannibals. Denial-addiction doesn’t help us switch, and certainly pretending we can fix everything by pretending we are, really happy feeding our children to the elite Cannibal cause will never change this joke on us.

Successful winners here are the meanest wolves in sheep clothing around, and we can bet our sorry lives, that while we act like the elite mind-control Mother-wolves masquerade around like poor little lamb victims who have lost their way, the same elite mind-control men protecting our Mother-breeders is no different a protection-projection onto patsy women, how Mothers reveal they are the, very ones who our children need protection from too. So, children need protection from Man-spirited Earth Mothers, and women need protection from, the very men who project their need to get protection from Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix women, and children, both.

Paid Protection motives reveals how the protectors are the Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix ones we need protection from in the first elite place, so isn’t this just as bad a worst-sting as Mean Spirited Earth is a worst human fear food joke on us? It isn’t possible to blame anyone in this Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix, any more than we can blame our Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix-selves, because men women and children are already the joke on all of us, and getting off dead center is the real ONENESS Spirit way to break this Karmic chain of Mean-spirited Earthlinger shitslinger addicted wolf-sheep, both bloody-gender drip-pity fool, elite butcher ‘from this hot tip’ joke-on-us tools.

Imagine how clear this can become if the billions of children weren’t, so addicted, that even spelling it out will never replace a direct Karmic experiential elite stomach turning you from a tasty bite one minute, and cannibal crap the next, right into a regular Mean-spirited Earth septic. So the cannibals keep coming back to be eaten, and the eaten keep coming back to eat children again some more, so how the Hell can any good-doer get in between someone else’s Karmic addiction to remain as Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix evil, while the elite laugh in the ‘joke’s on us’ ridicule Atomic lifetime, after nuclear half-life degeneration into the septic tank we deny is where Mean-spirited Earth abides the, as best place in the Universal denial we make Earth-monsters the fruit of our Child-food labor, very Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix Cannibal Planet-clear.

Holy Spirit reveals, all this to me, because it, really helps me to forgive my Hitlery Queen-mother Merkle Vatican Crown DC-comical jerkle circle Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix Mother, because the worse I denied, all this before, the more addicted her abuse kept me hating her, as myself, in an ‘each otherness’ bubble of denial glamor. My Mother led me around everywhere in my sorry-ass mind-control mind on a ‘diamond leash’, so while she was talking hate with another, just like her, I was the little doggie taking a good long piss, all over her mirror-double’s Mother-hate 4 shoes.

The diamonds trailing down her jerk-chain leash around my neck-child demonstrated for the mean-winner smily-face World, that our relationship was valid, when to this day there wasn’t one experience-memory in Hypnosis-therapy, where she didn’t demand-strangle my Mommy-smothered-allegiance, lest another murder convinced me, sex with her was, still alright blood-diamond married-bright. My Mother was a red ass orangutan to me, and like the diamond leash didn’t make our relationship valid, neither does a sex-sore Orangutan prove anything, any more than ‘poison ivy’ became the itch in my gettalong mirror-double perfect worn-out Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix South Park-metaphor.

Imagine there are many who use my misfortune as another reactive way to miss the point in, all this very difficult, and scary honest self-disclosure, but suffice it to say not one hint of helping someone else is possible because, how can the deaf-and-blind, hear-and-see, when addiction wanton censure is what, actually defines Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix diamond-wolves in food-sheep little red robin hood clothing, just like I was to my smothering mother Karma mirror-double from the past-need Mother-sting to remember I am the ‘desert’ punchline, in order to experience the valid joke.

Thank You Holy Spirit nurturing diamond compassion for experiencing forgiveness miracles working through, and for me to Unify Brilliant Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy, and get over my Mean-spirited Mother Mafia-money Matrix addiction, so I can, finally say how red ass orangutan says it all, about dying ‘diamond leash’ torture successful winners deny best, in uh oh wolf-howl religion, still sleeping-around diamond-leash married-mean sheeple-steepled elite-sodomy bar-up the MAMA Law Royal Colonial-colon.

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