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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: What a Price to Pay

Sadhguru shares a painful story:What happened after Mahabharat war

I won’t fool around on this latest vision~gift of Spirit~beauty and truth from Holy Spirit’s perspective, from seeing the unconscionable out-of-control horror our Satanic/Hollywood mind-control MSM Matrix condition is in. I am grateful for this glimpse underneath, what seems like physical-order out of lack of Spirit-chaos on the denial surface of our wretched Collective Consciousness, without any interconnection to ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love.

An ashen armada of uniform field-jacketed hateful child-soldiers, first flooded in all surrounding, and encompassing intimate Earth campus, and up close, and personal, as I dared with help from Holy Spirit’s Loving assurance, there is a fierce squelching acidic murder emanating from within a conflagration hidden by their fire-proof jackets to, barely hide their rage-grief from having to live unloved in our stark raving torture-mad Physical-role addiction to live in smiling Karmic-dissonant motives to control innocent children in this ugly statist stasis of feigned undead marching physical-order, out of our dispirited Love-lorn Child-sacrifice chaos.

Next, once Holy Spirit allowed me to become one of these children, what a gift it is to feel, really feel how it is to fake feeling just OK-fine, when many lifetimes of rage, and fire would seem to take an Ocean of water to barely sizzle into hot steam, like an unstoppable Karmic-volcano makes mountains red hot white-pimples as the teenager controlled stage-specific Earth slow-boil bubbles away the last vestige of any interconnection to Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing within ONENESS Spirit Conscience.

Holy Spirit, then comforted my horrifying experience getting worse, when I, actually put faces of my family, friends and the many people I saw yesterday destroyed by the Hate-Matrix need to hide our incorrigible lack of kindness, caring, and genuine regard, just to make sure the Hate-Matrix remains in control of every facet on Mother Earth Satanic-cop control, so no child-soldier has to feel this excruciating boot-camp truth underlying all Matrix-order, that looks more like unbelievable-chaos Hell-on-Earth to me now, and, still forever clear-promised.

The worst part of this vision, now forced me to remember when I acted out my parents/teachers/corporationations/religions death threatening Blackmail to keep me quiet, as I sold my soul, just to, barely physically survive. My-face children’s children began to rip each other apart as they tore at each other’s mirror-faces, and howled for it, all to stop. I remembered how to accept their acting out feelings. like an experiential Masters supplied me the permission to experience other’s pain, without having to fake it, and bury more torture into my unconscious any more.

But when I walked toward a few tearing the front door of a house off, and crumpling themselves all around inside the mess, that they had become within this same hump-busted bloody-junk, it was too much for me to want to be around them any more, so I seemed to try and physically take over, until I had to let go of these lit child-torch matches, and back away slowly, lest their hate-chase would, never stop following me. I discovered my body again, already in forgiveness prayer mode, and as relieved as I can be, I will never forget the horrifying personal realism hiding underneath a very thin layer, as if our Collective Matrix-order Consciousness can’t hide what it takes to pretend what terrifying condition our Karma-control physical-role naked bloody-child feigned order is costing us.

One Satanic brick-block stopping Conscience Satanic Mill brings all this mayhem home on every river, bigger than a stream of Collective haggard undead Consciousness, but we have many Corporations, and Banks in control-over our hidden lack of Conscience, While females focus, almost entirely on the Physical, not the Spiritual, men almost kill themselves keeping up with their total-body physical-focus as part of the money machinery to get by female Sex Blackmail control, to remind us all, who’s really in charge of Christ-less Physical-child Christmas Mother’s baby-birthday celebration gifts.

What does it take but suffering Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal returns to change the dispirited physical-woe nature of Mortal-devoted Sexy Earth? OMG did I just share the truth from Holy Spirit’s perspective, right out in front of we, Hollywood State Trooper wanna-be parking meter-maids? Do we, merely Hollywood/MSM Satanic-pretend this child blood-lust bath fierce-horror is covered, or is it Ascension unveiling for, all of us what slow boils our children, until teenager revenge can’t hide it any more? True Self-discipline allowed can, only come with a connection to nurturing Conscience, but we deny many children sacrificed for the Physical-role dispirited Christ material Christmas-gift Satanic-war Halloween-cause.

If what’s essential is invisible to the single-eye-vision of Holy Spirit, then military seems no different than religious jackets, all the ashen children show up with on Christmas. Then what church doesn’t keep us under physical focus control grids by the Mortal-cemeteries right next to their marriage child-ritual order main sex motif? How good we look on Sundays, right in marching order, yet how much faking it costs us all, and what a YUGE Satanic price to pay, all this hidden unconscious human-scrap crap septic-forward. This psychic-seer sensitive sword has two edges alright, and dare I Crystalline-say that I am grateful for being able to see what I, always have physically-felt but, never dared to tell about, all our Karmic-ticking linear gambling-chaos time-bomb order-ticks.

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