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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Thank You Sweet Beloved Nectar for Kindness

Man Opens With Audio Frequency A Real Dimensional Portal

I have a new idea from enlightening compassion within Forgiveness fountain of Delight sensitivity to Aether Neutral Flux-flow freeing energy interconnecting telepathically with Coherent Spirit, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible. The essential Love energy, that exists all around me as Light, now comes with me, as it comes with everyone of us, to shine a little Light on this absolutely hateful sick, and dying Paradigm.

If you can read this at all it means like me, you have been beat down beat down, beat down until all the constant immoral battering from enough envy, and jealous rage reaction to your innate innocence has made our Love essence against Cabal Law, so when I say “Thank You Sweet Beloved Nectar Crystalline Christ Light Inner Net Kind affinity, so much for continually experiencing Kindness inside Pineal Portal, it moves me to absolutely treasure our precious innocent Love, that delights me with our Karmic commitment to bring Aether Neutral lovely existence to, even want to embody here.

I get glimpses of our Spiritual Beauty, and Truth Of Love motive to heal here, but now I seem to have lost any more need to play along with any of these miserable industrial death paradigm character assassinations. I am not abnormal but, rather my very normal response to such abnormal hate-battering was, is, but never will be again my suffering initiation to fit in here any more. After I learned to Love Listen others here with forgiving acceptance in a Spiritual Heart-affirming Delight, my inner Love Listening, really took off too, so now I don’t, even expect Love Listening anywhere else in Creation-hate paradigm, but only within my own Holy Spirit Heart-affirming Delight.

All there is outside in Creation-hate is separation evil from overwhelming Spiritual envy, and jealous rage-battering gossip political Power-over competition, so I no longer have to even try to fit in this beat down, beat down beat down industrial Dark-human Love Battering Gender-hate War. If you can read this, you have already been mind-controlled to react with tongue or fist, so I let go of any more need for Earthly Kindness, that doesn’t, even have a home in Mother Earth soul-battering evil War False Flag paradigm.

See! I am shining my Light right now, in Love with every poor soul that comes here to lose themselves enough to either die, or stop blaming ourselves for everything, that is meant to hate-retire us, one Evil Earth way or another. Thank you, all for shining a little Light on our Loving motive to forgive, like me, to enlighten compassion in the face of Earth Hate torture, and I can’t help but, only imagine how close some have been threatened to death to have to choose between death or death here for the demonic Blackmail extraterrestrial million years War, that actually run this secret Dump.

Thank you so much Sweet Beloved Nectar for Kindness, within any time I’m ready to surrender within this precious enlightening Portal enjoying infinite absolute unborn Aether Neutral, the only immortal home for this much gracious Love, where there are no divisive missions to gender_batter others with our own lost innocent self-hate battering immoral initiation. Empathy, and genuine regard was one thing, but this continual gratitude and Spirit of Love energy takes, the cake to switch my allegiance from Creation-hate, to Spiritual Sovereign Kind innocence coming out from inside me once again.

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