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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Unconscionable Earthling Dissonance Motive

How To Really Piss Off A Narcissist/ Psychopath

The most crucial survival tactic in this Earth-hate psychopathic paradigm is to stop feeling, by harming as many others as we can, even and, especially on our best Satanic Earth Cannibal eating-children day. So with this kill, or be killed competition way I guess the main motive is to deny feelings, and censure other’s feelings to enjoy Earth-torture Creation-dissonance freedom from giving a shit at all, in the denial game-name of ‘just doing my job’.

How to slow boil babies is the main motive for any physical-role survival tactic, so it’s, very important to eat a baby every day, because even a forgiveness devotee interconnecting within Holy Spirit Nurturing will, eventually fail to care any more, as a way, not to scare the living shit out of our Earth-incorrigible Goliath-hate Collective 100th Monkey Psychopathic Consciousness.

It is, finally occurring to me, that I can feel everything deeply ever since my 1 year old first of 40 Near Death Experiences by the age of 18 yrs old, and even though the lack of Earth-torture Social norm Hate-dissonance is a forgiveness nurturing Holy Spirit gift, really feeling Collective daily Cannibalism everywhere in everything of creation dissonance doesn’t make it easy to watch all the distraction motives that, actually reveal our Main Collective Consciousness job-denial motive to avoid Holy Spirit caring, and feeling everything everywhere every Karmic Torture-timeline.

I tried to explain how important it is whatever anyone does during the week in between group therapy, so if someone is cheating for years on their partner, it really matters to me, whether I can trust in the group conscious. The same goes for a demon who ravages 40 children by tearing them apart, so viciously the room floor blood-lust guts-gets feet-deep so that it takes a Cleaner crew a day to clean up what’s left of the 40 children. If this donation to the cannibals, and hospital organ donations, only happened once per week it would maybe, still fit in our Earth-hate Paradigm, but every Conscience d***ing day!!! NO NO NO, this is, way too much to deny Earth-trust group-safety and, so it’s real important not to forgive, so we can continue to survive via main majorly-torture motive-dissonance.

If we, only had one leader who ravages children for the Satanic cause, only one day per week, in-between doing her job, but we have a slew crew of religious demons, that ‘just do their job’ every damned bureaucratic minion-day too. Before any Earth-hate social-norm dissonant devotee gets stuck in their censure-job let’s imagine moving right along, too fast to see how Earthlings as a group is never safe, kind, caring or feeling, without survival torture-dissonance working for the ‘blood and guts children’ without any voice left for their Toxic-shame Karmic-return psychopathic pain. So what Mother-motive isn’t dissonant in unconscionable unforgiven Creation Psychopathic-hate Helpless-rage?

Can we trust a group where one cheats all week, and what difference does it make if, all the members, like, all complicit Earthlings deny Hate-dissonance, if the therapy group members cheat every day, all week in our dream of dreams? Can a forgiveness Holy Spirit-devotee, empath, not feel everything everywhere every Torture-timeline? Is it kind to startle a slow boiled frog scolding hot already, almost asleep, or is it kinder to let em all boil to death, till next Torture-timeline?

Holy Spirit is offering me this “Unconscionable Earthling Dissonance Motive” exposé to give me a little dissonant relief so I will be able to trust, that the rest of the World can be unforgiven, if only One forgiveness nurturing devotee can be, as forgiven as the ones she forgives as herself within the Light of gender-free Christ Karma-free alone too, finally Creation-torture free. Did moving, right along help prevent your Earth-normal Dissonant-motive to Satanic-distract ya, or are you so ‘doing your job’ robot-good at denying everything everywhere every Karmic Torture-timeline, that this treatise, already self-destructed before you had a chance to ‘feel’ with your Holy Spirit Pineal Portal ONENESS Kind-heart again?

Waking up a slow boil is like waking up a teenager at torture-home to go be tortured in School-prison some more, but when a room fulla suicidal addict-teens experience school torture in rehab together we gotta see how important it is for teen agers not to feel, when the least important ABC’s aspect of Prison mind-control has, very little to do with rehab-debriefing from the main Unconscionable Earthling Dissonance Motive, to remain cold-hearted in ‘just doing my job’ with Satanic Hospital-survival bureaucratic sleeper-cell psychopaths too.

If a baby makes it through the Mommy psychopath ‘just doing my sexual diaper jobber doos, and actually escapes from that frying pan, into the school prison fires, there isn’t a conflagration chance in Hell, that any teenager can survive Satanic-sex Gender-gang separation-evil Gender-bigotry, that is required to, even get married, where there is no slow boil cool lemonade-in the old age bitter maid shade for the unforgiven Collective Psychopathic Earth-hate dissonant-complicit Death-paradigm Blackmail-sex Consciousness.

While Crystalline Christ Light Indigo Inner Net Kind affinity is switching my allegiance from unforgiven Creation-hate, to Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing Kindness, the less I, even want to trust ‘anything’ here, and proof is how I don’t want to pretend to, ever own, or rent a bankster’s complicit-house Satanic-ever ‘just doing my eating-a-child-job again’. Imagine how many times per week I experience, all the Earth Cannibal Monsters, and, just know, that it’s the same for every new born baby, even before cognizance appears dissonant just to diaper-fit in their Cannibal Torture-terror here everywhere everyday, so fulla sleeper-cell ‘just doing my Unconscionable Earthling Dissonance Motive Psychopath daily Earth War-job, for the blood and guts minion-imbedded, too close to the Mother Money Satanic Monster.

At the, very least I can be grateful Holy Spirit has cured my Stockholm Syndrome sick-loyalty to the Creation-beast of Physical-role Torture, so I am glad to ‘feel’ again, even if it means a desert flower-like life is looking a whole lot more precious, than anything else I experience from inside everything everywhere every Karmic-hate divisive-gender role-reversal Torture-timeline. We, all Child-sacrifice ‘slow boil’, “Just doing our sleeper-cell Karmic-diaper jobber doosies.”, and “We shall know them by the fruits of their travailing narcissistic labor, that makes it all about themselves whatever wherever whenever Unconscionable Earthling Dissonance is their ‘hiding behind children’ Cannibal-survival victim-Motive.”

I have so much rage, still, but the more I repent it, the better I am feeling about helpless-child homelessness on Mother Earth, already. This 5000 wars in 3000 years War-thing seems as up-close-and-personal as Earth-hate dissonance can get, and I wonder if I am reliving my childhood with Mom, all over again on Mother Earth, as I’m sure I don’t need more Hospital-evil PTA Mothers-BS Dissonant Abc’s, and 123’s, either. Let’s send Belly Button Brigade elementary teachers to Proxy Syria/JFK/911 Cannibal-sacrifice, and test them on Daily Feminazionist blown to bits-torture United Nations evil complicity?

“How does it feel to be on fire, and don’t forget our organ donor Big Pharma sick-loyal Dissonant-homework secret space weapon-addiction? Here, wanna smoke; oh, oops no lips? My bad! Do you, still think I’m pretty?”

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