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Friday, April 13, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Ducking Mortal Karma Mother Half-life

Sadhguru shares a story of Gautam Buddha and his brother Anandatirtha's delayed enlightenment

Delight Bonding Communion is ‘alive’ in everything everywhere every time without fear of death, as long as we hear-and-see without any Mortal perspective-proof that we are, already communicating separation, because the more codependent resentment we are, the more afraid of our ego-Death’s presence communicates only Mortal fear. Just imagine “ Ducking Mortal Karma Mother Half-life” comes from enough lively Communion, that a little Mother-half our Mortal-motive longer swear Communes from everything everywhere every time from inside Pineal Portal, absolutely perspective-free, without any more needless need for Mortal-gender Mother-separating fear of death communication Time-limits?

Now imagine from inside our Portable Immortal Love Communion Paradise, that we are, already Mortal, so that’s already done and over with, so the worst thing that can happen now is that same Ducking Mortal Karma Mother-half double-quacking life review Afterglow inside for~every~where in Delight Bonding Communion, all over again. This Communion title is ‘alive and kicking’, and these lyrical compliments improve our Mortal proof of separation guilt, so what else can we say in a Mortal World, that requires gender perspective isolation, where all we communicate is the death of Delight Bonding Communion ‘outside’ Pineal Portal’s Portable Paradise Lost?

What’s on my agenda is to express as best I can how Holy Spirit interprets what doesn’t see, and what doesn’t hear from any Mortal’s Perspective. Holy Spirit nurturing is the forgiveness key to transforming Communion ‘alive’ experientially, so the less we can enjoy, not making any Mortal common sense, the less we get stuck back here on the dead-side of Immortality, where everything everywhere every time drives the deadest ones, absolutely Crazy, still looking for a visible-proof poof_key, right now, right here.

I hear nothing, and I see nothing, and that’s a good miracle-thing to interpret Immortal Love expressing back through a Mortal Mother Medical Mafia Money-motive mirror double gender-separation Baby War Quack Quack. What just came is what supports what is coming next, so how the Hell should I know any Mortal-separation Perspective, because there is nothing to prove, and nowhere to hide any more Time-limits, from our fear communicating, only from s(he)-be-gone Mortal fear in the Illusion of Time-stuttering in defense of death, itself, attacking us all the “Ducking Mortal Karma Mother Half-life longest Atomic nuclear degeneration swear”?

What Love-comes doesn’t have a Mortal-sex name on it, and what doesn’t have a name doesn’t express insane justification from outside Pineal Portal Portable Paradise. Death comes in Karma-names, but during live presentations there is nothing that ‘isn’t’ experiential, because I am my Mother Karma Quacking, and you are all my Mother Karma-gaggle Quacking, the same as I am, all your “Ducking Mortal Karma Mother-Quacking Half-lives too”. Imagine not hearing, and not seeing anything, yet Delight Bonding Communion comes from enlightening liquefiable Love Energy Immortal Effulgence Quack-less Grace interpreting experientially so ya can’t Holy Spirit miss it?

Not only can I hear and see for~every~where without Mortal proof communicating censure in only Mortal Mother Karmic-half-life mirror-double self-hate projection patsies, but nano absolute unborn infinity, already prioritizes what needs to be said, so we, all can understand from Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Holy Spirit humor sustainable ONENESS Spirit Conscience Immortal Love Communion Source.

So let’s not see anything, and not hear anything, and get over ourselves enough to let Holy Spirit interpret, as if there is, no death to fear because we are now fear-perspective free, so, not only is there, not one chance anyone is left to police Mortal-censure in reaction, there are no more Mortal knees to jerk, and everything everywhere every time has, already been prioritized, so nothing will make any Mortal Mother Money Mafia common sense, and that’s the Pineal Portal Portable Paradise Best Delight Bonding Communion Non-mortal gag-gaggle Quack-proof Mother-less thing.

I guess ever-new Joy comes Holy Spirit humoring no more Mortality communicating separation, and the best thing is we don’t have to die to enjoy for~every~where nano perspective-free Immortal Love, so replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible, that all there is Mortal, already, just escapes back inside the moment time slows down-floats to make becoming Delight Bonding speechless Communion-alive again, as painless as enjoying the comforts of Immortal Home inside Love Source provided by absolute unborn infinity interpreting for us again. Let’s try it ALIVE?!?

*Enlightened Mortal Ducks don’t; Mother Karma Duck-itch does*

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