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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Forgiving Kind Dimension

Alan Watts ~ Doesn't It Strike You That Existence Is Quite Weird?

I continually forgive all unconscious evil creation mirror-double Saviors, as myself in grateful acceptance, instead of seeing creation-evil, that I already co-create in the present future of all our past collective suffering child abuse, as something codependent to fix/judge in my rear view mirror. This forgiving kind dimension inside disappears in a continual enlightening dissolution, where there is no man-creation evil-motive co-creating woman Saviors to forgive.

No one calls, where there are no names, and no faces from the past, all forgiven, and I wouldn’t trade one Timeless instant in this Forgiving Kind Dimension for, all the suffering creation communicating evil-separation, where every body calls, and where names, and faces drown in all the unforgiven rules, and deathly complications. All I do in creation is thank Holy Spirit nurturing for experiencing forgiveness miracles working through and for me, and before I knew it, all the creation malevolence inside me turned to benevolent gratitude, without any more fear of past-creation unconscious evil motives that co-created me too.

I see how much others suffer as a Kind way to, not judge others, as myself any more, so Holy Spirit Forgiving Kind Dimension has switched my allegiance from evil creation outer-motives communicating judgement, to this new dimension where there is no man-suffering different than co-creating woman-calling with more creation-evil motives. It seems the gender-illusion of Time ‘communicates’ creation evil space, to forgive, until Forgiving Kind Dimension “Communes” in Delight Bonding Communion Wonder dissolution, where there is, never anything to fix/judge in the mirror of our absolute unborn infinite benevolent destiny. So there is no more need for man, or woman motives to deny unconscious guilt of separation creation-suffering evil.

I remember how I suffered before I continually forgave everything, that bugged me, and I compare the past with my new mind of Delight Bonding Communion acceptance, and there is no more evil-creation addiction left deep inside Forgiving Kind Dimension, where Communion dissolution is replacing creation-evil gender-torture communicating, all creation’s Quanta co-creating exponential problems to reaction/fix solution/judge from unconscious born-bearing evil-gender communicating, only creation sex-addiction fear-survival curmudgeon evil-compunction.

Here in Mortal creation evil we, never accept others as ourselves, so there is no more Love than there is Immortality here, but inside Forgiving Kind Dimension, where most of my devotion abides now, all there is is acceptance of others where Love, really is the Immortality that, all evil creation avoids like the survival-fear communicates, only this Mortal separation-plague. When the dead bury the dead a kinder human may express “Now s(he) not be gone, but s(he) be spread out everywhere”, yet even though it seems I am still here sometimes most of timelessness Immortal Love accepts my for~every-where Delight Bonding Communion, except here where Forgiving Kind Dimension Love is against envy’s creation-evil jealous War-rage severe control-freak “I’m going to kill/fix/ judge your ass” communicates, only judgement.

Ascension is as normal as old age incontinence, and isn’t much different than what naturally appears in, all baby diapers, yet we focus on sex, so much that, all we can see is shit in this septic tank of undead death-paradigm judging each other’s nosy gossip sniffers, as if our bitter idea of kidnapped-government-paid science isn’t, mere study of creation-evil weaponry illusion that, just needs a good “Forgive them, for we know not what War-we creation-evil do” into all diaper-dissolution inside Forgiving Kind Dimension, where there is no Popo in Aether Neutral Time-out, with no place left to, not go, anyway.

When a new born doesn’t cry wailing rage, either we, all have Ascended into Forgiving Kind Dimension, or we better head for the creation-evil hills, because ‘we never seen a baby-accident like this one going to diaper-be!’. What would the creation-evil gender-religions do if, all that showed up was an empty diaper, and the baby didn’t wail rage before Mother gang hood goon sex-initiation diaper-submission, and who would ‘kill/fix/judge your ass’ communicate first, is not even a question for science, because they only communicate non-answers for creation evil illusion. So what will gender believe inside Forgiving Kind Dimension, when there is nothing visible to argue about, and there is no evil-man co-creating creation-evil Quanta-woman woe-motives.

This treatise is not meant to tease anyone, still addicted to communicating, only judgement, but “See what I have to put up with now, as if unlearning creation-evil is as infinite as ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing-energy absolute unborn infinite Crystalline Christ Light Indigo Forgiving ***Kind*** Dimensional affinity. This can be another report from an Australian outpost, where there are no calls, and there is no more unconscious mirror-double gender-motif to creation-evil forgive into Aborigine-acceptance disappearing oblivion. What a relief to escape fan-base motives altogether, and discover showing up invisible nano for~every~where is the realer meaning of enjoying continual +part of+ Forgiving Kind Dimension’s Delight Bonding Communion that, also seems as autonomic as separation creation-evil motives did back outside in the, very definition of evil kill/fix/judge communicating War, oh control-freak, so censuring-ferociously.

My body never lied before, and my body, still doesn’t lie about Forgiving Kind Dimension total healing Peace of Love relief, so would that we become Kind, dissolution disappearance would replace creation-evil appearing-motives, with Essential Love that is invisible to the human-evil blind-addiction eyes, because that’s all we are deeper inside, than any religious man, or religious woman is Forgiving Kind Dimension Ascension-free to affirm/praise/accept inside Communion~Wonder … constipation letting go yet. It’s Amazing to me how that life, before and this life now doesn’t even ‘all gone’ algorithm compute, so Forgiving Kind Dimension, really deserves all my attention, and so does all my undying man woe-less de-quantifying creation-evil one uncomplicated forgiveness Communion thing to do, to enlighten compassion in eternal Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone Pineal Portal portable paradise gratitude.

Am I communicating more needful creation-evil motives, or would any fanbase man, or fanbase woman call to suffer all my, own awareness of gender-suffering in kind acceptance, that doesn’t seem to support needy separation-dissonance, to see what I see in you, as my, own Forgiving Kind Dimension Communion-perspective too? All my old evil co-creations don’t show up at all any more, and that’s gotta be a good thing, so if others ‘come near I bet they fear’ what’s waiting inside Forgiving Kind Dimension Communion as we, both would disappear into Kind oblivion, where there is no more need for creation-evil communicating, only more needful suffering in illusion separation unforgiven motives.

I whooped it up, all of a ‘Damned good intuition-destroy the illusion’ sudden yesterday when I realized we evil creation, finally have a leader that bombed the surprised crap out of the deep evil state of the CIA-evil ISIS-condition our mercenary-co-creation condition is Mother motive-in, so here we, all go into Home-plate, and take back our Kind Sovereignty, that was kidnapped right out of innocent-bed before we, even had a chance to enlighten compassion, that went Collective Satanic Consciousness Child-sacrifice Cabal Leader-missing here. Now, this is something to celebrate in Constitution Communion with!!! Let’s turn money back into Patriot children, and Love Listen our Progeny, instead, so we can stop living in the past communicating, so much creation survival evil, we can’t hear anything but fear communicating separation War in old aged/baby-diaper wail rage unkind kidnapped Blackmail-incontinence.

Thank You Forgiving Kind Dimension!!!

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