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Monday, April 16, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Immortal Love Existence

Wild Balkans - Dance of the starlings

There is a Heavenly level of brilliance, where pure white Holy Spirit innocent children Light Packets form violet mountain ranges. These light packet children mountain ranges break away, as Heavenly responsive children, and fly right through dead parents until a few children light packets drop down at this level of Mortality to form families. Dead parents dim down, and lighten up as well as can be, until at the past instant within Immortal Love existence parents dim down enough the, very children vibrations, that fall down to this Mortal family level altogether, as the, very Karma vibration to mirror-double this death paradigm, until what light dimmed down their Karmic vibration, that brings dead parents down here together.

There is a Mortal Mountain level here, that reflects this process upside down, as a sort of forgiveness fountain on top of every dead parent child enlightening existence level from Heaven together, so here we Mortals have everything backwards, as if dead parents in Heaven are the ones who own children, while no dead parent from the existence pool of enlightening Immortal Love can, ever escape Karmic Light Packet children from Delight Bonding Communion flying through dead parents to, even appear here altogether, already forming from inside Pineal Portal Creative Intelligent Life Immortal Love existence Brilliance.

Dead Parents don’t have Mortal children down here, but the opposite is true; Light Packet children fly right through dead parents from the Immortal Life Love-level of enlightening existence violet mountain ranges, that represent Immortal Love Life in the required ‘absence’ of Mortal family Mother Mafia Money Motive creation-evil where dead parents, already have become the dimming Source, that keep on bringing Karmic Child Light Packets down to their non-existence Mortal Child dimming level. Child Light Packets come from living Immortal Love existence in Heaven and, so do dead parents come from living Immortal Love existence in Heaven with them too.

This dimming level of Brilliance reflects Heavenly fountains of Light Packet children, but upside down Mortal mountains seem as heavy as the base of any enlightening liquefiable Love energy fountain of Delight Bonding Immortal intimate perennial Karmic-pleasance Communion. This level of existence allows us to see dim enough in the shadows from so much existence Brilliance, so families come from Existence down here together many Mortal lifetime timelines, as if Mortality marches in dark trenches, until floating dead parents drift inside Existence again through the same Portal that Pine Cone indwells in, with enough forgiveness Delight to remember kindness, and acceptance of the ‘process’ that forms from pure white Holy Spirit children Light Packets to help enlighten dead parents from lower light levels of suffering Mortality, without forgiveness down here in Death Paradigm ‘non-existence’.

The Holiest miracles of Holy brilliant Light Packet children live on, all the city streets named after trees, where poor people hang around from many story buildings, and this level of enlightening dead parents worship baseball, that has everything to do with, vey competitive Mortal sex, where the more traumatized parents, barely cope with Mortal Mother Mafia Money Motives forming the largest families from Purple Mountain ranges upside down brilliant fountain Majesty. Existence level is where Child Light Packet Life separates from upside down death paradigm down at this murmuration level, where we f*** our brains out, enough to earn another Existence level experience to remind dead parents what Life is all about, as enlightening Immortal Love’s Light Packet process replaces birds, and all the tree-street traumatized buzzing in Whores, Womanizers, and Satanic Child-sacrifice Monster-minion murmuration Religious-karma Sex-coping Handlers zzzz mind-control blackmailing child-parents.

This Mortal level reflection of Existence is not Existence of Life, but Mortality becomes death paradigm dimming down even, more to inspire gratitude in Karmic returns from, almost remembering what Love ‘is’ in Immortal life level Existence migrations, and what dead parent Sex ‘isn’t’ in Mortality hanging out so many tree-street traumatizing miracle stories sweltering hot-ass coping windows. Kindness is comforting, isn’t it, when we think how Kind Light Packet Children are humble enough, to allow dead parents to take all the credit for Love-existence children down here? Parents get fountain mountains of violet fly-throughs, and Parents are as Kind as existence too, because down here parents try so hard to Love without enough Light, that children learn what, not to do back in Existence because if it ain’t easy to fly-free out a Sex-window, it ain’t Light or Immortal Love brilliance enough, at all.

Baby Elephants love to cuddle

Healing Vision 092609

Within a deeper Grace-filled meditation I witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of innocent children like forever mountain ranges coming into better focus, even as I turned in their, oh so, responsive direction. Light scintillated all around these innocent ones as they sort of swarmed like fish or birds toward other darker forms that needed healing. As hundreds of these fresh ideas flowed, right through disconcerted forms representing old crusty guilt manifestations, new light wavered dull, and bright in phases like an old light bulb can fade, and slightly brighten just before dying for good.

Every once in a while one, then two, and then more, lighter children ideas bumped into, and fell out to face the sorrow-filled forms, as if these actually form the Earthly families that we believe, only exist in our three dimensional and limited World. We, all are truly those brighter children as well as now, the bumped, bumping children in Earthly families to help mutual healing within experiences of forgiveness miracles. I sensed that delightful new ideas, like child forms of innocent Grace, really are continually flowing all around, and right through us, even in this beguiling dimension, and simultaneously we share within these other glamorous, and fascinating higher light frequency vibration Pineal Portal dimensions.

When we stop and ask for help long enough by forgiving others, just a moment of letting go of needing punishment gets us by our unconscious guilt, so these innocent healing children pass right through us like “Pop Corn Kittens”, making us play again with life, and in new Joy. Another brilliant idea for me from this inner vision experience is that “We, all are these, very innocent children” that we, even seem to want to call our “Inner Children” and that nothing, ever is our fault, even when we seem to just ‘have’ to try and blame ourselves. Our parents need us to fall out in front of them and, just the perfect matching children~energy vibration is attracted to these “disconcerted” parents as are they just the perfect matching parent~energy for us to experience our mutual healing-need migration attraction.

Children flying all around and through us can offer a pregnant metaphor of better understanding of our gratitude celebration Communion to, sort of replace crusty dusty ideas of fear, and guilt hidden under resentment clouds in our darker skies of this here limited-light third dimension. Our languages and ideas are, never separate from the energy of all other parallel dimensions, and when we forgive with help from Holy Spirit, new lessons come in a continual flow of fresh ideas. Loving and flowing is what we seem to truly be, and any dust that is left of us may just be real Stardust, just as enlightening can best suggest, just being ourselves in acceptance. Nothing is our fault, and we can replace all ideas of justice here with the same Unifying Karmic Mercy, that we can show children, instead of all the ways we control our innocent children, until we all, simply die of envy using Blackmail-fear trying.

My dream this new dawn morning is a huge gift for me to reveal a deeper aspect of fear and guilt for being programmed by Earth Parent slave minions. It’s NOT my fault! Nothing is any of our fault, and we, really are the children light packets that, all came here that “bumped” into healing adventures with, so called Parents, and we, all are doing a tremendous job of cloning hidden aspects of our Parents, enemies, and friends. We regenerate the scintillating light energy every time we let go of any more need to blame others, or ourselves so we join the divine flow of continual new ideas, from above, down and throughout, even murmuration~similar to this inclusive Healing Vision. I am excited and grateful to discover more of my hidden fear, and guilt because, now I will get my dimming Parent traumas out from between me, unborn infinite Existence, and others.

After a few years went by, another Spirit-guided perspective showed me that we, really look like light getting brighter, not anything like we, humans think we are at all, and certainly no different genders, but more like innocent children see innocent children, or Angels see gender-free Angels. These mountain range Sprits fell down in front of dimming parents, and each new sort of family idea fell down in this Karmic dimensional illusion of Time, so I think I was shown how families, really form so automatically matched up, just right.Which came first, the parents, or the children isn’t even a valid chicken-question if we see from ONENESS Spirit Conscience’s fear-prayed courage Light-getting-brighter healing perspective.

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