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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Politically Motivated Satanic Matrix Boycott

OSHO: Meditation The Medicine for Spiritual Health

Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing of everything, and everyone in this physical-role death paradigm investment has become the true illusion of Time’s fear of death-motivated divestiture for me now. When we see with our minds, not our eyes, as is the case, and I close my eyes now, all see is renounced, already so thank you absolute unborn infinity for switching my allegiance from Mortal-motive Codependent-abusive Stockholm Syndrome mind-control holding-on clingy-addiction Creation-evil, to ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing energy Crystalline Christ Light Indigo Kind affinity.

I am grateful for everything, and everyone appearing as my Authentic-guidance to forgive it all, as myself now, so there is no more needless defensive-hesitation separation-motive from what appears outside autonomically interconnecting inside my new Mind of Delight Bonding Communion. Is there anything that ‘isn’t’ physically co-created by me, or is there anyone that isn’t, already my co-created Quanta to see myself more clearly. It seems I am free to see with my mind-free Clarity of ONENESS intention deep under whatever/whoever, so my unconscious Karmic-body memories are, no longer hiding via my Karmic-habit separation physical-role motive of fear.

Holy Spirit forgiveness fountain of Delight Bonding Communion has ‘divested me into Ascension timeless-reverie’, and is it, ever an absolute exciting Wonder from Immortal ITSOEZ to Love adventures now. I am finally free to Love with complete Grace-abandon in, all lifetimes gratitude for, all the ways I refused to see, what’s inside me is everything I can see, because how grateful I look determines, clearly my Savior Quanta gifts I, now can see. I am Politically Motivated Satanic Matrix Boycott *DIVESTED*, and it’s the weirdest condition my Holy Spirituality condition has, ever been this forgiving in.

When I defended myself all the time before, I can see that I was attacking myself by physical-role dumbed-down Karmic-separation motives to judge others, as myself. Defending our Physical-illusion fear-survival security is about the silliest thing I have, never accomplished, and so it is for our dumbed down Mortal Collective fear-survival Mob-posse Consciousness. May I speak for everything, and everyone, in that, so too may we, all become Politically Motivated Satanic Matrix Boycott **DIVESTED**, because Holy Spirit humor is something Ascension Grand to Belly Laugh behold.

Weaponizing everything and everyone, and especially children, even before they have a chance to experience their innate innocent Wellbeing, goes to show us what horrifying Earth-condition our Satanic ISIS Mother-mercenary Mafia Money Motives our hateful codependent clingy defensive/attacking condition is in, and every hateful one around this way altogether, without any ONENESS Spirit Conscience Creation-divested Crystalline Christ Light motive left of us. Our, very Mother Earth defensive purpose is to attack everything, and everyone in Karmic-returns, just so, no narcissistic Earthling Mother-slinger attacking hateful Cowgirl will, ever stop Collective 100th monkey continual-contempt Consciousness onto every two-legged Quanta mirror-double defensive/attacking hateful Cowboy.

Everything is co-created by Mother Earth defensive Satanic ISIS Cow-iconic motives from our two legged version Hell, deep inside fuzzy clarity of Duality perspectives, so there isn’t one thing in this death paradigm that hasn’t, already been fuzzy~weaponized, considering the Source of all Mother-bear Protection/Projection curmudgeon Earthly Quanta, without Coherent Spirit intentions, replete, timeless inviolate, invisible, and, certainly without any Conscience as is clearly genocidally Child-sacrificed separate-weaponized demonstrated, even and especially in our continuing Prison-school proud-progeny mind-control weaponization anti-love valentine-winged Prom-initiations flying high.

So what have we done to millions of acres of trees, and tons of Earth minerals to make one fighter jet that, almost gets tossed in secret plane graveyards, before they defend/attack out of the, not so clear chem trail black and blue Earth-sad hue? What have we, dumbed-down done to our internet to spend most of our money/time on attack mode ‘security’ when any fool knows, already, that security doesn’t exist from, all the ‘Satanic three letter’ A-holiness Vatican-demons, that attack us right out in the open, with no more regard for us, than these Satanists have for our Satanic cannibal Child sacrificed, weaponized already, lost Crown-future Karmic-DC progeny?

This new divestiture freedom to see with Clarity of ONENESS Intention may seem, more like any regular benevolent Galactic can see, how we look determines what Earthling-never can see, so there’s something Belly Grand to be laughed, to stop all Earthly Mother-replication investments, because my Mother-addiction physical-role sick-loyalty was, and maybe is, still, all our biggest Holy Spirit divested problem to let go of Satanic devotion to ‘own’ children’s Spiritual Sovereign Singularity, in the name of such rampart-depressing exponential-codependent Santa ‘claws’ mutual mirror-double weaponizing Child-resentment, right back at ya’all.

What have we done to our children to make each one of them a fighter jet metaphor, that almost gets tossed in secret Satanic-traffic, before they defend/attack out of the, not so clear Hospital-murder association black and blue Earth-sad Mafia-connected organ-hue? What are we doing in this physical-role dispirited weaponized-death paradigm, and isn’t it, all a part-of Mother Earth evil replication Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone portal-paradise Aluminum Dental fluoride industrial-waste lost? Really now, is there anything ‘of’ Earth that ‘hasn’t’ been donated to the Satanic cannibal cause, just to forgive it all, as all ourselves, and everything else we co-create for the Child-sacrifice feminine-famine PTA-distraction mind-control False Flag priority Cause?

Maybe every big building is, just another Satanic gathering place on Earth, because from a Galactic’s perspective the richest Satanists on Earth are the, only ones with enough money-centuries to Grind-censure this much Earth Karma right into the Blood-lust fighter jet Earth-waste ground. Ever get the idea that, almost the, very instant one human begins to get a little successful, that a big building fulla Guardian Satanic-cooperating corporation~evilla Child-sacrifice appear to begin Blackmail-disappearing?

Divesting one Satanic detail at a time, never worked to clear the Earth Child-sacrifice Musical mind-control weaponry, so what are ya goin to do when, everything has, already been an investment to destroy any human future Conscience, until we turn within, and forgive the living shit out of defending anything left on Satanic Mother Earth, and all her attacking sick-loyal children from here to Kingdom Came, already Sex-weaponry Big Banged? How free I am at long last, and I mean, all my Karmic lifetimes are in on this totally humorous Holy Spirit nurturing forgiveness divestiture … to infinity altogether?

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