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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Satanic Mortal Evil Creation Matrix

Be Truthful to Yourself

Either you ‘is’ devoted to survival in our Satanic Mortal Evil Creation Karmic physical habit divisive-gender role-reversal cellular-separation lifetimes dissonance, or you ‘ain’t’. So, let’s see if you are into fixing others, as your mirrors, so you, never have to face your own evil-devotion to personal False Flag distractions?

Do you lay low and, never self-disclose from originating your own vulnerability, but when you do speak any of your truth it’s, only to use as a pout-whining shame-rage revelation to Blackmail-censure another, to stop them from triggering your mirror-double anger/fear/pain/shame of evil-separation in Satanic dramas?

Do you count this Mortal Matrix censuring survival tactic in your dissonant mind-control mind as a vulnerable self-disclosure, when after all you did this crocodile hit-and-run for, was to stop communication, and get Stockholm Syndrome hubristic Blackmail control Power-over another emotional hostage, where you got to replace another’s mind with your own Child-Sage sacrifice-motive to destroy innocence.

Are you this sleeper cell ‘shame has an angry face’ bitter curmudgeon ‘red-neck feminist’ self-destruction Union member Snake, or ‘is’ you devoted to survival in our Satanic Mortal Evil Creation Karmic/physical habit divisive-gender role-reversal cellular-separation lifetimes dissonance, because not only are these two, both the same Satanic motive revelation, but neither can be a ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love energy Flux-flow freeing energy forgiveness fountain in Delight Bonding Communion Karma-free, gender-free, and on-a-mission reaction-free inspiration toward Coherent Spirit, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible behavior, as a forgiveness enlightening prayer, said mirror-double twice.

Do you live backwards to avoid your Karmic pain in the rear view mirror, as if reaction Blackmail is your only game-on-game False Flag continual undead distraction-evil motive, or are you a Light Source from within an authentic human to shine light on pain in trust, all pain will become relieved in the authenticity missing in our Mother Earth fix-it compunction, to project all our pain out onto our mirror double Patsy Saviors, that appear as a Karmic mirror from our Karmic-dissonant divisive-gender hate, role-reversal hate, unconscious past-life Satanic Snake-in-the-minion grass killer-paradigm death-traumas here.

Does every day, enough gratitude in your inner attitude-devotion to Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing enlighten, so much compassion, that what’s forgiving**alive** inside, continually Light-exchanges, all your willingness to experience the Joy of unlearning Mortal Matrix mind-control pain, with the Wonder, that replaces Collective Shame Consciousness fear, and control destroying any True Self Spiritual Sovereign Singularity with Blackmail-need to censure-react protect/project our evil hit-and-run ‘curmudgeon’ total boredom-rage out onto other unsuspecting innocent victims of your, own hidden Satanic self-hate hubristic-narcissism?

Is you backward Satanic *evil* upside down, or is your pain a *live*-motif, to honestly heal our ONENESS Spirit Conscience in Communion, instead of censuring-reaction to quiet, all your triggers on Mother Earth constant Warring battle fields? Do you, who energy-vampire walk all over, all your undead victims, on the way to bury all your cut-off-at-the ‘sex abuse’ weak-knees mirror-double victimizer-slain, by your total lack of any authentic vulnerable self-disclosure, still seem OK with you?

Child-sacrifice Hollywood-female mind-control Blackmail-roles require Satanic hit-and-run male-hostage taking, and the slave catchers who work, directly for the elite, also require insurance Mothers to assume the physical-role breeder-devotion of Satanic Mortal Evil Creation Matrix working, right along with their abused-minion police, since everyone in this death paradigm keeps trying to fix ourselves by judging, all our Karmic-mirrors with the elite’s version of sexual Blackmail, never self-disclosed on Mother Earth yet, so take a deep breath, and focus on the Truth, not on the Hate-driving force, that has replaced Mother Earth Immortal Love forgiveness Source.

“A Pine Cone tricky simple~version of ‘just an easy quickie’ as if both Warring Satanic-hate haves of our two-gender human races, may need a little more time than usual, to quiet down lifetimes of suffering centuries of censure-reacting for this Atomic nuclear lifetime Ascension self-disclosure, originating right here in degeneration-paradise for this debutante shame-crying vulnerable brand new baby sage”

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