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Friday, April 20, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Creative Intelligent Brilliance

OSHO: The Future Will Go on for Eternity

Matrix destruction Life-free Sweet Beloved Aether Neutral Fountain of Youth nectar AM I, so deep inside Ascension Central Immortal Love Source, that even the birds, and the bees disappear within the stillness Flux-flow freeing-energy effulgent Life Force.

Tree-me be Flux Delight within the Love Source flowing inside Stillness-Brilliance welcome~sacrifice of all that is, to disappear into Love Ocean Creative Intelligent Brilliance replete, timeless, inviolate, and as indivisible, as invisible Matrix-free Singularity wet mist of Coherent Spirit can be.

Blow me down, crack me up, wither away all volition into crumbling sway within the Graceful Languid Rhythm disappearing Light, and within the essential Love, that enlightens without the Matrix in control of my enlightening Love source tree-me Pine Cone seed.

A wonder-filled idea of the good is welcoming, all that is fake shadows gathering Love Source from all hidden Delight-denial in-waiting to transform inside this Love ambassador Aspiration-sphere, as if Delight Communion becomes this magnetic flux absolute unborn infinity in between our welcoming Well Being altogether.

Can Parsifal hum like the needles do within a Pine good Friday-born opera, or fight like Sir Perceval’s sword stuck into Crystalline Earth to drive crazy greys foolish, and away from the suffering heart of Love-sick dumbed down Atlantean-sunk undead-human?

Can a forest of tree-me’s become a river of effulgence, so Brilliant that a whole Earth sings in butterfly migrations from timeless reverie, without getting Dizzy-around, and through the perimeter pentameter posey prose disappearing into one Lovely lyrical symphony, so into this mystical magical miracle Light life-giving Creative Intelligent Brilliance?

Is there Immortal Love existence after the dissolution of creation-evil becomes Matrix-free, or is it, just another idea of the Good inside Ascension formless-attraction to want of Nothing, just for the fun watching what’s inside the mirror of tree-me_good-us?

Is creation waiting for this, as if, all evil can become Matrix-free in this Clarion Call to trust every tree in Forest Earth Pregnant-free as, only Immortal Love Light Source can tree-me mirror-be, or did, does, will Perceval remember, just who it is, that empties the Holy Grail of fear, to make room for the muse-infinity fountain of Crystalline youth overflowing within Creative Intelligent Brilliance, so Matrix-free Startling Starlings can become Karma-free reduced to all that is I AM lively Light in Love Gender-free tree-me not-waiting.

How can Wagner write an opera in one day on a rare Good Friday, if ‘born on Good Friday’ Perceval wasn’t there inside the future_past expressing what comes without Time getting in the way of writing Parsifal from another King Arthur Sword into Crystalline Hollow Earth version on Brilliance parade?

What difference can it possibly make if the opera was written in one day, or was written by an Agarthan-Crystal in the language of any King Arthur Crystalline same Lemurian/Pleiadian/Arcturian Crystal, as long as everything Immortality fountain of youth real, is in Love with Delight Bonding Communion Source, without any creation-evil limited carbon base time-volition to interrupt this enlightening Coherent Spirit Pine Cone tree-me empty-chalice Flux-flow freeing-energy Mother-less Matrix-free Crystalline absolute unborn infinite ONENESS Muse dissolution?

What prime comes after any 4x4 wheel drive red-neck feminist crazy mirror-double ass-Matrix volition 1, 2, 3 physical-role A, B, C undead-fail? Aren’t we, all Creative Intelligent Brilliance writing operas all day long, and nighttime too, or is it just tree-me Pine-seed kindness fractal conipinikins-we? Everyone sure is beginning to look as Galactic in this single eye Crystalline disappearing-beholder. O M G AM I, mere flowing Light enlightening this much kind compassion inside this Crystalline Unifying Karmic Mercy Graceful Timeless-grateful Opera-reverie musing? Can your unborn infinity Delight-central absolutely Crystalline-dig it?


Upon Awakening from 6 hours of meditation every day, ideas come translating from Aether Neutral Sweet Beloved Nectar into words, that I have to look up to make some complicit sense out of, then as I write from this gifting Nothingness absolute Joy, social norm algorithms on engine search Youtube, of all things, responds with videos that compliment, so well in a harmonious synergy, that even the same ideas seem to back up, their past with, my future idea of what a being of Light-man can possibly become, timeless’s today… man!

Imagine while I am risking my old life every day, from my Karmic-dissonant perspective ONENESS muse shows me, experientially how much Joy can be a regular part of Ascension Light and Life of Immortal Love, that can Commune without any help from the fear of my sublimating from chemical solid into Kind-central at the Love-source Brilliant-core deeper inside, than any shadow-slave on creation-evil Matrix-wall can ever, really Know? I Can Only Imagine, for an everyday ‘idea of the good’ example.

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