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Monday, April 23, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Timeless Wonder Within

Sadhguru - basis of all evil and all crime is small identity..

Direct experiential forgiveness nurturing frees my old Time mind, as Truly enlightening compassion rings my chimes, as Holy Spirit wipes away worry any hold the outside distraction addiction physical-roles played its Karmic-games for me.

Take away the Satanic Cabal, if you please, and let’s imagine together, all we have to experience is lifetimes of Karma looking inside of, all the Worldly distractions hidden inside unforgiven me’s? Boy girl boy girl birth is death in creation-evil lessons make common sense doing its revelatory number on this waltz through, all the mountains, and valleys that can, hardly remember the Love in-between the dark clouds, that blind the Karmic-storms hidden from me.

Tom Mary Bill Alice birth is death in between the dark clouds that deafen mountain’s echo, but I can remember the Timeless Wonder Within, as if Nothing more can distract me from outside unforgiven lifetimes-quest, that would impotent-try to replace, all the Love hidden deeper inside unborn Immortal me today. Maybe this freeing experience is existence Pool of Life in Love Ocean effulgence, as the Light that I am, without Time-mind to body-memory worry me?

I get the idea that, without Woman, there would be no Karmic Mother Roles to Man-worry Time-distractions about children any more, so now let’s imagine no more Karmic games at all switching arcing, and sparking? Wouldn’t chemical solid be a, real Ascension~gas if there were no Satanic Cabal farts in a phone booth, and there were no more Karmic-gender BS-dancing on any PHD toe-tapping Time in lifetimes transference illusion?

*Maybe I was Light~right all along, without, all the boy girl boy girl birth is death in creation-evil lessons, so I can become grateful for this direct experiential forgiveness miracle, that nurtures the Love within Timeless Wonder, that no Satanic Cabal foul, and no Karmic switching arcing and sparking can, ever take away the Light of my Life that, always swims free deep inside Love Ocean, without all the waves in-between the Peace, that comes today within the essence of all the me-adventures that were, not the real mirror-me at any timeline I made up to please the fool in, all our old Time-names and blank faces.

*Run with this experiential run-on a Karmic-aerobic Illusion-while?

As a regular ole Quantum co-creator of, all my Quanta, it please me today to experience forgiveness nurturing miracles working through, and for, all these imagined me’s and ya’s, and even though I never could have done it without ya, Holy Spirit within timeless Wonder reminds me, ya gender-woundn’t have, even been able to try, if it hadn’t been my Karma imbedded within the Universal-worry Illusion we, all forget to Love-remember the creative intelligent Brilliance, that got us this Light-shining far, already me-flowing within effulgent-us and Unifying vice versa?

Imagine the divine broom that sweeps away the Satanic Cabal machine-motives imbedded in, all of us? Then imagine, more the Mother machine Karma-motives, that keep us spinning on Times gender-Popping motive-machine? Now put it altogether, and what have we accomplished, Nothing but Delight Bonding Communion in Love’s pool of Life existence with, not, even a poor Mother-mouse Church-mole to distract this experiential letting go of, all Time’s rusty-motives smoking hot dust-making gender-death birth-machines? “Sing this new song of innocence, Light-baby Quanta~Lover of mine, and sit by the side of the brook, to rest with me a while, whereafter, even before, all the ego-limit castles now-crumble?”

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