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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Mortality

Is Mahavatar Babaji still alive? Sadhguru reveals the TRUTH **RARE VIDEO**

What part of this glaring GLARING mortality MORTALITY paradigm don’t we understand, like what part of the word no NO no no no NO, big fat NO don’t we understand?

Can hair grow on the dead, and can rubbery miracle bones, even seem to grow up into ancient replicas of Mortal addiction izatyou statues? Isn’t any slave catcher “Wanted DEAD, or ALIVE” bounty, just another ‘ruse to use’ in a NO-sea of Mortal gottyas, ya gottyas all, now PONY-UP? Is Government ruse RUSE glaring GLARING in charge of mortality MORTALITY money MONEY dead DEAD sex SEX for sale mother BREEDER earth EARTH?

Is this death DEATH paradigm PARADIGM then NOW, so am AM i I, as dead as u YOU in the mirror-double ruse RUSE making alive ALIVE against the law LAW of the love LOVE, that is the absence of mortal MORTAL gender death of “Light DEATH of BRIGHT”? Can you dig it? Isn’t breathing BREATHING proof of death, already, and isn’t, not breathing the first, real sign of Life then NOW, and what happens when government addiction no longer can smother a dead DEAD one, that leaves us behind to remain in a Stockholm Syndrome sick loyalty to keep death-survival Blackmail ruse RUSE breathing their supply, like the true Narcissist conflagration tinder in the slow boil Satanic bubble oozing blood hot HOT lust Zombie Cause pot POT?

‘mortality uh oh MORTALITY”, what will we do DO, when we wake up dead, and discover where we, really are, in long line-sausage links, as the best metaphor of our Karmic lifetimes spent on ice, just waiting to be eaten alive, when Time is only a measure for judging the unforgiven dead UNFORGIVEN DEAD. How to become forgiven FORGIVEN alive ALIVE begs the question; “How to forgive other dead ones, as our Mortal gender selves, then NOW, so we can realize the experience of life LIFE is to say no NO to Mortality Narcissism Governance fear, herein.

If I turn within, and don’t come out again ever, would a Zombie, even notice I went missing, like in sex-slave prison-schools when, after a few weeks we can’t, even remember the names, and faces that reversed our Love-inverse half-huge proportion? Do long lines of turds mirror the double metaphor in Karmic lifetime dog piles, and does, even thinking we are here, just another way to see how we use Earth-bones to dump our speed-bump gender dead-ones on? Is this a ruse, or am I the ONENESS ‘we’ that Colonial Mortality Vatican DC Crown ruses with?

Does this mean that the Queen-face of “Let them eat cake” disregard turd TURD boredom reveals she is dead DEAD here in charge of death, or in charge of shit? So what does that make us, if this is Mortality death-paradigm under the neon lights, over we, refrigerated, in slow boil time TIME lifetimes karma KARMA waiting? Did I just provide a platform on a death treatise, just to reveal karma KARMA, as if the, very Karma we deny, that is, all controlled by the evil Vatican mind_control?


I understand Mortality as a, direct experience of the death of Holy Spirit, so I reckon there may be layers of Light inside me, where I can march in trenches with my head down, until I pop up through a thin veneer that protects fallen energy-vampire souls, until we can turn within the Light of Love Life alive to help support Ascension of others in celebration timeless-reverie, until we get to come back, and try it again right here right NOW.

Tip-pity Top-less layers become available to any enlightening enough to become alive with Light without reversing into Love-inverse Mortality-motives again, so Mortal/Portal/Immortal migration becomes a lively Earth-flutterbye/lovely Butterfly Delight Bonding Communion option. I can fly right through darkness without losing any Delight, and, all it takes is to admit Mortality is the, very experience gender can repent “NO” to. I focused, directly on the Light, and it burned my Mortal eyes, but when I turned within rivers of dead lifetime’s crap filled Love Ocean to reveal Mortality is a septic tank of floaters and speed bumps, until I learned to water ski over this desert of undead death in Time-turd links, so I got to take a deep breath without swallowing Septic Government Knows what?

Mortals focus on enlightening a Mortal as if we get to take it with us, yet the layers of Light deeper inside intimates the more we say “NO” to Mortality, even Heaven may become us, without Karmic-gender Vatican-motive ruse to separate light Light Light from dark Dark DARK. How de doo dat? Every which-way, and crooked! I see them marching by, inside, and it ain’t a pretty sight; the unforgiven, still not forgiving others, as themselves. All the light Light LIGHT DARK Dark dark is inside each one of us, as all of us are inside each one of us too, so to judge another dead one is to suffer more death paradigm ‘deadtimes’ than any unforgiving one would know what to Mortal-sex do with.



What a Satanic-tease Holy Spirit can be when we let go, and forgive the Mortality Governing-floater speedbumps out of ‘turd~all’, just by turning within, where even, all the dead buffalos, still-roam free to Light-layer Spirit-life existence Love-choose, and especially with my Mortal me-less Immortal~inspiration permission now too.

“See ya in the Spring; don’t get your feet wet?”

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