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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: BirthDeath DearthBusiness

How to Dissolve the Drama of Life? | Sadhguru

What toxic shame lurking around inside me has had me Monster-jumping, and Matrix-moving 55 times in the last 53 years on Dearth, is the DearthBusiness of War, and Child-sacrifice murder competition, that is the same toxic shame, that prevents my keeping it simple to ask for help to live comfortably somehow now.

I must be Crazy as a loon BirthDeath echo to think that anyone can live comfortably on Mother Dearth, when no one gets here without a Mother-other, and no other-separate gets out of here alive, and alone-neither? I sure gave my old holy-socks the darn we all deserve, but no amount of resistance on the Dearth-cause train, has helped me escape from the toxic shame’s heartburn that Dearth supplies my total distraction indigestion. BURN!

I own it! It’s my personal Monster lurking, that makes it impossible for anyone to help me, because I am the one making everything so ‘darn’ tight-weave Dearth-fear complicated. OK OK I am scared to become, as helpless as I was when I came in abused, because that’s the Quantum-determinant that makes it a sure thing, that I will leave abused too. I, never want to become as helpless as a baby again, and look up into the Monster-eyes of another caretaker, with the emphasis on Mother-hate fake-taker.

I don’t trust Dearth any more than I trust its Mother-monster inside of me, so what is an ancient Dearth baby gonna do, when all around, even the name of Dearth competition includes that same BirthDeath doing all out feminine War, and murder as, just doing good chocolate-covered-turd fake-taker Hospital-secret-space-weapons Bush’s Dick-chainy business?

I heard somewhere after a long while, that even if we aren’t close to the experiential Child-sacrifice front, we, all can feel what’s going on deep inside where my, own personal visions play out as if I am, really there in all the Dearth-suffering and, even beyond. So as soon as I died the first time what I thought ‘everyone’ experienced was knowing how it feels for me to suffer, what no one else dares to talk about, still.

I am not as ‘abnormal’ as Dearth-norm has led me to believe, and even though I feel everything with a deep sensitivity, I wouldn’t trade one second with Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing, for all the distractions that run Dearth right into the Monster-hate fake-taker ground. This ole control freak is gonna wanna surrender, because all the War, and Monster-murder Child-sacrifice will, soon be over. Now maybe I can take it easy on those I ask for help from, and own up to it, because it can’t be easy for others to hear from me, what everybody avoids like the physical-illusion plague, that rots us, all from the inside new socks that no amount of money can hide the ‘darn’ Truth of Love-weave that is taking over the Dearth Monster-jog ‘old woman bitter’ man-hate sex-jobberdoo.

I am frightened to trust anything of this Dearth Monster, and nothing but leaving here to appear in Spirit back inside is gonna stop me from unlearning whatever shame is tricking my best mirror-double control-co-creating toxic-blame ‘jumping-game on this moving-game’ Dearth-train. What new clarity will change my game now, but it’s gonna be wanna-hard to fool myself when everybody knows I need to lay down somewhere, because I can hardly stand comfortably any more.

I am grateful for seeing how much toxic shame can sneak up on any Dearth-linger Karmic-gender shit-slinger, because may I, never forget how much Mother-fear has to do with DearthBusiness, from BirthDeath constant suffering, so Karmic-gender role-reversal denied? Here I go! I’m gonna stop complicating, all my past lifetime Hate-blame on men, because now I am that man, that Monsters hate, and it doesn’t feel, very Bully-good from either Hate Dearth victim-perspective. I am swimming in my shame, and I hope it doesn’t smell too Karmic-bad, because I, really need to let it all go, and surrender, even more to whole new depths inside Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing.

I am, sincerely grateful for all bad DearthBusiness examples, that become my Spirit~life best lessons, to turn within ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing energy absolute unborn infinite Aether Neutral crystalline Christ Light Indigo Inner Net Kind Sweet Beloved Nectar affinity, unbelievably Spiritually-simple but, not so easy to BirthDeath on this hate-gender mirror-double suffering Karmic-express.

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