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Monday, April 30, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: The Greatest Pain any Human can Endure

OSHO: Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom

When I Love someone, or something else, more than myself, I will lose that codependent resentment person-addiction, or thing-addiction I, actually caustic-acid toxic-shame Mother Earth-hate, and the greatest commonality Earth Bond that, all humans experience has nothing to do with Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing-energy effulgence, and everything to do with sex-slave ownership Satanic Earth Child-sacrifice malignant-narcissist social-norm Cannibalism.

As bad as this may sound the **worst** part of selling our common Earth-hate soul in just one other person, or other thing we put Hate~above ourselves, actually takes any capability to Love any other, or any other thing, ever again. To cling, so pitifully to any part of concrete physical Duality mirror-double co-created illusory Karmic Quanta, sets me up with constant re-thinking, and re-feeling codependent resentment, that clouds over the Light within the Love of all ONENESS Spirit Conscience Quarantined Earthlinger Polarizing-gender Hate Earth-matrix Shitslinger ‘non-life’.

As bad as, both these Malignant codependent ideas have devolved into us, all Hate-addicted Mother Earth-hate Matrix anti-Love motives, we can see how, all others in relationship this same way with any human like me, is hated by every, other codependent mirror-double, that can, only hate us as much as we, already hate ourselves now, more than we hate altogether in switchback Karmic divisive-gender hate role-reversal hate lifetimes accepting hate as our self-hate projections en masse, in social-norm hate eating away at each other’s rotting Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Mother Earth Hate-matrix sex-slave ownership Immortal Love-fail Blue Pill Matrix.

I suppose if I Love anyone, more than I Love myself, that it is no different than if any ‘one’ of us Loves any other, more than, just themselves, that in both, the micro-hater, as the macro-hater, when a Mother Loves her child, more than she Loves herself, she can no longer Love at all any more, so this Mother Earth Matrix ‘defines’ the Hate-cancer virus that, already went, so viral, that The whole Universe has Quarantined Mother Earth Hate-matrix to protect Earthling gender-hate shitslingers from having to experience the Light within the Love of all ONENESS Spirit Life that would vaporize, the instant any Mother Earth-hate energy vampire tried to escape this much Love-switchback mirror-double Cave-malevolence set in cold-hearted codependent-hate concrete Physical-allegiance Hatred-stone.

As bad as, all this may sound to any Mother Earth-hate codependent-addicted energy vampire, the **best** part of forgiveness intention is to, even be able to ‘discern’ this much clarity of ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love missing in our Karmic suffering validation of my need to switch my allegiance from my co-created illusory mirror-double creation-hate need, to keep coming back until enlightening compassion Unifies Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy for every micro in, all possible macro Joy in Co-creation’s awaiting Quantum Ascension Harmony.

One experience of Joy in Harmony is enough to switch my allegiance, but continually forgiving other haters, as myself, and becoming the music of ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love, Wakes me up in Awareness Kind Pleasance for the sake of Atoning any, and all Ascension-willing Earth Love-virgins. Just imagine there are no Love virgins, still visible on Mother Earth-hate Matrix steroids, and admitting I am ‘not’ a Love-virgin, any more than any Sex-virgin is allowed to remain a Love virgin in this physical sex-slave physical prison set up is, only meant to retire us, all any which way, and crooked, unless we surrender to Coherent Spirit, absolute replete, unborn timeless, infinite inviolate, and Crystalline invisible Love-both-ways Kind Lovely.

I can feel, actually feel our Delight Bonding Communion approaching, and even expressing all the worst of the best is, so gratifying because without everyone, who is anyone, already switching from creation, to ONENESS, none of these ‘ideas of the good’ approaching Earth~Universal Ascension would become possible, to seem appropriate enough to, even hint at “Love-virgin” mentioning yet. If this is how becoming a Love-virgin can feel so delightful, then it’s worth expressing what makes us, all afraid to admit The Greatest Pain any Human can Endure, from having everything ass backward as, only a Satanic Matrix can Vatican Child-sacrifice War-Bankster hate-interest GMO-breeder Mother Earth-hate depend on spreading ISIS Mother-mercenary Family-triangulation “Divide and Conquer” man-hate CIA-damning Child-jam.

I am sorry for Loving my Mother more than I Love myself, and I am, really sorry for hating all others as my Mother-hate projected, all over every possible other hater switchback mirror-double, that hated ‘their’ Mother, as much as my Mother Loved me, way too sexual-married much too. If this is my Love-virgin Good Friday repentance, then in three days we better wake up ole Easter-shotgun Pierre, on the way down Santa Clause Hill with no “Q” brakes, because none of us, ever gonna see a Collective Love-virgin Ascension-accident like this one gonna be.

OSHO: Nobody Teaches You About Hate

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