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Monday, April 23, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Small Identity is a Killer

Woman With Abusive Mother Set Free After A Lifetime of Fear and Anger

Traumas keep repeating over and over, as resentments in my mind where, I rethink and re-feel that small identity in Creation-evil separation, until without knowing it, I identify with separation guilt, itself. Gender-evil is one such small Creation-evil identity trauma in Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal physical resentment killer modality. Birth is death into Creation-evil death paradigm traumas, so after suffering separation from absolute unborn infinity, my Mother, already so full of her small Mother-role identity, acted out her self-hatred onto me, as my Killer, and raper trauma-maker too.

Without even knowing I kept repeating being born into Creation-evil death Paradigm, right along with so much, more resentment, that I became guilt of separation in, as small a sex abused murder victim, as any little boy can become, oh so solidly hating anything that resembled my, so called feminine ‘small identity’ engendered Creation-evil Mother-role weaponry mirror-double jealous rage traumatized killer. What set in my Mother protection projection patsy blame narcissism-Blackmail plus being blamed for what she did to me, herself, my resentment turned me into a Karmic-rocking chair, just waiting to die at the ‘smaller identity’ hands of the Jealous-Cabal Rage-Monster Killer-Beast.

Talk about Satanic Child-sacrifice triple whammy ISIS Mother-mercenary full-on Family-triangulation Creation-evil criminal-traumas huh? Little did I realize when my Grandmother died on top of me during her last Orgasm trauma, that I left my body when I could hardly tell what part of my little boy-life was trauma, and what parts weren’t resentment-trauma any more. My jealous full-on rage Mother-lover neutered me when she found me under this mess in a bitter old woman double-puddle of smelly pee cum diarrhea in that Child-sacrifice death-guttural Grammy drum-roll roil, as another trauma overlay took over my body from my Grandmother also raping her son, my step-father Mother’s lover too, who was another little boy old man suffering under the Mother murder Big Bang Creation-evil Guns.

My Mother didn’t know what she was doing and, even at the moment of her death she didn’t know what was going on, any more than I did, at these times of her unconscious acting out what she made me feel is, still ISIS Mother-mercenary Family-triangulation Vatican/Crown/DC Nation-normal. Two sex triangles overlaying on top of me with no more innocence, under my Grandmother, finally ‘did the trick’ to force me to figure out some impossible-way some day later, when I had enough cognizance to, even deal with this much 5 year old bitter old woman little-boy sex.

It can be sort of fun to, really “Lay it on” just like Creation-evil, really lays it on to force us to believe such ‘small identity’ rape, and murder of little innocent kids en-masse, because little did I realize that, as I have been forgiving my Mother, that I am forgiving myself before, as that same Mother-role ‘small identity’ that seems the, very same common-problem we, all have calling this ISIS mercenary proxy-war death-paradigm “Mother ’half a longer swear’ Earth. If Christ shared the same Physical-role evil perspective that Earth-linger shit-slingers share we, all would be in trouble if He stuck around long enough on his Karmic-return, as somebody’s Mother, now wouldn’t we? Oh but that’s exactly what we suffer-imagine, when no Mother can, possibly become Christ-like, as a ‘small identity’ evil mirror double female, huh?

Now I want to act like the Light of Love, that we all, really are, and revel in the Joy from what experiential True Forgiveness is all about. Just think of it, I am the perfect traumatized child we all disregard, and throw into the Winter-farm Mother Earth frozen-ground dead-pile? Holy Spirit did all the ONENESS Spirit Conscience forgiving for me, because I lost any interconnection to the Light of Love, that I, already lost ‘last’ lifetime, after I did what my Mother did to me, ‘this’ lifetime.

Experiencing my old Mother Karma this lifetime, already expanded my ‘small identity’ creation-evil rape, and murder perspective, but I, still had a lot to learn about from Holy Spirit, and most of it is, still to learn, as I have become the experiential epitome of a teachable devotee. I get glimpses of Creation-evil as a, mere illusion to forgive as myself, but since no one else can see this way, I have to trust, only what happens inside, and forget everything outside as more, mere Creation-evil to forgive as my mirror-double Karmic-self again.

I am a feeling expert, you see, because I can feel anything without falling for any more compunction to fix anything in a Cabal-enforced Problem/Reaction/Solution mind-control. I no longer want to fix my mirror-doubles, and I no longer can, even begin to blame my Mother and my Grandmother, because the whole World of Creation-evil is as small, as a jealous identity, as it takes to rape, and murder half our 16 billion population at any one 8 billion Time-line. Soon I imagine Holy Spirit will help me expand my small identity even, more to reveal to me that I was, am, and will be an illusion just like, all of us will disappear into the Light of Love Life-existence reality Pool, that we will ‘want’ to accept with an ever-new Ascension Joy, from enlightening so much disappearing into absolute unborn infinite Aether Neutral Sweet Beloved Nectar Christ Delight Bonding Communion Crystalline Kind for-every~where affinity.

We, could have guessed when the ISIS of the evil elite appeared, that enough of us had already become like my family, to even appear accepted at this Collective critical mass Consciousness 100th Monkey reflection of our unforgiven mirror-double statist stasis? Now it is our turn to forgive them as ourselves and accept the Cabal is our mirror-double Karmic-illusion, so we can begin to expand our Creation-evil small proxy-warring gender-identities, finally? You are, all my Mother, just as I am all your Mothers, and there is nothing to fix at all, because as soon as we get over our smaller identities, Creation-evil, will seem like the, same bad dream, as when our, own Lights come on after our Killer projections disappear into Karmic-wet mist of Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing.

How can anyone blame a Mother, as ourselves, if she was, just a temporary illusion, like all Light of Immortal Love is, and can, only become more teachable Brilliant, once Holy Spirit eclipses all we, only think we knew, oh so over, and over, until the triple whammy bitter Grammy-cows come home? I enjoy sharing about my perspective of ‘small identity’, and lately everywhere I look, all I see is the same Beast, that my family ran-on, as if there are less people than I ever knew, that hardly dare to see what’s wrong with so much of Creation-evil pretending everything’s, just OK-fine and maybe-only needs a little non-acceptance bad little boy/girl Patsy-punish fixing.

Now I can see what a mess we live in, so I Love with a compassion, as if, all this suffering is to enhance our desire to turn within for~every~where, so vast an identity there is no gender-identity Beast to make us Dark again, over and over. Like ‘unborn’ is the absence of gender, Immortal Love is the absence of Karma, so the smaller we identify with Creation-evil, the more jealous rage from ‘lack’ of Light Child-sacrifice W-ar A-buse R-ape, and murder will appear as, just more Beast-competitive funny-money Cabal-business.

I guess its my time to thank everyone for showing me another small-planet identity Mother-reason not to blame my Mother any more, so thank you, and I love you Mothers with, all my heart because I couldn’t have Holy Spirit forgiven myself, without ya’s acting just like ‘mi karma su karma’. If all creation-evil is the beast I see everywhere now, then I can rest assure I have, never felt this comfortable about myself fitting, right in, as much as my Mother fit in, already too, as myself from within single eye teachable vision granted, and now, ever so gratefully mirror-double Savior-Light of Immortal Love absolute unborn infinite-identity received.

Is there an authentic feminine, or mirror-double authentic masculine temporary “ONENESS Perspective”, or is it impossible to remain gender-invested, and remain a Blackmailer enlightened half-assed ‘small identity’ coward-blunder in clumsy Mortal-killer still-Mother death-paradigm? I Wonder if Millennial gender-evil remains un-enlightened, until Creation-evil motives disappear, right along with, all our Karmic mirror-double compunction to keep pretending we know what’s ‘unteachable-best’ is, still ‘over and over’ acting out again supporting more Dark-baggage Cabal Deep Swamp-state Problem/Reaction/Solution jealous-rage Beast-elite big-buildings in our shared W-ar A-buse R-ape Satanic ISIS Mercenary-political Proxy-patsy DNC victim/volunteer brick, and Mortal Mother Earth overwhelming motif?

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