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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Sweet Feral Children

OSHO: Compassion - The Ultimate Flowering of Love

As I am making friends with the sort of feral child beginning of my human experience, while I practice forgiving more replications of these events of abuse, and neglect, I am meeting my old fear mind. Can Sex-armies exist within the cold-hearted battlefield of boot camp Mom and Dad soldiers, and police, where whole Earth juries make bets on the side which pant leg will dirty, from random hangings? What judge is not barren-Soul unforgiven under black robes, and uncomfortable stiff collars with judgmental criminal-mirrors reflecting back, daily, their own personal judgmental Karmic perpetrators?

Is all this meanness, and stark cold mission uniform marching along, alone, just inside me, or are there others out there, that see the futility of freezing to death out on coldhearted Duality Patsy Earth? Can it, ever be OK to take the heart, and soul right out of an innocent child, and circle the valley of fish in a barrel of slaves for the sake of Draconian exploitation, and matching corporate T shirt logos? Are we alive, or are we dead to worship Iconic Mother-replication symbols in our daft mindless minds, while we remain unteachable in the faces of, whole generations of innocent children, that come within range of our crocodile Monster-neglect?

As I have been asking for, even more willingness to turn within to seek Coherent Spirit, within the innate heart of all of us, we are joining our stories of adventures here on Earth, and I am considering the reality of all of us retaining some semblance of an ancient-youth collective mind of feral beginnings. What if we have, all become cold-hearted here, and I am just the little fish, that would like to discuss water, and the little bit of oxygen, that soon will be sold to us, just like the water?

Can Holy Spirit forgiveness be so everlasting sweet nurturing, and Peace of Love, that ONENESS can, even change my old tired mind, to forsake the dream of fear, and death, that rocks in the cradle of scintillating blue/green crystalline Earth Light, by just forgiving? Was I safe, all this time within the loving flow of Delight, as I was given the gift to seek Spirit Conscience within our pretend separation, as I tried to make friends with other lost souls, and receive our gift of Love from manifold infinity? What is the enlightening compassionate essence of our Spiritual Sovereign Unity, except the One of us, that activates the Light of forgiveness, within every cell of our One Crystalline body, and mind, that frees, all our dust blowing in the harsh winds of time?

There is no better motive, than to discern the truth of what is, and is ‘not’ True here, and it is a true privilege to sense our collective sorrow, and suffering, and then turn in to, only trust the trustworthy of Immortal Love this life, as we pay it forward by moving backward from separation. Since we pretend ourselves here, then, maybe we, all can begin to pretend ourselves, right back out of here? I can see us as Holographic Illusion mirror Saviors in Karmic Delight, not self-punishment-projected collective consciousness ‘misery loves company’ unforgiven victim/victimizer/caretaker Patsies.

What we co-create, without forgiveness performs as if we are hated by our parents, and families, hated by our own governments, hated by our schools, and churches, hated by our Hospitals, and Universities, hated by our Media, and War institutions, hated by our armies and police, and we are, that, very Godless codependent hate, that seems to be the Sexual best friend of our collective feral mind.

Why would I want to continue to Child-sacrifice judge myself as the ‘unique feral child’, when it can, just be our shared perception of the difference between everyone else, and ‘unique Pine Cone’, that only helps us, ‘seem’ more comfortable? I have no more separation sorrow, than anyone, just more compassion, perhaps, that forgiveness-comes with Holy Spirit knowing my, own suffering, from nurturing forgiveness, that opens up continual discernment relief. I don’t know; acceptance~maybe, but, Love seems to bring forth everything that isn’t, just like shining a little light can reveal more discernment-need to continually forgive Satanic Earth indigestion with as much mind-boggling melting-heat as we can stand in Ascension kitchen.

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