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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

March of the ‘Pedovores’ -- This Month's News of Pedophilia

March of the ‘Pedovores’ [videos]

APRIL 17, 2018

This month the news on the pedophilia front is more edgy and near impossible to believe, for those who are just now hearing about it for the first time. It certainly appears we are living on the lunatic fringe. The Illuminati would like people to believe we are lunatics, but we’re not.

We are seeing much more coverage of the recent developments in the efforts to stop the carnage and President Trump has upped his game accordingly in April, enacting new legislation to shut down Human Trafficking and Pedophilia on the Internet.

The satan-worshipping New World Order was already marching down the streets of America in an increasingly flagrant manner. When it was almost too late, the exposure went into high gear with the election of Donald Trump.

If you know folks you would like to awaken to the horrors of Human trafficking and the consumption of children—hence, “pedovores”—some of the following resources may be useful.

We have three key figures in the independent media spearheading the “pizzagate-pedogate” initiative; Liz Crokin, David Seaman and David Zublick. It takes a lot of guts to sign on for that job. It’s dangerous. Just ask House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

In the video below, David Zublick is certain that the sadistic acts in a video leaked on the “dark web” involving Hillary Clinton and her paramour, Huma Abedin, is the real deal. Liz Crokin, however, who first broke the news of the video’s existence, will not cross that line.

As Zublick says, the video in question which has been reviewed by several, is not available to the average Internet user, and if one were to download it, it would be grounds for arrest. You need to have TOR to access the video. He explains the surface web, the “deep web” and the “dark web”.

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