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Friday, April 13, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Europe, Eurozone, European Union Must Change or Exit

Source: Messiah Note

Europe, Eurozone, European Union Must Change or Exit

The Europe white races throughout history has conquered successfully America, Africa, Australia Pacific, but they lost in Asia. They did not lost to the Asia because of material physical, they lost because they were fighting in the most “Spiritual Place” on Earth, they were fighting against “advanced beings” from this & other worlds. The truth is hard but Europe must accept that.

Spirit World is miraculous & magical, many “top groups/governments” who had “opportunity” to “verify” their “hidden history” knew that. I am not talk about that subject for it mean nothing now on Earth.

The Current Old Money System cannot continue, the Euro cannot continue with that kind of gambling style controller. The new system based on real public assets & later land-backed must implemented as soon as possible. The Western has benefits too much from the “Corrupt Money” system already, it is not fair for people from “low rate currency” regions.

European Union is a great project but it is fail because lack of knowledge. One of the reason is because of the currency rate between each Nations. The other reason is “subsidy money policy” from this nation to that nation.

But now Europe is facing bigger problem which is called “fake refugees”, many of you already knew that problems, just like the same problem in the USA with smuggling Latino people.

The “Cabal Deep State” lost this battle again because White Europe people are the smart & with the support of their ancestors spirit.

Here is the suggestion for the EU:
– Stop take any kind refugees, return all refugees taken from 2012 to the present back to their home country. Cut all kind of business & diplomat if their home country do not accept.

– Stop subsidy money, welfare to all country & people. (by take money from one nation to give others)

– Minimum Wage is set the same for all Nations, otherwise EU is meaningless.

– The Euro currency will replace with Gold, Silver backed currency.

– EU cannot become Europe-Union like the USA because they are not the immigrant country.

– EU should only act like “recommend adviser” group.

If above minimum requirement cannot implemented, then I do not see hope for the EU, they must break apart. The Schengen Group for travel is enough already, if needed there will be “working-like” organizations be setup in case EU break apart. But the EU is injected with the cabal, then mostly like EU will fall apart completely.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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