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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Food, Water, House, Clothes, What else do you Need?

Foods, Water, House, Cloths, What else do you need more? Nothing

Source: Messiah Note

When human & stupid leaders realize that? Everything else is just a “life trap” just like the “parallel reality trap” at the grand Universe Life level.

All kind of War including Trade War between China & the West, Iraq Syria War, blabla.

The solution in Syria is simple: No Nations will build anything, not gas pile, no railway no road, is that fair? Of course it is fair, so everybody is happy because of “if we don’t have that, you also cannot have that” mindset !

At Global Planet level, why you are keeping digging oil instead of looking for renewable energy like Wind & Solar power?

It may difficult to setup at first but once it up to go, you will never worry about the future energy.

It is like “Once Lifetime Investment”. Why you keep choosing the harder, more difficult job (here is digging oil everyday)?

In term of investment strategy, it the stupid & wrong strategy. The oils is limited but the sun/moon/wind/weather is unlimited !

The Middle East have a lot of sun light, the Russia have a lot of wind, so if you want to invest in the future and become a “smart investor”, you better think bigger & use common sense. When the Earth & Nature shutdown electric, cast tsunami, earthquake all of what are you doing will become useless !

Trade Economic War is the same, all what most countries trading are “optional goods” like machine , technology, blabla. All the “essentials” for human life are already have in every nation land which is foods, water, cloth, house. The only thing should be free trade is organic fruits & vegetables, clothing material, for different climate produce different natural material.

All the “top groups/governments” must understand & remember that basic knowledge.

GESARA should only make currency rating equal in every Nations on Earth, it cannot give out money or basic income, not a single dim!

All what the Europe & the West are doing are wrong method. They are giving out free money, healthcare, education to everyone. They are encouraging stupid people to become lazy.

Each person should take responsibility for their health, knowledge for it is already free on the internet & in nature. Human cannot live like animals in that way!

The only poverty on Earth is people lacking of cleaning foods, water, cloth & a place sleep. Nobody can define what is material “poverty” mean !

Only Knowledge can change & save the World, money cannot!

But people with knowledge who understand that need money to change at this current timeline on Earth.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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