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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Hollow Earth Beings Must Help Earth Surface Remove "Dangerous Things" in Antarctica, Greenland

Hollow Earth beings must help Earth surface remove “dangerous things” in Antarctica, Greenland

Source: Messiah Note

Many of you already know what kind of advanced technology & toxic dangerous beings in Antarctica & Greenland.

Human race on the Earth surface cannot play/experiment with all kind of advance technology & toxic dangerous animals. Those things are even more dangerous than nuclear weapon !!

I already said the “previous era” did that, many of them are living in the Hollow Earth people at the moment.

They have responsibility to “complete remove” these stupid dangerous animals, advanced technology & aliens body in the Antarctica & Greenland in quite mode.

– All the needed animals on Earth are already there, some “historic” one is living in the Hollow Earth, there is no any purpose to do any experiment with toxic dangerous spices.

– All the advanced technology, gates are the same. It is the hard truth to show you that technology cannot change the world, it is only destroy the world!

* When you kill animals, make sure their consciousness out of their body first (stun first), then quick kill.

* Aliens beings better to be moved to other empty planet.

The Top Groups/Governments must work with human-like beings from the Hollow Earth to remove these things only. The Hollow Earth people/beings cannot interfere in any other subjects of the public.

Quick knowledge about the beings in the Hollow Earth:

– They are no better being than the surface people. The “starting point” of them is higher, that is all. The starting point here is their physical self.

– They still have not yet fully understand planet Earth & still need to learn a lot !

Other subject like do they “modify” their own physical body or not, I cannot comment because lack of information.

Hollow Earth beings can only allowed to come out of the surface & meet the public only after the 100% surface people master & active minimum hidden abilities: Telepathy, Fly.

I do not know when that happen but could be 50 years or 100 years from now.

The surface groups/government do not fear about the Hollow Earth beings, they are not allowed to take over the Earth surface unless the surface go into “war mode”. But after 05-05-2021, some of them who have fully “learned their lesson” will allowed to appear to remove “bad beings” on Earth surface.

Please forward this message to the Hollow Earth people & all top groups/governments.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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