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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Humanity Must Face The Hard Truth Now

Humanity Must Face The Hard Truth Now

Source: Messiah Note

There is nothing worse than Catastrophe Nature Noah Floods Type.

Do you see land in Kenya, Argentina split yet? That is a signal of Nature Earth are using all abilities to detox toxic chemicals, beings on Earth surface.

The disclosure must serve with purpose, otherwise it mean absolutely nothing.

There is only 3 things should not reveal to the public yet which are:

– Aliens.

– Hollow Earth civilization.

– 9/11 was an by “foreigners & insiders” but not by terrorism.

The rest should be disclosure to the public:

– Human body function, secret to immortal life.

– Whole nature earth system, the role of each animals. => Ban all kind of animals farming.

– All kind of man-made chemicals are all the chemicals weapon like pesticides, GMOs, pharma, vaccine, plastics, etc. => Must be ban now.

– Ban all kind of robot AI, animals & human clone => it serve nothing good

If the “deep state, cabal” do not totally shutdown their facilities then tell the public most of the celebrities, news network actors are clone and ban all.

– Of course new finance system with physical good physical money & digital good digital money separate.

Do not fear about the chaos or lack of foods, the current human are already producing 3-4 times bigger than needed. It is hard to think eat green leaf instead of animal meat but they must do it if they want to live forever.

If you do not reveal it to the public then nature Earth will “reset all” on her own soon.
Welcome back to stone age !


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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