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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Messiah Udumbara -- Middle East Chaos Must Stop Now: Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria

Source: Messiah Note

Middle East Chaos Must Stop Now: Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria

What is fake what is real news? Of course it is impossible to know since no real reporter on the internet.

Many “prophet” predict Messiah-Mahdi will come and help either Jewish or Muslim.

Why not both?

First Prophecy is just prediction, it is all up-on the “Messiah”, it could be true or false just like when you predicting any sport result, it up to sport/player in the playing field not the watcher-outsider.

Messiah will command from Israel?

From what position, In-Land or In-The-Sky? If from the Sky then he can come from any place on Earth via internet !!!

Messiah will bring “Islam religion” to the whole World?

Ok, but there is no Islam religion for it is all man-made, it only Islam practice.

Shia, Sunny, Iran, Saudi Arabia must stop the stupid kid-game

What ever history already “shown” to you I do not care. All of you better ban “religion calling”, instead only should talk about what your prophet teach & the meaning of each pratice.

Syria battle must be stopped now

Let assume all of you are fighting for the highest material prize “a continent portal” link to other continent like Antarctica.

Do you know that there are many other continent portals in Australia, America (both North & South), Africa, Greenland, Europe-Asia? If it not exist yet then you can “setup it” easily!

So all the portal/gates & the aliens must be removed & destroyed. For it is the only way to satisfied all “group” !!!

Israel Government must stopped aggressive or all of Israel land will be destroyed by volcanic!

All other Nations do not fear about Israel. Jerusalem is just one out of many other places on Earth at this moment receive higher cosmic energy than normal land due to current Earth damage in the North Pole & Environment.

Cyprus must be united

North & South Cyprus must be united, the Turkey must give up the North and let the people of that land care themselves just like the Taiwan in Asia.

It is obvious the Palestine was setup by the “Deep State Cabal” so I do not care about any more.

The only one to blame is the Alliance, BRICS, for they in full military control but do not help anyone, they are all chasing for control then dead instead of real solution!


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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