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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: What is your Objective Human Races, BRICS, Alliance?

What is your objective Human Races & BRICS plus Alliance?

Source: Messiah Note

To Human Races in general:

Material like Gold, Silver, Technology toys?


Super-ability like telepathy, fly, teleport, manifest?

To BRICS plus Alliance:

Control low level technology, gates, portal where you are not the creation and do not know the mechanism 100% and more importantly serve nothing?


Save planet & Humanity from destruction catastrophe?

To me, all the big buildings in big cities on Earth look like big prisons, but people keep chasing for that stupid “label” life.

The most advance civilization on the Grand Universe only have nature & house-cloth-made by 100% nature material. There is nothing more, no any technology since they can fly, teleport, telepathy, manifest.

Is that the life human races are looking for or the life full of material serve and help nothing?

Technology can never allow human race or any races in the universe activate all the hidden super ability like all fiction movies, that is the truth.

I am disappointed all about the BRICS plus Alliance, are they good or bad guy? I still do not know.

They can easily destroy all the star gate/portal and stupid technology, but they chose to keep it even though they are not the creation.

I do not care who are behind the Deep State and/or the Cabal for all the military & Government forces are in hand of the BRICS plus Nations Alliance.

Why the BRICS plus Nations Alliance do not use all the Ultimate tool/card they have?

– Issues separate digital money for digital good, physical money for physical good.

– Messiah card: release full Immortal Life book, human body function, purpose of religions, etc.

– Give all “bad beings” 1 way ticket to other planet do not allow comeback Earth.

– many more…

If big amount of Governments release big policy, the others no matter who in charge have to follow or face “self-destruction” revolution from that nation citizens.

Do not fear the system and the citizen life will crash for there is nothing worse than the Catastrophe: Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcanic, Floods, Storms, etc.

Nature Earth will teach & tell human big lesson if human race do not act & solve the problem they have created on Earth planet. When that happen, the damage will be much much stronger & larger.

What now BRICS plus Nation Alliance? It is time to show your true face. Are you the cabal or aliens?

Nobody who are toying/destroying Earth will ever allowed to live on Earth ever again when the “Admin” come !!!

Earth is sacred & rare planet in the whole Universe.
Maybe it used to be place design for Gods-like only from the Biggining !


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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