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Thursday, April 26, 2018

QAnon: Happened, Not Public | Public Announcement

Source: Dinar Chronicles

In Q Anon post number 1270, Sara Carter tweets: 'Waiting...everyone is...We'll let you know as soon as it happens...'

Q Anon replies:

Not public.
Debate how to handle.
Buying time.

Then in post number 1271, Q Anon says:

'Note 187'

Q Anon followers know that 187 is code for murder. Some Q Anon researchers are saying that Q Anon's recent frequent use of the phrase 'AS THE WORLD TURNS' refers to the threat of assassination of President Trump. Apparently the TV program 'As The World Turns' was interrupted in November 1963 to announce that JFK had been shot.

This is an extremely dangerous time for President Trump. Please spare time to pray for him and the Alliance Team. We know that Trump is surrounded by elite military White Hats who will do everything in their power to ensure his safety.

Remember the Alliance message to the cabal, where the top military brass lined up beside President Trump, nine on the right and eleven on the left? It was a striking visual message that there will DEFINITELY be no repeats of 9/11.

Also Jordan Sather notes that fresh evidence in the JFK assassination is to be declassified today or tomorrow.

It's a BIG week.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Maybe this video explains what Q Anon means by 'Note 187' (murder) in his Q Anon post number 1271?

Unsealed indictments...Hillary Clinton...still don't think that it's a BIG WEEK?

Q Anon mentions the words 'public announcement' in post number 1273:

'What happened to the special counsel?
Rudy met w/Meuller today.
Public announcements.
Continue w/other investigations?
Stage set?
Support growing?
We have it all.
Welcome to the WH.'

In post number 1268, Q Anon talks about Paul Nakasone. A Q Anon researcher found that Nakasone was hired on 13th February 2018 as Commander of the US Army Cyber Command. I believe that everything is perfectly under control. Yes, indeed, President Trump - we all look forward to being welcomed to the White House!

Finally, check out the picture in Q Anon post number 1264. The photo is from Ireland. We are definitely part of a world wide movement, as Q Anon keeps telling us. It's very cool.

Hi to President Trump/Q Anon from NZ.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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