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Friday, April 20, 2018

Reader: Fake Olive Oil, it's Everywhere and Most Likely in your Kitchen

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By RawVegan13

Its very important to consume the highest quality food possible in this day and age especially when the food industry is dominated by "Illuminati Controlled" corporations that produce foods full of chemicals, pesticides, GMO's etc.

I feel very strongly about this and after the GCR when the funds do become available I would like to help make healthy life giving foods and pure life giving water available to everyone on the planet.

Indeed let you food be thy medicine!

Also with trillions of dollars at our disposal why not make sure that everyone on the planet has access to the best foods ever!

If you are going to feed starving children why not give them the best food ever instead of Illuminati produced junk that's designed to kill us and make us sick??

I personally don't like going to supermarkets as most of the food there is junk. I would rather shop at the local farmers markets, forage for edible wild greens in season and spend a bit extra on the best foods and supplements.

Also when you eat good food and drink good water such as spring water and not supermarket junk water out of plastic bottles you feel good and when you feel good and feel healthy you can manifest dreams much quicker too.

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