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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Reader: Open Letter to QAnon

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

The questions below are directed to Qanon, while the information is for all Anons / Autists / Patriots:


Q seems to be doing a great job at directing us to see the global corruption & evil infiltrations in the political and certain religious arenas, Hollywood, and MSM. We can see the vile roots in Satanism & Luciferian tactics of money laundering, bribery, threats, murder, war, sex, pedophilia, trafficking of children, humans, organs, arms weaponry, and drugs – all to control and rule the world and those of us in it.

Although Q may have very briefly touched upon these corruptions and evil in the judicial system, there has been a failure to direct us at the outright lies and crimes perpetrated on humanity under the premise of the statutory legal system based on commerce in the sea jurisdiction. The biggest class action lawsuit to date in the US was the Farm Claims (later renamed the Bank Claims). During this case, the massive fraud of the US Judiciary and Banking system was revealed. In short, the US Gov't started foreclosing, unlawfully and illegally, on hundreds of farms in the Midwest. This was the basis for Willie Nelson (musician) starting Farm Aid. In the end, the farmers won a settlement of 7 trillion dollars to be paid in gold and silver. Not only has this settlement yet to be paid out, but also was the very basis for America to return to the Gold (asset-backed) standard financial system. The Farms Claims case also revealed the Original 13th Amendment, which states those holding "title of nobility" (e.g., BAR attorneys), are restricted from holding a public office. How many in Congress or the Senate are members of the BAR? All BAR attorneys should be registered as the foreign agents that they are (foreign agents of the Crown). The Fed / IRS banking and tax systems, military and law enforcement systems, and government systems all work in cahoots with the judicial system, leaving people no recourse and no apparent way out, only left to be victimized.

Furthermore, there is little to no mention of the entire education system being hijacked with false information and indoctrination, which has blinded most to truth and reality. On top of that, our health is degrading while we are being misdiagnosed and mistreated by the medical & pharmaceutical industries, as our air, land, water, and foods are being poisoned and remedies and cures remain suppressed, along with truth.

Q has yet to address that US Citizenship has been used as a ruse to enslave people. By promoting Patriotism, people have worn that title proudly, when in fact, Citizenship, along with licenses, registrations, etc., have been contracts with non-disclosed hidden meanings and agendas of which you unknowingly signed to your own demise. Furthermore, the MERS/NB agreement have taken this non-disclosure to yet another level.

Due to the American Civil "War", the dejure American Republic went into a limbo status and a corporation was established to provide "essential government services." Lincoln (a BAR attorney) put the country under Martial Law, of which we remain under today. Q has not addressed the fact that the current government is a defacto – a bankrupt foreign corporation which usurped the Republic, functioning on never-ending debt instruments. The current Administration should be dissolving the corporation to step us into the Republic, but a true dejure American Republic is established from the county level up, not the fed level down. Why is there so much focus on mid-term elections when the entire corporation needs to be wiped clean? Anyone who has been tainted by the corruption and evil should not be allowed into office upon this country’s rebirth... this global rebirth. Instead of this education, Q seems to unintentionally be feeding the hero syndrome. Sadly, people seem to need this. It is only truth which will alleviate this childish security blanket, though.

Please understand that full disclosure of ALL truth to the public is required for true freedom. Failure to do so causes long-term problems. This not does necessarily mean the gruesome details, but the topics must be explained as well as all perpetrators disclosed. If we are expected to trust the plan, We the People must be trusted, too. Anything less leaves those of us who are aware, questioning the power change.


Public Education & Truth Disclosures:

1. Will the public be educated on the dejure American Republic, built from the county level up to the federal level?

2. Will the public be educated on the full history of the Great Fraud and Deception?

3. Will 9-11 Truth be publicly revealed?

4. Will truth on ALL wars be publicly revealed?

5. Will truth about the Vatican church and all religions be publicly revealed?

6. Will the public be educated on the State of Emergency Clause? How about the Trading with the Enemy Act? The Alien Registration Act? Foreign Registration Act? The Treaty of Paris 1783?

7. Will the public be informed cancer cures have existed since the 1930's -- by three different men (Royal Rife, Dr. Otto Warburg, Max Gerson)?

True Justice:

8. What will happen to all the Federal and State level Judges who have committed Treason... and the BAR Attorneys who have colluded with them?

9. What will happen to the Fraudsters who have stolen our children, property, and hard earned wages?

ONLY FULL DISCLOSURE OF ALL ELEMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED! We the People of America not only deserve this as our right, but also need it in order to ensure such dreadful history does not repeat. People cannot make good decisions without the basis of truth and reality.


1) Why is the US a corporation and not a true government?
Why are ALL state "governments" set up as corporations?
Does a corporation truly have dominion over Man/Woman?
NOTE: A maxim of law: What thou creates, thou controls.
Why does the US and all State corporations control Man/Woman, and not the other way around?
What is the United States Code (USC)?
What does USC title 28, section 3002 part A say?
Who owns the US, Inc corporation?
Did American really become free from Great Britain in 1776? Really?
What is Washington D.C.?
Who owns Washington D.C.? HINT: The same entity owns the City of London.

2) What is the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)?
Why is UCC the basis for ALL International law, corporate law, and the US legal system?
Are all "crimes" commercial?
Does the state (any state) make money (or benefit) by putting persons in jail/prison?

3) What is Maritime Admiralty Law?
What is the relationship between Admiralty law and #1 and #2, above?
How does this relate to old Roman Law and Vatican Canon?
Does the Vatican own your soul (see #4, below)?
What is a "strawman"?
How is this "strawman" related to the living being?
What does the Corpus Juris Secundum vol 7, section 4 say?
HINT: It says attorneys don't even work for their clients, they work for the Court, and that the client is a ward of the Court.
What is the result of the directive of the Corpus Juris Secundum v7, s4?
Does anyone really have correct Due Process?

4) What is a Certificate of Live Birth?
What kind of paper is it printed on?
Why is it printed on this type of paper?
What is a Bond (banking instrument)?
Aren't only financial instrument printed on Bond paper?
What is a Cestui que trust?
How is this cestui que related to the certificate of live birth?
Does a Bank own your birth certificate?
Has your birth certificate been rolled into an offshore trust fund?

5) The International Obligation Lien for $279 TRILLION against the ENTIRE US DoJ, International BAR Association (IBA), and American BAR Association (ABA):

What is the relationship between this Lien and numbers #1, #2, and #3, above?
HINT: This document exposes ALL BAR Associations as criminal (RICO) enterprises.
Why has the FBI not done anything against these racketeering and organized crime (RICO) entities?
Why have the US Marshals not performed their duty?
Are members of the BAR foreign agents?
Are they foreign agents of the Crown (Vatican)?

While we are on the subject of the Vatican:

Who are the Jesuits?
What is the Jesuit Oath?
We know about the White Pope, but who is the Black Pope?
Who is the Grey Pope?
What do these 3 Popes do?
How much do secret societies play into this?
Who are the Masons/Freemasons?
Seems that most world leaders are 33rd degree Masons?
Note: There are dozens of secret societies!
How do these secret societies play into this whole mess?

6) Do public offices even exist?
Do Judges even have a true oath of office?
Research Rod Class: What has he done?
What is a PRIVATE Attorney General?

7) What is the TRUE nature of money?
What is a fiat monetary system?
Is the Federal Reserve System even legal?
Is the Federal Reserve System even officially part of the US "government" (corporation)?
Is the Federal Reserve System a privately owned bank, owned by FOREIGN investors?
Who are these FOREIGN investors?
Do banks even really loan money?
What is the relationship between the Federal Reserve System and numbers #1 through #6, above?

8) What is the "Original 13th Amendment"?
What is TONA?
What is a "title of nobility"? Hint: An Esquire is a title of nobility.
What is an Esquire?
Why did the Founding Fathers NOT want attorneys (esquires) in public office?
What is the vast majority of Congress with respect to TONA?
How many attorneys currently hold any office around the US?
Are attorneys foreign agents of the Crown (Vatican)?

9) What is a Republic?
What is a Democracy?
Does the US currently have a Republic form of Government?

10) What is a "US citizen"?
What does it really mean to be a "US citizen"?
What is an "American non-citizen National"?
What is the difference between a "US citizen" and an "American non-citizen National"?
Does a "US citizen" have rights?
Do you really have rights?
Or, do you have privileges? Hint: privileges (like liberty) can be taken away.
What is freedom?
What is the difference between freedom and liberty?
Does an American non-citizen National have rights?
What is the relationship between this and numbers #1 through #9, above?

11) What is the MERS?
What is MERS/NB?
What agreement do they have in place with the Court system, unknown to YOU?
Is your legal name trademarked? HINT: YES! And all derivatives, too! (i.e., JOHN Q. HENRY, JOHN
QUAGMIRE HENRY, HENRY, John Q., HENRY, J.Q., etc., etc.)
How can this be even remotely lawful or legal?

12) What is the first requirement of lawful contracts?
Must all parties include FULL disclosure to each other?
Is a contract legal without full disclosure of terms?
What is an adhesion contract?
What about a contract under duress?
Are these contracts really lawful or legal?
What is the difference between lawful and legal?
Regarding elements in numbers #1 through #11 (above):
Is anything that was done lawful or legal... or was it done secretly (sedition) and therefore evil and

13) Is the US bankrupt?
How many times has the US been bankrupt? HINT: WAY more than once!
Who does the US owe (who are the creditors of this current bankruptcy)?
Are the value of every man, woman, and child serving as the value for the bankruptcy (see #4)?
If the US is bankrupt, how can it continue accumulating debt?
How can a bankrupt corporation stay in power?
How can a bankrupt corporation have dominion over Man (Woman)?

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