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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Reader: Response to Open Letter to QAnon

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Arteest

Reader: Open Letter to QAnon

Regarding your letter to Q: Everything you say is valid. The history and the follow-on questions are excellent. But let’s take a moment here to re-frame.

What became strikingly apparent in your delivery are the EXPECTATIONS and IMPATIENCE that you as an awakened one, have about those who are doing the dirty/dangerous/life threatening work of Eliminating the Dark Forces so that this planet (and you and I and all of us) can transition to a higher frequency.

You might ask yourself, how am I participating in this transition, instead of what seems to be a holier than thou attitude about not having the answers YOU think need to be addressed right Now. Have YOU put your life on the line for the planet recently? There are a lot of White Forces that have risked their well-being for you.

May I suggest that you take your impatience and seemingly ‘sitting back on the throne demanding answers’ approach and instead, with ALL good intentions, Focus on SEEING and FEELING the world as you want it to be. THAT FOCUS, whether it is a daily mediation, moments of prayer, thoughts of appreciation and gratitude, however it may show up for you, THAT FOCUS will bring about the answers to the questions that you seem to be so exasperated about NOT having right now. YOU are complicit in ALL of this, too, by choosing to be here on this planet in this lifetime. Your POSITIVE thoughts and FOCUS will help EVERYONE, including the Dark Forces, transition to a higher frequency so that LOVE can abound and the Beautiful life we are all so deserving of can manifest. Peace, my friend.

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