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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Reader: Trump vs. the Deep State "The War is on"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

This appears to be a very astute assessment. I think the conclusions are accurate. It is a very dangerous time for Trump. The longer the Trump White House and Alliance take to collapse the Deep State and Obama/Clinton machines, the more chance there is that an assassin might slip though their defenses.

In order to prevent that, some drastic actions must be taken sooner than later necessary to completely pull the rug out from under the Deep State/MIC machinery.

Perhaps that is what next week will be about, according to Q-anon. They have to keep hitting and swiftly undermining the public perception of a credible old guard Washington and boost the acknowledged reality of a criminal Deep State/MIC so that their opponent's collapse overtakes their opponent's ability to respond.

In other words, keep them on an aggressive defensive so that they have no time for offensive posturing with false flags and assassinations. In order for that to happen, the pace of exposure and takedown must become exponential.

The main reasons for false flags is to divert public attention away from arriving at a reasonable consensus in terms of the truth. Once there is a general consensus of the truth, then the MSM can no longer be used as an effective public steering mechanism.

It must be understood that the old powers that be and the new powers that be both look at public consensus in terms of what they can effectively get away with. The more people wake up, the faster the takedown can happen with the least confusion and public confrontation.

Success or failure of either side rests on public perception as much as brute force. To take down either side before public perception can acknowledge the same, will never be conclusive and could backfire.

So with every war there is the battle behind the scenes as well as the battle for the hearts and minds of public perception. The Trump Alliance now have the bigger guns but because the Deep State control the MSM, the Trump Alliance is fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

Therefore, expect to see something that truncates the MSM in such a way that no one believes them anymore. That itself is a two front war. One front is the general awareness of the public and the other front is the public confidence in the MSM.

The war for both of those fronts must be won for a peaceful cleanup. Using RT and FOX News to depart from the overall MSM unity, is extremely important. Deals must be cut behind the scenes and likely already have been months prior.

As the takedown of major MSM news anchors progresses into a crescendo, with charges of pedophile behavior being reported by RT and FOX, public perception and confidence in the MSM will fail.

All these are ducks are being lined up and ready for both shoes to drop in a time release fashion. They need rapid fire shoe dropping action necessary to defeat the Deep State/MIC's perception that they have any control. Once that happens even the hard core opposition will tend to scatter for cover.

Although that has already started to happen, the pace must be picked up quickly so that the Deep State/MIC don't have time to make their best best defense an offensive posture and plan another attack.


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