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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Regarding QAnon -- No MOAB? Expand your Thinking...

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Pat said....
"Just this week we were salivating over the promise of the MOAB by Q. This is not the first time something big was promised and nothing apparent has happened. Now, obviously, that doesn’t mean nothing happened behind the scenes, BUT, if this continues as the MO ( as it has been for months) ...then to the masses, it eventually becomes just hearsay. "

"Request Respectfully to the Alliance" by Pat - 4.28.18

See below...

Enjoy the show.


Godspeed, Patriot(s).
Stay strong.
Stay united.
BOOM week ahead.


Anonymous 04/28/18 (Sat) 08:58:45 29020b No.1222879

Veteran anon, here since day 1 of Q, redpilled since Sept 12, 2001. For those who feel there is nothing to show from all the efforts, I invite you to "expand your thinking". Let's start with the MOAB. What would be the MOAB for the bad actors? The answer is peace, unity, and understanding.

What happened in Korea? MOAB for bad actors. Those expecting to see Hwood style fireworks are thinking from the wrong perspective. What is the true MOAB for the cult? Peace. As Q recently pointed out, "Who makes arrests? FBI & DOJ? Can you make arrests w/ a crooked FBI sr team?" So for those wanting to see arrests, heretofore that would have amounted to a "catch and release" outcome because these agencies were infiltrated by bad actors at the top. See Q's post for all the FBI housecleaning.

When arrests happen, they must lead to convictions (gallows for many), and had Q Team executed arrests before housecleaning, it would have all been for nothing. The stage is now set. The houses are nearly cleaned–ready for the play to begin.

For those whom these above-mentioned things are not enough, let us remember the 16 year plan for America's destruction. We should be deep in the throws of WWIII at this point (et al.), at least that was the cult's plan. Yet, here we are on this incredible timeline where humanity has a chance to be free. Since JFK's murder, we have not had a chance, not even 0.0001%. For thousands of years, we have not had a chance. Now, we have more than a chance. Toughen up, stop whining, and appreciate that you have a front-row seat and a part to play in the greatest awakening the world has ever known.

What Q Team has done so far is nothing short of remarkable, a miracle actually. Expand your thinking, this has only been the setting of the stage. For those complaining of redundancy in Q's request to re:read drops, make the map, make proofs, etc, you must realize that our reach is massive at this point. This is what we wanted. This is how we wake people up. Every day there are throngs of new people joining us–curious minds here to see what it's all about (and of course the increase of bad actors watching and shills). Q must speak to/on many different levels of awareness and understanding (without giving moves to the enemy) if we are to know a time where the world is united.

For those seeking recognition, that is not the name of this game. Freedom, peace, restoration of humanity, and deliverance from evil–these are the objectives. For those that have lost friends, jobs, family bonds, etc. for trying to help them see, that is their loss. They are the ones who are blind, not you. Anons are not victims, we are victors and we are helpers. In a few months, all the clowns that have mocked Trump, that call him a disaster, that call him a racist, a bigot, a fool, they will be the ones with pie all over their faces. They will in turn be recipients of the same labels they have hurled with impunity–only this time the labels will be true.

We've all lived as slaves for all of our lives, and in less than a year, we are almost free. These past months have only been the overture. The play hasn't even really begun. Take your seats, please. The show is about to begin.

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