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Reminder: Is the Galactic Federation of Light Fake?

Old article posted as a reminder to recent developments. - OD

Is the Galactic Federation of Light Fake?

JULY 10, 2012

Source: Choose Peace Now | By SARYON

That is what one of my subscribers on YouTube recently asked. I thought I would share my response to the question below pertaining to the “Final Exam” video.

“To your knowledge is The Galactic Federation of Light fake? Are they the bad aliens? Their videos are everywhere in YouTube. Can you share more information?”


I actually watched the whole video and found it quite fascinating. First of all, after all my years of traveling out-of-body, channeling, experiencing and even facilitating ET contact, I feel I have become somewhat of an expert in this area. Having developed many associations with various friends and guides who are part of the advanced ET groups visiting Earth, and also having experienced many levels of interference from ETs that I learned to protect myself from, I have experienced the full spectrum of what we are dealing with.

I have also witnessed some of the darkest and most devious forms of the ET presence undergo radical transformation through their participation in the karmic planes of Earth, so I don’t view fear-based ETs as a threat but, rather, a reflection of ourselves that we have drawn to us for a process of mutual healing and resolution. I also recognize that we must also be very careful and vigilant about maintaining boundaries with the ET’s showing up, even seemly positive ones, because even so-called benevolent ETs can have agendas that do not serve the highest good. They are all learning, just as we are, from the Creator’s plan.

Perhaps the most important point I can make about the question being asked is that there are many people using this term “Galactic Federation of Light”, and they are NOT all talking about the same thing. Likewise, there are many ET groups representing themselves as being associated with Light, and that is not necessarily true of all of them.

Personally, I have never heard my associates within the Pleiadian, Arcturian or Sirian ET groups refer to themselves as a Galactic Federation of Light. I have to wonder if this is a term that weinvented for that segment of the Galactic Community that is working in support of the lightworkers on the planet. The concept of a Galactic Federation, as seeded through Star Trek was, in fact, an inspired concept that came from humanity’s future, though this is rapidly becoming our NOW. It is not an inaccurate description of the light-bearing ETs who work together in support of humanity and the Earth, it is just that the associations between the vast and diverse aspects of the Galactic Community are so complex that I would personally not use such a blanket term to describe them.

People like to think in black and white terms, i.e. the Federations of Light and the Dark Forces. It is just not that simple, especially when you realize that: “We are all these beings. They are all us!”

There are many star groups who work with Light, are associated with Light, and come to us as light-bearing; however, they have often been misrepresented by our human filters. Ideas get promoted that we are going to be rescued by the Galactic Community, or evacuated from the Earth, and all sorts of egoic concepts about “First Contact” spread around the Internet saying that this is coming as “News” directly from the Galactic Federation. Some of this is distortion from interfering ETs, and some of it is coming straight from the human ego. The Internet is full of misinformation, disinformation, and human perspectives being passed off as coming from ET guides. Just about any person having seen a light in the sky could easily start thinking that they are the chosen one, here to bring some ET message to the world. We must be very discerning.

My own discernment regarding contact on a wider scale is that there is an effort by less-than-light/interfering ET groups to promote mass contact as “The Big Event” that human history is leading up to, and this is a distortion. It is a form of distraction. The Big Event is the arrival of the New Christ Consciousness, and the crossing of the Earth and the Whole Solar System into a new region of space/time that will facilitate the beginning of our return path to Source; from planetary, to galactic, to universal ascension.

THE BIG EVENT is our reconnection with Source and the lifting of many veils of illusion, but there are interfering ETs that want us to think that contact is the big event so we will be distracted from the truth and will remain waiting for the arrival of something that is outside of ourselves. The Lying ETs want us to be mesmerized by outer displays of lights in the sky, but our true friends are waiting for us to become a more conscious species before introducing themselves on a larger scale. They are waiting for us to become more like equals in our consciousness so that we don’t disempower ourselves, wanting to be rescued.

I am quite certain that some of the people presenting channeled messages from the “Galactic Federation of Light” are really just sharing their own perspectives and labeling it as coming from a higher source so people will give it more attention. There is a lot of this going around. I just talked with a client recently about discernment and confirmed for her that she was correct about her assessment of a person she had met who claimed to be channeling Saint Germain. She had observed a channeling and didn’t have a good feeling that it was really Saint Germain. Not only was she right, but Saint Germain had been in the room with her, confirming that it was not him.

Another point: if there are ET groups that are true light-bearing energies who speak of themselves as being part of a Galactic Federation of Light, there are certainly dark forces that have co-opted that branding so as to deceive us. I was once contacted by a fleet of ships that I could describe as a Galactic Federation of Light and yet I also experienced contact with several groups of less than light energies that attempted to interfere with the downloads I was receiving, piggybacking their own spin on the information and attempting to distract me to get my channel to align with theirplans and agendas instead. It was a HUGE test of discernment that involve a series of contacts that were happening within my channel for three days back in 1995.

Through this experience I was shown just how the less-than-light energies operate, trying to interfere with a soul directed contact process so as to distract people who are opening as channels with ideas of mass contacts and being made an ambassador of the ETs in the New World Order. We are just on the verge of awakening to the GOD connection from within, so be weary of any ET messages that promote the idea that we will evolve more quickly with the influence of an ET consciousness in our channels.

This test of discernment came about because I had asked the Master Jesus about the difference between the various groups that were visiting Earth and the dangers that awaited humanity as we open to contact. His response was to lift the veils for me to begin experiencing the future of galactic contact, and all sorts of contacts flooded in, some good, and some competing for my attention. After grounding from this experience, I felt I had been given a crash course in discernment and that process of honing my discernment had continued on a very accelerated course ever since.

Are there reptilians? YES. Are some of them trying to interfere? YES. Are there ETs working covertly with our government? YES, and it is not a good thing, but do not be distracted by fear of what is being planned. Think about the fact that the parts of our government that are in direct contact with ETs who do not have our highest good in mind are also being tested, just like us. They are here to learn discernment and we should hold that they WILL learn discernment in the process. If they were not doing what they are doing, they would not be providing the rest of us with the tests we are going through. There is nothing to fear. All of the civilizations that have been draw to the Earth have been drawn here for a reason. It is all by design, and there is a divine plan at work that has fully taken into account what all of these ET groups are up to.

I should also point out that as far as Reptilians go there are also enlightened and highly evolved reptilians who are partnering with us in the ascension process. The interfering Reptilians want you to think that all Reptilians are bad so we will not align with their own more enlightened future selves who have already graduated from duality. We are pulling in contacts from many different time references of the same civilizations, like the Pleiadians and the Reptilians. So you see how complex and multidimensional this situation is. People who think they are doing us all a favor by warning the world of evil Reptilians are actually serving the plan of the interfering Reptilians.

If you are ever confused about the nature of some ET group, go to their higher selves. Every group has other levels that are more aligned with the Divine Plan, and it is up to us to align with the Christed level of all beings.

I don’t feel there is anything in the video I watched that tells me that this person didn’t have some awesome experiences. It does not feel made up, but even people having such far out experiences have filters. It feels a little exaggerated in certain ways, but there is truth as well, and I am happy to see someone fearlessly talking about such experiences and providing the best warning they can from their own discernment. Mostly, I feel there are complexities to the discernment we are developing that are not addressed, and this video presentation feels a little too simple in how it describes things. There is more to the story, but don’t forget that this awakening is about aligning with GOD, not figuring out which ET group to align with. And the best way to align with the most positive ETs is to align with GOD.

So to answer the questions more directly:

Q: “To your knowledge is The Galactic Federation of Light fake?”

A: If the Galactic Federation of Light refers to ETs like the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and many others of a similar vibration the answer is NO. It is not fake. But the the person who made this video may be right about Reptilians/greys and others posing as GFOL. I personally do not resonate with using the “Galactic Federation of Light” term to describe any group or association of groups, precisely because of the confusion my subscriber was experiencing around this. I prefer to talk about the nature of specific groups like the Reptilians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, ect., and to leave this GFOL terminology out of it.

Q: “Are they the bad aliens?”

A: I also prefer not to project ideas of good and evil onto the galactic presence we are interfacing with. There are many different agendas represented by the ETs visiting us, and it is all a reflection of ourselves. We are all part of a single galactic spectrum of consciousness.

Again, if this is a question about whether the Arcturians or Pleiadians, for example, whom people say are part of the Galactic Federation of Light, are bad, I would say definitely not. I have worked with the Pleiadians for a long time, been aboard their ships in the out-of-body state, and received a lot of valuable teachings from them. Barbara Marciniak’s book, Bringers of the Dawn, helped awaken me. And I could not more highly recommend working with the Arcturians.

(Note: Many of Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian teachings are represented on YouTube as coming from the Galactic Federation of Light, definitely not the same fake GFOL the “Final Exam” video talks about, and yet Marciniak’s Pleiadians do not introduce themselves as GFOL. They just say they are Pleiadians Plus.)

The key is just to listen to the information being presented and feel if it resonates with truth or not, and we can always ask for clarity from the angelic realms. I wish some people would be as interested in angels as they are in ETs.

As with all forms of ET consciousness, we must view them as aspects of ourselves and seek to assess what we are drawing to ourselves as a reflection. We attract the reflection of our resonance. That is universal law. So if we want to change the kind of contact we are having, we must change our resonance. Don’t blame the bad on the ET presence before looking within at what kind of energy we are putting out. There are some ETs that would love to take over management of our world because of the way we are ruining the planet. Does that make them bad? NO, but that does not mean that such an intention would be in the highest good either.

GOD has a plan to awaken humanity to our divinely appointed role as stewards of this world, and GOD wants us to get it right. In my opinion, people should focus less on seeking contact with ETs and more on seeking telepathic contact with the animals and Mother Gaia. Talk with the whales and the dolphins, or your own pets. They can teach you as much about the universe and our human potential as any ET. And always remember that a true ET guide would never seek to distract you from the process of discovering GOD within.

We are a civilization of GOD-realized beings in the making.

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