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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Syria Girl Gives Truth Bomb -- It’s All Fake!

Syria Truth Bomb – It’s All Fake!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 18:01

Source: Before Its News

US Rebels Did Gas Attack – Syria Girl from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

If I wake up in a nuclear crater tomorrow because Donald Trump started WW3 with Russia over Syria, I’ll be off the Trump train! We need to pray for God to give Trump wisdom and guidance to stop this madness! Trump was 100% correct to say we need to get out of Syria. Let’s get the heck out NOW! Why fall for the neocon trap now? So Daddy Bush can make money with oil pipeline? We risk World War 3 with Russia so some elite scum can make a buck!

Syria girl drops massive truth bombs about the evil Syrian rebels we fund and support! They used civilians as human shields and these are the ones who were supposedly gassed! She shows footage of a staged chemical attack with them pouring water on perfectly health children!

I’m so SICK all the scum in DC clamoring to go to war! Let them all grab a rifle and drop them off in the war zones in Syria and see if they’re still excited about it! Neocon scum always have to get a war started and it’s always by lies. Of course it’s not just the neocons, almost every single democrat is for this insanity too! They love war too! We don’t even have the right to be in Syria! We weren’t invited! We just started building an airbase when Assad told us to get out!

Tucker Carlson is absolutely shredding truth on how insane this entire Syria thing has become! He’s about the only sane one it seems on the fake news. So we take out Assad who protects Christians and kills ISIS and put in who? How did that work out in Libya? Is doing an aircraft or missile attack on Syria airbases where Russians are stationed that could well start world war III worth it? Is this a smart move for Trump to even consider? Last time we shot cruise missiles into Syria most of them were shot down! Our cruise missiles are total junk designed in the 70s. The Russians make the best missiles in the world. This will only end badly and gets us absolutely nothing good. We haven’t been in a just war since World War II!

If you agree with me, share this article and video. Pray for this evil false flag to be exposed and for war to be stopped!

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