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Monday, April 30, 2018

The Cabal's Last Stand -- QAnon, Ben Fulford, Trump, US Military, RV, and More

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Ben Fulford's latest article summarizes the current status of the cabal - they are making their last stand in the Middle East..."Big Showdown Expected" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 4.30.18.

This information is backed by Q Anon's photos of US military personnel 'training' in the Middle East along side coalition forces. Remember Q's words from post number 1303, below one of those photos:

'Assets in place'. Q

That is not the language of a military training exercise. That is the language of a major coalition battle to finally destroy the cabal. The cabal's last stand in the Middle East means they are now completely cornered - the Middle East is their main vortex/portal for entering the Earth plane.

Check out the 'balcony scene' photo in Ben Fulford's article. Pentagon caption: "While Macron displays the satanic hand signs, Melania Trump on April 24th sends a signal to the Rothschilds that White Hats are in control". Could Melania's hat BE any bigger?!

The balcony photo is a wonderful illustration of the complete control the Alliance has over the cabal. Maybe we should all be wearing huge white hats like Melania's and send a message to the world.

Please keep in mind Trump/Q Anon's Victory Parade on 11th November. Many Q Anon followers believe it will involve military personnel and civilian visitors from ALL OVER THE WORLD. It will be the biggest victory parade ever seen on Earth, and maybe in this entire GALAXY. Trillions of our galactic friends will be watching on, and who knows...

...maybe they might even make a guest appearance. Oh, please make a guest appearance!

Patrick is absolutely right: 'All predicted/rumored/leaked RV dates in the past were real'. I agree. It could have happened at any time up until now. But - it will DEFINITELY happen well before the 11th of November. The magic 11:11 is a rock solid back wall date.

Trust it. Trust the Alliance. All is well.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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