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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Anna Von Reitz -- And Here, at Last, is "The" Real Problem

Thursday, May 3, 2018

And Here, At Last, Is "The" Real Problem

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

A bunch of renegade criminals trying to escape the consequences of their own acts, have proposed to call themselves by various names --- "Committee of 300", "British Marshall Plan Committee", "Committee of Rome", "Trilateral Commission", "Council on Foreign Relations" and "United Nations (Inc.)" ---- all acting without any public office, oath, or authority -- have acted in collusion with the guilty Central Banks to seize upon the Special Deposit Assets of Depositors from around the world, and pretend that it all magically belongs to one man that they control.

I personally know at least two dozen Trustees of Historic Trusts --- family trusts, treaty trusts, and business trusts -- whose assets have been illegally seized by these bankers and handed off as "abandoned funds" to these tricksters. If the banks are dishonest, so are the governments, and if the governments are reduced to be being crime syndicates, we all suffer worldwide regardless of what other accommodations are made --- because fraud and criminality can only result in more fraud and criminality.

By outright theft of these Historic Trust assets the perpetrators hope to build a world which they control and they promise all sorts of wonders, but can anything truly good result from theft and bypassing legitimate trustees in favor of "a" Trustee chosen by crooks?

I don't think so.

The open and honest discussions with the actual Trustees have not occurred. Instead, the bankers have arbitrarily given away what was not theirs to give and have amassed this huge "slush" pile of stolen assets, which they now propose to rule over via the instrumentality of "La Hacienda" and all the high-sounding la-dee-dah found here:



Head Office: P.O.BOX 3134, Newyork, N.Y 10185
Rockefeller Center 620,
5th Avenue ,
St Corner New york, N.Y. 10020 USA

Contact No.: +1 9293307623
Skype: tvm-lsm-666

Philippine Address: P.O.BOX no. 300 Philippine Postal Corporation,
Central Post Office Manila, Philippines, Tel. No.: (02) 6979-130

And please remember that all the money and all the assets--- all of it--- that funded "The Marshall Plan" came from Americans and was never repaid to us. It was -- to the extent that it was ever repaid -- repaid to the Territorial United States.

As I said a couple days ago, all the bankers responsible for this need to go to jail --- sooner not later, along with all the bad actors who colluded with them to create this absurd, criminal plot.


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