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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Anna Von Reitz -- Missing Tax Money? Not Really

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Missing Tax Money? Not Really

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

This morning a friend forwarded links to these two videos to me--- (below) in hopes they would more succinctly enlighten my Readers about the "missing" National Credit we are owed. (He says my articles are too long. Sorry.)

Unfortunately, though these links provide some discussion of the fact that $21 T in National Credit is AWOL, they assume that it is "tax money" that is missing, and that is not at all true.

We know precisely where all the "tax money" went --- to the Bank of England and to the Queen and to the British Crown --- and most of it under conditions of fraud, too.

No, the $21T in "National Credit" that is missing is from a different source. It's credit that the American States and People are owed that was never credited back to them when they exchanged actual goods and services for I.O.U.'s from the same louses that were taxing us under false pretenses.

What they did was set up a double accrual bookkeeping system -- popularly known as "keeping two sets of books". This allowed them to create multiple accounts under your name, each one presumed to be acting in different capacities. For example --- your given name in the form: JOHN MARK DOE functioned in the capacity of a constructive ESTATE trust. JOHN M. DOE functioned in the capacity of a public transmitting utility. JOHN DOE was a public charitable trust franchise of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up in the wake of the bogus "Civil War" for the benefit of displaced plantation slaves.

So, your credit for labor and goods delivered and interest owed to you for investment of your assets was credited to your NAME --- JOHN MARK DOE --but you were told nothing about this cozy arrangement. Literally billions of ESCROW account transactions took place at cash registers and banks day after day crediting JOHN MARK DOE.

But since you didn't know that you had an ESCROW account to collect upon, you just left all those assets sitting there unclaimed. Then the central banks responsible for this fraud came along and said, "Oh, my! Look at this escrow account just sitting here! It hasn't been touched in ten years..... the owners must be dead and these funds are (most likely) abandoned...."

So they claimed all the credit owed to you for your actual labor and goods delivered as "abandoned funds" and used your assets for their own benefit.

All this was in addition to any "tax money" that the Queen and British Crown received under false pretenses from people who weren't actually "volunteer" Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marine Service.

The same kind of fraud scheme has been played with mortgages.

Your understanding --- deliberately encouraged by the fraudsters who advertised "Home Loans" -- was that you were acting in your natural capacity as a living man or woman, getting a loan from the bank to build or buy a home.

In fact, you, the living man or woman, were being solicited by the bank to loan them your assets --- your labor, your land titles, your home --- and in purportedly "equitable exchange" --- they paid themselves back for mortgages owed by the "STATE OF IOWA" for example.

You thought it was a loan to you from the bank, but in fact the deceitful bank was making a loan to JOHN MARK DOE, a franchise of the STATE OF IOWA, and you were presumed to be "volunteering" to pay off a mortgage owed by the STATE OF IOWA which was acting in behalf of the presumed equitable title-holder to your ESTATE, the State of Iowa.

You were "presumed" to be making a "gift" of your labor and goods to pay off the debts owed by these corporate government franchises.

So, when you faithfully made "your" mortgage payments you paid off the debts of the STATE OF IOWA and its franchise JOHN MARK DOE. This interpretation of the "loan agreement" was confirmed when you failed to collect the ESCROW account and apparently abandoned it in favor of the "State of Iowa".

Read that --- at the end of the day, after paying off a mortgage for thirty years--- you still owned nothing. All you had done is pay off part of the debts that these shyster organizations had run up against your labor and land and other assets.

What this also means is that you are owed a shitload of credit and also a blivet and a half of actual assets--- land, gold, whatever-the-rats-have-got.

No wonder the Directors at the Bank of England circle their desks and hide.

Our point to you all is that our entire country has been swindled by these thieves for 150 years, and most of the rest of the world has been, too, for varying lengths of time. And, naturally, the corporations these same banks formed to "provide government services" have naturally turned a blind eye to all this deceit, fraud, self-interest, and crime.

The banks and the bankers are the ones who owe the entire World Debt which is fabulously beyond any ability that they have to pay back. If valued at current standards, there aren't enough assets on this planet to pay back what they already owe to all of us. So what to do?

We collect back what we can and then we "reset" to zero--- forgive all the debts, which regenerates an equal amount of credit--- but we do not allow these fraud artists to control that credit or continue on with business as usual.

We require the replacement of all the Boards of Directors of all these banks caught indulging in this "System" of things, we replace all the Banking Commissioners responsible, too, and we replace all the SEC Directors, IRS Commissioners, and others who have contributed to this gross Breach of Trust and criminality.

None of them have any cause to complain. After what they have pulled, they should be happy to escape with their lives and an elderly Volkswagen.

We make a clean sweep of it and start over. And that does not mean that we play another round of the same old fraud. That means that we wise up and decentralize everything under a completely new and hack-proof banking and internet system, where everyone on this planet has their own inviolable private identity and account.

As pay back, we issue every man, woman, and child a "Basic Living Stipend" paid into their account every month, sufficient to pay for food, water, housing, utilities, clothing and other basics of life. We also issue an investment account equal to half the Basic Living Stipend which people can invest throughout their lifetimes and collect upon retirement.

We also insure everyone against losses, provide Medical Care Accounts to pay for all non-elective medical procedures, tests, and therapies, and free tuition at all public Universities.

Nobody on this planet is going to suffer any more once this process is done. No more wars for profit. No more starving children. No more industrial pollution. No more freezing elderly. None of it.

Here's what Max Keiser is discussing, and even if he's got it wrong, at least he's talking about what's going on and your "missing" credit.

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