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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Chemtrail Lung Confirmed by Allopathic Doctor

“Chemtrail Lung” Confirmed by Allopathic Doctor; The Smear Campaign [video]

MAY 30, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Chemtrails early morning over Palm Springs, California January 2017 – my personal photo – I was there

After watching Max Igan’s video, “Systems of Control”, wherein he expressed his dismay with the lack of coverage of Dr. Enrico Melson’s brave revelations of the existence of a mysterious modern affliction known as “chemtrail lung”, I wanted to do my part to share this story.

I must admit I recall seeing the headline about “chemtrail lung” but there are so many distractions from all directions and that plane was flying under my radar, apparently. I had heard of “chemtrail flu” before, and “chemtrail cough”, and have heard of many disgusting elements to the aerosols sprayed on us globally. It’s truly a miracle we’re still alive, in my opinion.

Following is what we need to know about a not so surprising offshoot of the incessant spraying of our skies for as yet unknown purposes.

Dr. Enrico Melson and activist Rachel Reenstra ( risked their reputations to bring us this information and they were, unfortunately, not only marginalized, but ridiculed, and worse.

You no doubt know what happens when a threat to the New World Order emerges. There are now 89 documented suspicious deaths of holistic/naturopathic doctors in North America.

This is a little different, however. This doctor is an allopathic doctor. That’s almost unheard of for an establishment doctor to speak out against the beast, and he didn’t get off scot-free.

He was dragged through the mud like Dr. Andrew Wakefield when he revealed his research and the link between vaccines and autism. Both doctors are, thankfully, still alive, but if you look, you will see hit pieces and videos about Dr. Melson and Rachel.

As Max Igan stated in his video, these ruthless attacks will deter other health practitioners from coming forward with anything they know about “chemtrail lung” or any other “conspiracy”, and that is the whole point.

This story was also featured by Natural News, The SGT Report, Health Nut News, Richie from Boston channel and other websites and blogs. Interestingly enough, RFB, who said Rachel was a long-time friend of his, removed the video, as referenced by Rachel in her new video below at her own YouTube channel.

In all fairness to Richie, he has been a little spooked lately due to suspicious, clandestine activities outside his home, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

Below the first video is Rachel’s followup video uploaded today, May 30 to her channel, with Dr. Melson’s commentary on the current situation on our planet. This commentary is inspirational and Dr. Melson is WOKE.

If you have not yet listened to Rachel and Dr. Melson, you would benefit from doing so. ~ BP

Don’t miss this response from Dr. Melson. If only all doctors could follow in his footsteps. One day… they will.

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