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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dauntless Dialogue: Toxic Masculinity, Privilege, and Rape Culture

Toxic Masculinity, Privilege, and Rape Culture

April 30, 2018

Source: Dauntless Dialogue | By Adam Riva

According to George Orwell, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

We are often inculcated with false platitudes that serve to destroy, rather than create – to kill rather than heal.

A prevailing narrative on university campuses is the idea of toxic masculinity. This toxicity is not attributed to beta males, male feminists, patriarchal Muslims, or absent fathers who abandon their families.

Instead, it is often attributed to ordinary men who are career driven, assertive, proud of their heritage, strong father figures, and patriots willing to protect borders, Constitutional liberties, and the division of labor via gender roles.

We do not have an excess of masculinity in the West – we have a deficiency of it.

Sexual Predation in Hollywood & the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

In 2017, the world watched as a lascivious giant toppled under the weight of his own lust for power, women, and power over women. For decades, Harvey Weinstein sat decadently atop the hierarchy of Hollywood, a toxic cesspool of bacchanalian self-indulgence.

Weinstein is perhaps the most recent manifestation of the Jimmy Savile archetype. Savile was exposed posthumously for sexually abusing at least 500 children for over 40 years, in addition to fornicating with dead bodies and attending Satanic rituals. Since the movie mogul fell and broke the ice, more than 100 highly powerful men in Hollywood have been alleged in sexual misconduct cases, in what may or may not be a runaway train referred to as the “Me Too” movement. Witch hunt or not, a trial by jury is largely irrelevant as the accused are often burned at the stake socially and financially for their accusations.

Hollywood is not representative of American culture, which no matter what the mainstream rags assert, is statistically not a “rape culture” when you cut through the propaganda. Rape is not widely accepted and applauded in America and its criminal justice system prosecutes whenever evidence proves beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Let’s examine some of the distinct attributes that differentiate Hollywood from ordinary Americans’ lives.

Hollywood is a subculture that self-identifies with “privilege.” This is demonstrated by privileged lifestyles, access, purchases, and experiences, all emboldened by exclusivity in clubs, parties, awards ceremonies, etc.

Hollywood also holds different values from ordinary Americans. For instance, divorce rates are statistically many times higher than average Americans.

According to International Business Times,

“An article based on interviews of divorce lawyers reveals that the most common factors for celebrity divorces are that one of the couple moves up or trades up in movie biz parlance, addiction of some kind, waning of stardom, public infidelity and narcissism.”

Another sign that Hollywood holds different values from ordinary Americans is the ways in which they vote, the ideologies they champion, or the way they are out of touch with the vast majority of Americans who have no interest in their politics and would rather just hear them sing or watch them act.

Hip hop has become the most listened to genre in the United States. Although it is driven by misogynistic and profane lyrics, promiscuity, wealth, excess, and immodesty, this musical style is given the pass by neofeminists and social justice warriors who instead lay all blame at the feet of a president who has only been in office for just over a year. Perhaps this is due to hip hop’s array of minorities that dominate the genre. Perhaps not.

Harvey Weinstein Compared to Donald Trump

This hegemonic subculture within the Hollywood hills is vehemently maligned against President Donald Trump and has done everything in its power to ridicule him and undermine his presidency.

From lampooning him on SNL, to incendiary PSA commercials, to Kathy Griffen filming a horrific ISIS-style decapitation of the President that actually freaked out the president’s son, Baron Trump. The examples are endless.

If Donald Trump truly was the monstrous dictator they make him out to be, they would remain silent on the matter like they did with Harvey Weinstein. Think about it. No one dares criticize Kim Jong Un in North Korea for fear of death or worse.

Truly grotesque abuse of power was epitomized by Weinstein, and predictably, no one said anything for three decades. Why? Because there were serious repercussions for anyone who did. It has now come to the light that Weinstein possessed a hit list containing the names of nearly 100 people.

Donald Trump, long before he was ever running for political office, cracked an inappropriate joke about grabbing a woman by the crotch, and this is somehow comparable to Harvey Weinstein actually physically preying upon aspiring actresses.

There’s one major difference between the radio silences of these two incidents. The media sat on the Trump tapes before releasing them at an opportune moment in an attempt to thwart his candidacy’s momentum.

In the case of Weinstein, no one said anything and no one planned on saying anything because they were genuinely afraid of the repercussions to their careers or reputations

Hollywood including the entertainment industry as a whole along with other big cities are dominated by the political Left and are characterized by collectivist principles

Psychological Factors for Slave/Master Relationships

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote prolifically on what he called the master-slave morality.

I have boiled this situation down into two categories of psychological propensities which are both rooted in biology. The first is hereditary genetics and the second is reproductive strategies.

Let’s first look at the hereditary reasons.

Power appeals to men’s hereditary lust for dominance, so it attracts the most aggressive types. This is why testosterone plays a significant role in the male/female disparity between occupations selected and wages earned. Social justice warriors would rather that you chalk all of this up to social conditioning or toxic masculinity.

But why does power generally appeal to men more? Simple. The men who are alive today have received hand-me-down DNA from Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Vlad the Impaler, and other conquerors of ancient times. I’m not being facetious. One in 200 men alive today can trace their ancestry back to Genghis Khan alone. This brutal takeover of neighboring tribes by warlords and their armies is not to be dismissed as a tragedy that occurred a handful of times. This happened for 50,000 years or more, depending on which anthropologist you listen to.

Generally speaking, men have an affinity for dominance whereas women have an affinity for subjugation. Look no further than the 50 Shades of Grey anomaly.

It’s true. Some women have a desire to be dominated. This was further evidenced when Pornhub published its users’ keyword searches which revealed that a large percentage of women have rape fantasies and fetishes for rough and brutal sex.

Without justifying any of the heinous behavior of Harvey Weinstein or any of the hundreds of men accused of sexual predation in Hollywood, let’s try our best to understand how this situation arose.

In women, willful subjugation exists for the same reasons that men crave dominance. The women who are alive today have received hand-me-down DNA from the women who did not resist brutal takeovers by warlords of antiquity.

This isn’t rocket science. Power appeals to men’s dominance so it attracts the most assertive and aggressive types. Glamour appeals to women’s vanity so it attracts women who prioritize the attention, approval, and lust of others.

As far as the second reason I alluded to earlier regarding reproductive strategies, evolution in humans has ordained that men provide resources and security for the women who provide fertility. This can be seen across the animal kingdom. The woman effectively trades sexual access for the resources that the man can provide so that the woman can take the necessary time to gestate, birth, and raise the offspring.

This dichotomy in reproductive strategies fosters a greater propensity in men for resource acquisition whereas it fosters a greater propensity in women for beautification.

These are of course amoral tendencies that many people are quick to prescribe negative values to. There is nothing wrong with resource acquisition or beautification. In fact, these two traits are the very drivers of civilization as men build and women beautify, resulting in a progressive balance and a true display of the healthy kind of codependency.

Transactional Sex/Value-Based Sex

To the Left, sex is transactional. In this regard, sex is no longer about procreation, commitment, starting a family, fostering a spiritual bond, etc.

The Left has the strongest advocates for abortion (women’s rights), they shelter and outright incentivize childbirth out of wedlock through the welfare state, subsidizing women who don’t have a husband as a bread-earner, and encouraging women to have sex whenever with whoever they are attracted to superficially rather than vetting the character of a sexual partner as a potential life partner.

The Right generally sees sex as sacred. It is a covenant before God and it shouldn’t happen before marriage. It is intended to convey love and admiration and to bring children into existence.

Hollywood’s casting couch has a long history of transactional sex in which sexual favors are traded for status, film roles, money, etc. Sure, it’s not necessarily the most sacred interaction, but is it not consensual?

Neofeminists wish to abolish all traditional gender roles. Neofeminists have told men that their job is not to protect women because women can take care of themselves. Then, the moment something like the Harvey Weinstein Scandal happens, women complain that men should have rushed in to save the day.

Neofeminists complain about the objectification and hyper-sexualization of the female body. Is this actual oppression, or do women have a hand in this? After all, women work for these magazines, photographers, tv shows, movies, and modeling agencies. They willingly seek out these companies and submit themselves for photographs, porn, articles, gossip, makeup, you name it.

Ironically, feminists’ bodies are not as sexually desired by men as conservative women are, according to a recent study.

According to,

“Hot people are more likely to support right-wing parties because they are stronger and more successful than their more liberal peers, apparently.

That’s according to a study carried out by Rolfe Daus Peterson, a political scholar from Susquehanna University and Carl Palmar, assistant professor in politics at Illinois State University.

The researchers claim that never before has the effects of physical attractiveness on politics been examined on this level and that there is “good reason to believe that individuals’ physical attractiveness may alter their political values and worldviews”.

They said that their findings prove attractive people tend to lean towards the right because they have better social skills and are more popular, competent and intelligent due to the “halo effect” – an idea that bias and stereotypes influence the way people judge others.”

Left/Right Dichotomy

Cities are typified by collectivism. Ergo, cities lean to Left politically and are generally the first to strip individual freedoms. Rural areas are typified by individualism. Ergo, rural America leans to the Right politically and are generally the first to defend individual freedoms.

“The smallest minority on Earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” – Ayn Rand

You could even make an argument that celebrities are the gods of the Left whereas the religious deities of Judeo-Christian religions are the gods of the Right. The virtues exemplified by these disparate gods are opposites in many ways.

For instance, the gods of the celebrity pantheon are materialistic, vain, gluttonous, narcissistic, unfaithful, and selfish. The Judeo-Christian god Jesus Christ or Yahweh is humble, modest, sacrificial, honest, faithful, and selfless.

R/K Selection Theory Has the Nation Divided

Trump and the conservative Right seek to exercise austerity, restraint, accountability, the deferral of gratification, and K-selected measures. They possess an internal locus of control, meaning they determine that they have a high degree of control over their environment and the course of their lives.

To the hedonistic Hollywood narcissists, restraint is perceived as genetic death because r-selected individuals are characterized by instant gratification, promiscuity, hypergamy, and an external locus of control, meaning they determine they have a low degree of control over their environment and the course of their lives.

R-selected species have no in-group preference so the second Harvey Weinstein was exposed, an avalanche of accusations began, the same way a rabbit will abandon another rabbit being eaten by a wolf. Not only is there no incentive for the rabbit to help the other rabbit being eaten by the wolf, there is a negative incentive which causes it to abandon the other rabbit.

Some r-selected species will even abandon or eat their own offspring. Thanks to actors like Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman and documentaries like An Open Secret, we know that systemic pedophilia is Hollywood biggest problem. This abuse of the young is r-selected behavior.

Another example of the lack of in-group preferences seen in r-selected people is how many women had actually encouraged other women to audition with Weinstein after they themselves were abused and mistreated.

On the other hand, conservatives rank high in conscientiousness. This helps to explain their desire to safeguard society against radical ideas perceived as threats. Liberals rank high in openness which helps to explain Hollywood’s openness to all things taboo.

Although multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance are preached by leftists, the Left is no longer about openness and tolerance. It is an exclusive club where straight white conservative men are castigated and blamed for all things evil.

This is all despite the fact that “gender is a social construct” and we are told not to berate someone based on the way they were born.

Toxic masculinity is characterized by cowardice, helplessness, kowtowing, unreliability, and unaccountability.

Who is Raising Men in our Culture?

From the time a child is born, he is virtually exclusively in the care of women until he reaches higher education. Over 90% of mom’s stay at home while their partner has a career. Over 90% of daycare workers are women. Over 90% of elementary school teachers are women. More than half of high school teachers are women. Finally, if the child is lucky, by the time he reaches university he may have a balanced amount of male and female instructors. However, this is well past the formative years of neurodevelopment and personality development.

For some reason, neofeminism wants to place the blame solely on men.

As a direct result of neofeminism coupled with female driven political policies and the destruction of religious ethics, we are seeing an erosion of family values. Shortly after countries give women the right to vote, welfare states invariably arise. Welfare states incentive childbirth out of wedlock resulting in fewer father figures and less familial stability. Moreover, women have fewer consequences for choosing bad men to father their children.

True “female empowerment” is the restoration of choice, not affirmative action or identity politics which historically has never worked. True fairness is about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

Egalitarianism is the Endgame

Throughout history, pendulums of power more often than not swing too far in either direction as the marginalized groups that aim for equality overcompensate with their diligence and create disparity of the opposite extreme.

Currently, many of within the pussyhat collectives are calling for the “rise of the matriarchy.” Matriarchy is merely tyranny with breasts and a vagina.

A matriarchy and a patriarchy are two sides of the same evil. Egalitarianism should be the endgame, not subjugation of either gender.

What better way is there to divide and conquer the world’s population than to pit the sexes against each other? After all, it’s a 50/50 split. Maturity is required to examine the human race’s current predicament and heal the psychospiritual schism between the genders.

If the human race desires a society of peace and fairness, it starts by accepting the duality of the sexes, understanding that equality of opportunity does not mean equality of outcome, and that men and women have an evolutionary adaptation for healthy codependency which should be celebrated, not scorned.

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