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Sunday, May 13, 2018

ECETI: The Anatomy of the Fall

The Anatomy of the Fall

Many have asked me to cover this topic and clear up some of the fallacies present in todays spiritual and UFO community. This also bleeds into other aspects of life, politics, business and religion. Many start out on the right track yet due to events, childhood on, end up under the influence of unseen negative influences. This can also be due to past lives where they participated in the black arts, sorcery and the dark side of witchcraft upon which surface or are called upon during times of great stress. There are those who also profess these influences do not exist which unknowingly becoming an expression of these influences. This article is to address some of the pitfalls and how to avoid them. If you are feeling resistance to these works chances are there are unseen negative influences working in your fields.

The chain of events in many cases begins with childhood. Many time there are abuse patterns, physical mental or emotional. There are some cases where an event triggers a past life that opens the door to unseen negative influeces as well. Traumas that can activate past connections because of the desire to change an event, a person, or even the desire to manipulate another against their will. The core issue in most cases goes back to childhood, the need to get what you didn’t get as a child. The steps that lead to the fall in most cases go from an unhappy childhood seeking love acceptance and approval outside of self, what you did not get as a child. Then the wounded ego seeks to heal itself and understand the source of their unhappiness.

The journey begins to fill the void which can lead down many paths. After trying again and again to fill that void externally eventually one comes to the realization that no matter how many material acquisitions, women or men one engages the void is still there. No matter how famous they become in seeking external love acceptance and approval again the emptiness remains. At this point there are two choices go within and make one’s own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit and maintain and attitude of humility and service. The other choice is to continue in denial and seek more material acquisitions, notoriety, fame, after all if enough people love and accept you then you don’t have to deal with any of the past life or childhood wounds, traumas or wrong conclusions from past experiences. This is where the division occurs within self as well as an opening to unseen negative influences. The ego takes control, humility is lost, followed by the spiritual ego, eventually leading to narcisim. When you get to the narcism state in most cases people are not open to hearing anything from anyone, they are all inferior and you are the only one who knows the truth. But who’s truth is it?

Many will seek out those of like mind to validate their be lie f it is everyone else that is the problem. Like attracts like. The negative influences, the spiritual ego and the narcism will not allow you to seek out a true healer, and enlightened one for that would be the end of denial and most likely their carrear. At this point the only ones you are interested in are the ones who validate you and the separation game begins. It becomes and endless loop, yet the energy does not lie. Nor do the reoccurring patterns. Eventually one has to own the fact that their reflection is telling them something. The reoccurring patterns are there because there is something you missed, something unhealed. Now here is the kicker, the unseen negative influences depending on their adeptness are masters at manipulation. Not just you but others as well. They use your own sympathy and compassion against you. They also use spiritual half-truths that fit their agendas. The big question is how did they get in? Was it through unresolved past lives, childhood trauma, spiritual ego or the last stage which is narcism. Narcisists can fool a lot of people. They can really put on a show. They are actors of the highest caliber. They can even fool themselves. Many are adept at masking their intentions. What they cannot fool is their own souls and an enlightened one and that is why the enlightened ones are such a threat. Those who have taken the path of spiritual ego and narcism have to hold themselves superior to others. They have to find fault in those who are a threat to their denial. Those who can truly see the game, those who can see who in error these wounded healers call upon become a threat. Not just to them but the other unseen negative influences around them. Those unseen negative influences will do everything possible to maintain their hold on the people they inhabit. They will create chaos, a wide spectrum of emotions in which most affected will not even know the source. Yet this is also a part of Self Mastery which is to learn how to maintain your self-authority, heal unseen negative influences and know yourself. Knowing yourself will allow you to know which emotions are yours and which are being projected on you. Remember these unseen negative influences do have a mental and emotional body and can intrude on your mental and emotional body. A master will say not mine, set a boundary and do clearings.

Those entrapped by negative entities due to denial, spiritual ego or narcism cannot heal or counsel others until they heal themselves.

The darker forces will always be influencing the information and the energy. Also beware of flattery, you are the chosen one, superior etc. This is the separation game again and traps one in the ego.

There is a saying evil is invited. If you have an agreement or contract this life or others with malevolent or self-serving entities healings are just words. Invitation in error or knowingly according to the unseen negative influences gives them the right to stay. They will continue to support and influence the altered ego or false self.

The only way out is brutal honesty. Denial and attachment will never allow you to see beyond your desires.

What is your come from, what is the goal? We are not talking about lip service, facebook spirituality and knowing all the buzz words. We are talking about a deep soul search and a heartfelt soul desire to break all contracts and agreements with beings physical and nonphysical that are not in your highest and best good. Those that inhibit your spiritual growth. You will fool yourself, allow unseen negative influences to fool you, they will even work through others to fool you until you break free of all contracts and agreements, release the past and heal any wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. It does not mean you have to be a saint, know yourself, your own dark side, where you are vulnerable only then do you have control of your destiny. The biggest trap is the desire for fame. After all if enough people worship you and you can gather enough people to validate your lofty position you have placed yourself in you can continue filling that void with the energies of others. Guess who loves famous people? The unseen negative influences see them as a conduit to energetically feed upon others. Where do most of the famous people eventually end up? Usually it is with something else in control of their soul and it is a downward spiral. When you climb the ladder of power wealth and fame in most cases it ends up in some very dark places. Once the spiritual ego kicks in followed by narcism it is very hard to break free. Best thing to do is never go there. If you want true happiness, love, joy, bliss and tap into the ultimate power, the true wealth is and always has been an internal process.

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