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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Health CEO/Biohacker Found Dead Face Down in a Flotation Tank

Health CEO and Biohacker Found Dead in Washington DC Facedown in Flotation Tank [video]

MAY 1, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I believe this makes for the 90th health-related suspicious death. What does one say at this poin? ~ BP

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News says…

I never thought I’d be announcing yet another death in Washington DC of someone so young, within days of our last mysterious drowning death in the same city.

Just days ago, the well known Mila De Mier, another Floridian, who had gone to deliver signatures in DC, and was found dead face down in a shallow pool, just hours before she was to deliver these hundreds of thousands of signatures.

Both had been featured prominently in mainstream headline news for their work, but when they died suddenly, MSM appeared to stay hush, for the most part.

Now we have famous biohacker and CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, Aarron Traywick. He spoke publicly not only about having the potential cure for several diseases like HIV, but said next it would be cancer, and wouldn’t end there.

Aaron was found face down in Washington DC, in a flotation tank at a spa. I’ve been to alternative health flotation therapy spas many times over the years. The water is shallow (like a bathtub) and the salt content is very high, so you can float effortlessly.

A flotation tank spa owner stated publicly that even if you flipped on your stomach, you’d flip onto your back again, within seconds seconds. So this was mystifying to experts, as well as to many friends and colleagues who thought there could be foul play.

After we covered the story, it finally hit mainstream, and we’ve added the GOFUNDME in the article below.

Health CEO and Biohacker Found Dead in Washington DC Facedown in Flotation Tank

April 30, 2018

by Erin Elizabeth

Update: We appreciate that thousands trusted our story was real, though it hadn’t hit mainstream yet at all when we reported on it within a day after this tragic event. Sources at the bottom including a Go Fund Me Account for the Traywick family.

The Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. has now confirmed that biohacker and CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, Aaron Traywick, was found dead on Sunday. While not many details are known, we do know he was found in a spa in Washington, D.C., face down, doing flotation therapy in very shallow water.

He was only 28.

His friend (featured in BBC below) posts about the death here.

(“Floating” is done in a sound-proof pod, filled with salt water at body temperature. The practice, which gives the sensation of floating in empty space, is meant to promote a state of deep meditation. I’ve done it a few times, including with Dr Mercola. It was fun and easy and the tanks are usually very large. You can sit up and are very buoyant (float very easily) I didn’t feel claustrophobic AT all. Millions worldwide use floating tanks with no problems.)

Traywick, also a transhumanist (a movement seeking to evolve our species beyond its natural limits, primarily via technology) was a visionary to some because of his strong ties to biohacking; a type of scientific research that seeks to push medical technology without the use of academic, state, or corporate partners (it also tends to heavily emphasize independence and experimentation).

The video below is an example of the type of projects he worked on:

Read the rest of the article and see the video…

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