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Monday, May 14, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Evil

Creation is evil

Evil is divisive

Divisive is defensive

Defensive is reactive

Reactive is filtering

Filtering is censuring

Censuring is evil

Evil is creation

Creation is vested in the Matrix Evil so we, evil creation communicate divisiveness, until anyone experiences Nothingness deep inside Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Delight Bonding Communion, whereupon evil ‘communication motives’ are replaced with affirming Delight “Communion motives” of acceptance, without any more need to defend investment in Creation-evil censuring, and ego-control filtering defensiveness.

I think evil, merely means divisive defensive reactive filtering censuring, instead of being able to accept another’s self-disclosure with affirming delight, as if what’s said is for both at the timely time to understand “The Truth doesn’t care who says it” … like this type of focus on the meaning underlying the initial self-disclosure surface-vulnerability.

Yes, no Creation-evil person can, possibly express from NOTHINGNESS at first, so two creations need to repeat what the self-discloser expresses, until acceptance Communes for them trickling down with permission to enjoy emotional safety that, only comes from affirming delight responsiveness, with a trill of forgiveness to welcome more shared Communion-acuity Mystic-exploration together.

So, it’s a Wonder any creation can, even begin to Commune, instead of communicating divisive defensive reactive filtering censuring, because Creation-evil defines Guilt of separation investment suffering in no emotional safety as the, very Illusion away from Nothingness, in Karmic lifetimes dissonance dystopia, compared to Delight Bonding Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Communion utopia-acceptance.

Ok OK Ok I can begin to see that anyone can accidentally say the truth of NOTHINGNESS, right out in the open, and watch Creation-evil devotees wriggle around in a sort of defensive misunderstanding Communion-fracture …

Yes, it’s almost impossible for anyone married, for example, to stop communicating separation censure fear, because any investment in creation secures evil at the core of protection/projection Creation-evil buzzing separation, as if creation’s evil depended on remaining as far away from NOTHINGNESS, as is humanly inhumane-married codependent-resentment evil-possible.

If I am creation evil, and I am vested in any, other Creation-evil motive, that alone can make me as deaf as a post, from being able to enjoy Delight Bonding Communion, mirroring in any creation investment, and especially my co-created Evil Karmic Quanta showing up, from my body-memory silo full of, all my lifetimes of suffering-evil, still forgiveness-unreconciled.

Yes, until I experience the Loving touch of the Divine NOTHINGNESS in Delight Bonding Communion, there’s not the slightest chance I can respond with affirming Delight acceptance, until I ‘dare’ to Love Listen, without revealing my Creation-evil investments in unsafe emotional divisive defensive reactive filtering censuring, that just won’t seem to let go of me.

If NOTHINGNESS is an experience of Love Central, once I switch my allegiance from Creation-evil investment motives, to be able to hear another, without Communion-fracture, then that means as long as I “Won’t” Love Listen with others, then I “Can’t” Love Listen inside Meditation, without similar reactive evil motives to protect myself from letting go into Warm NOTHINGNESS.

If there were truly a ‘we’ in this solo conversation experiment, we, imagine can only Commune as Creation-evil ambassadors, by repeating what the other means in a rhythm, until NOTHINGESS volition warms our Joy, in a cooperating harmony, that emerges within our ONENESS affirming Delight, where time slows down, and there appears, hardly any need to continue communicating separation anymore.

You mean what you say, and it is happening, right now, right here in front of everyone, if there is such an evil married motive in NOTHINGNESS COMMUNION. I am getting the idea that evil from a NOTHINGNESS perspective, almost seems a benevolent Karmic-way to express separation suffering Illusion, as if we suffer in Creation rules, and complications, until we, ITSOEZ to Love, simply don’t.

It seems the realer value in COMMUNION has, very little to do with the subject matter focus, and everything to do with disappearing into Warm shared Spiritual Sovereign Singularity NOTHINGNESS, and that NOTHINGNESS is, really ‘everything’ inside-ness …

Yes, and isn’t it Divine to experience “Nothing”, instead of, all the ‘somethings’ we invest in, just so we, married can’t feel Love-central floating around deep inside COMMUNION acceptance? It seems we in Creation make a big thing out of evil, so we can muse easier, that we aren’t “That evil” out onto our, severely-judged Heretic Martyr-patsies.

So without the actual, direct experience of NOTHINGNESS, we use each other to put in between others, as ourselves, both still vested in Creation-evil suffering, until we stop putting others in between our own Love, and our lack of NOTHINGNESS experience yet?

Oh ya, and I couldn’t have said it any more clear, so thank you for saying what I took all this time to try to do, but couldn’t have expressed without Love COMMUNING for we, imagined NOTHINGESS devotee invisible Warm-funneroos.

OSHO: All in a Nutshell

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