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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Fake Matrix Dissolution

Why was the Universe Created? Sadhguru

Continual forgiveness intention seems to be working toward Matrix-dissolution, within me, without a cognizant need for me any more, and is it, ever a total relief to hardly recognize anything, that kept my head spinning all the yarns, that only keep the lie, alive or dead, when this condition my condition is in, hardly remembers wanting any more? Is it just me, or does this Fake Matrix Volition condition our temporary condition is in mean anything, except to fake our volition in some pretty serious-seeming circular convoluted dissolution dissipating within me right now.

Who is expressing right now through, and for me, except an invited guest from God Knows where, without any more Time~when necessary, or, even allowed, from within timeless reverie. What would a Mother do without the illusion of Earth’s name to diaper~depend complain on for all our crap here, and better yet, what would Earth do without the illusion of a Mother’s name to change when a Mother pretends we of little faith, ever Love changing ourselves for her spurious need to behold our continuous inelegant linear unforgiven replications?

What is Whoever expressing without my getting in the way, except a soul friend from inside, that can, hardly stand what I keep repeating to no revelatory-end in lavatory sight? Am I on fire; am I disappearing, as we speak together herein; is the joke, finally on the me, that never exists separate from the maddening crowd; am I no longer required to defend the evil that presumes to be, that never was, is, nor will be; or is this inner experience the same Ruse that got me here so awkwardly, compared to Absolute unborn infinity’s retuning angelic old Earth-relic me?

Is this new condition my old condition was in as illogical as, only the Physical-ruse that had it’s death hold on me, disappearing without any more need for having to, ever disappear from here again, or am I so full of it I smell like it, as a way to kid around within the disappearance of the Universe from within me, without any more hold on my old ideas of me? Is this the end of the olfactory within me, that changes all my old worn out fear-perspective’s non-unity? Is this condition my changing condition is in a, mere Ruse to nowheresville, or is this how it feels to disappear into the ether, after my long journey to nowhere’s ville deeper inside than any Mortal is allowed to travel, without a Kindness-license to acceptance village~invisible no-motive motif?

Are there women wherein no man is allowed, or is the disappearance of either gender the end of evil time, as gender only knows is nothing at all to brag about by now? Am I absolutely NOTHING Physical-role to brag about, and if I am disappearing a little bit more, will I will, or is this a sign of the end of Time, as we, fits and starts only imagine, all our own troubles in mirror-double gender-illusions in Time’s fool~around? Can this revelation become my worse Ruse, to date, or is disappearing into the ether something-less fabulous experience to, even be able to brag about this much munching~unknowing on about, already?

Ok Ok Ok I Ok~acknowledge the Light-being visiting within me today, so thank you for such relief from this, very disturbing revelatory visit to nowhere’s timeless revery, from deeper within where no gender is allowed absolute unborn infinity ether-in. A Light being seems to be, really enjoying all my disorientations, as if later all this meandering will make me feel better about everything my evil Mortal condition was blaming myself for pretending to be separate from all my physical condition, my Mortal mirrors blamed me for appearing for us to forgive, as it seems is going on for me right now, timeless, finally. (silent grin invisible)

There, hardly seems any more Ruse-motives left in me to pretend here, so instead of ever wanting to manifest anything else, I can actually feel all manifesting-need to appear is the only separation~need to want to remain separate-mirrors any more; if that makes any Earthly Mother-less sense at all? If this is a good bye, to separation motives, then let’s have at it in it~less-ness reverie without any names to pretend Time, still has it’s hold on evil-separation Human-anomalies? There may just become a for~every~where in spaceless, and timeless reverie, where there is no gender like the present, and no physical paradigm to stake it’s weary claim on our formless Immortal Love-need to enjoy absolute unborn infinity, for a Light~sublimation Heavenly~acceptance Spirit~change?

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