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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Full Self-disclosure

OSHO: My Only School Was that River

“Thank God for the internet so we, all can be grateful the sex-slave forced-marriage owned-women of the World, at least get to see how Wild West women can empower to become free!” I can empower to become Wild West free as a woman too, but I am, more grateful every breath of life-illusion into this Earth Death-paradigm that, at least my foreign Savior mirrors shine Light on my, own Wild West narcissistic sex-slavery Spirit-death.

We know not what we do, as the dead bury the dead in this death-projected Earth Collective Death-paradigm Creation-evil Consciousness, so “Thank God the Collective Spirit-dead illusion Savior mirrors get on the internet, to show the, so called empowered Wild West free sex-slaves, just how the Whole World is sex-slave forced-marriage owned by Mothers of the World switchback right back at, ya, as me.”

I am so grateful to wake up forgiveness intention, so I can see through the veil of Karmic-dissonant Death-paradigm illusion, and so I can enjoy the freedom knowing for every sex-slave foreign, and domestic Mother-role dead-played sufferer there was, is, and will be her mirror-double sex-slave Father Spirit-dead Savior physically addicted to keep repeating sex-slavery from here to Kingdom dumb-come Hate-gender separation-illusion.

I am even, more grateful Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing reveals to me the statist stasis Collective sex-slave ‘know no what we do’ Consciousness co-created my Mother, just like we altogether co-created both evil disgusting Dead-gender Spirit-dead in Earth Death-paradigm, so I am ‘most’ grateful for hitlery merkle May-circle Queen-mother mum-jerk Savior-hate miracles for appearing as our best iconic of ‘my’ Mother mirror-double rape, and murder Cannibal Satanic Child-sacrifice Mother Earth Spirit-dead Death-paradigm ‘know not what Mother-owners do’ ‘nice work if you can get it’ Patsy-blame ‘get out of jail Mother-free card’ Monopoly-motif.

How, absolutely grateful can one wise, and kind Alive Spirit shine this much Light on ‘the dead bury the dead’ Mother-narcissist undead-motif? I Karmic-repent my physical addiction to, all Mothers as the fear of all Mothers seems the same, as the Mother-sum of all fear sex-slaves in Mother Earth Death-paradigm, but nothing expresses as much gratitude as “Knowing what we do”, in this, very **Illusion** that keeps Karmic-appearing to comic-show me neither is, was, and will my Mother-be foreign/domestic ONENESS Spirit-dead alone, any more than I, was, am and will, never be alone either all`one-neither mirror-double Savior-impossible.

Super-duper gratitude frees me from the illusion of separation, so when I was grateful foreign sex-slaves, at least get to see how we domestics live Spirit-dead Hate-empowered too, little did I realize “I” myself am the one who, really needed to experience the internet showing ‘me’ my, own sex-slavery Mother Earth Hate-paradigm mirror-Savior-double both gender~ways, domestic-west and Satanic Mother iconic foreign-projection crooked.

We almost voted my Mother in as President of this Mother Earth Death-paradigm, so thank you Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing intention for showing us, all how the Kind-alive Spirit-wisdom of Total-gratitude Quantum jumps Time into timeless reverie, so we can, all know what we do, if we stop projecting lifetime-insanity of Physical-gender Karmic-switchback mirror-victim/victimizer-double sex-slavery doing the same thing, expecting different Spirit-dead Mother Earth Rage-gender Death-paradigm Illusory-mirror Blackmail-hate Usury-results.

I am dead, and as dead as the last, and future lifetimes galore, at anyone Death-paradigm insane Mother Earth Time~Quanta, not knowing what we do, while the dead bury the dead, and each death appears as a birth into this suffering insanity, as if any one can become separate except as, just another Foreign Projection-example to unlearn our, own domestic-professing Protection-illusion. My Mother is, was, and will be dead, as me, so you are dead, and we, all are as dead as any sex-slave Mother-owned addicted to creation Death-paradigm illusion/mirror double/appearing can be shining Light for each other, so welcome to my Full Self-disclosure Wonder World this grateful mourning Canary-singing morning?

Blame Hurts

Ow, oW, owah, ouch, ooch, owcheewawa, oo, oo, oochies, OW!!! Infected by rusty nails in the souls of many feet, my inside army of alter orphans are Ghost-dancing dry-bones awkwardly in our One heart, that beats for all. I am hosting this celebration of forgiveness as our, only Salvation of everlasting Peace, once and for all. Each splintered miracle needs heart healing soul surgery and wants to dance around Whole, and deserves a voice for Creation-pain. Now voices in unison sing out, all at once “Don’t blame me”, and are heard in this chorus-echo of One. Little Pine Cone was, just an innocent little boy, whose Mom, and Grammy were jealous lovers, and he, simply got caught in their intricate profound Mudd-middle of their complicated junk, and ugly adult drama.

I understand how the Mother half of a longer swear works to blame small victims of female pedophiles, and it hurts, really bad, and makes me Mother-feel, so Shame-ugly. There is not, even half a bitter-swear of blame to protect Grammy from what she was doing when she died on top of me. It was their adult drama; so “Don’t blame me” while I host this celebration of forgiveness for, all my little ones hurting. The extra ball-beating from my jealous Mom served to projection-blame me for ‘her’ shame-protection, and when she sent me away for raping and killing bitter old-woman Feminist Grammy, I’m sure she felt rid of her Karmic-problem forever. She understood how we’re, already set up to blame little boys, and men, and it has worked, until now as I honor my innocent ancient-child within.

As I am learning to be authentic, and allowing the Holy work of forgiveness surrender, I give my Meek to Spirit pain a voice, that supports the anger, and hides the shame. OOOOWWWW!!! As you touch this part of the page I will receive your blessing, and validation because I don’t want to blame them, as they blamed me. If you dare to come out of judgmental censuring-silence, and say something with care, I will be Delight-grateful for Live-spirit help to touch my Karmic Holy-pain. I am grateful for the Pineal Portal name “Pine Cone”, because as our Pineal Gland seems to be our gateway to other dimensions of Spirit, Pine scent negative ion ‘wet mist of Spirit’ whispering has, always been known to fear-heal guilt of separation illusion.

Karmic Hell-suffering Bone Rattle Dance

Skin and bones grow fat and round with winter wool don’t make a sound
Bones don’t rattle still seem skinny hiding out in bone city
See the bones and inner structure jaw bone flappin with no tongue
What’s been added X-ray vision eye holes dark and bummy missin

Take a look we’re not so different without the rest our bones do rattle
Paint the skin and add the bulges sex it up enjoy a tickle
Organ kit with many systems hooked together add a soul and feelings
Now we’re ready to think different as we walk away from where we’re headed

Words and pictures shade our mind and chill our soul with wrong direction
Blind eyes don’t see our True Selves deaf ears pick up only difference
Soul seeing through sharing feelings helps like Live-Spirit X-ray vision
Any jaw a flappin in honest bones-no Death-rattle is Spirit-fun to be Light-together

Is Anything Real?

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