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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Love Existence Pool of Life

OSHO: A Courageous Jump into the Ocean of Life

How does a Sentient Light Being, totally relax into Sweet Beloved Nectar Aether Neutral absolute unborn infinity, except to switch allegiance from physical-role mirror-double Karmic-dissonant habitual-separation Creation-evil anxiety-illusion, into Pineal Portal deep inside Spiritual Sovereign Singularity compassionate Wonder enlightening liquefiable Love energy Flux-flow freeing energy Aether Neutral existence Pool of, all life animating within Delight Bonding Communion for~every~where?

Stuck here in DNA Morphogenetic eddy resists the Flux-flow freeing-energy river of Life Wonder, co-creating as much physical-role mirror-double Karmic-dissonant habitual-separation Creation-evil cyclical anxiety-illusion as any logical Time control-freak did, does, and will Satanic-Space out-source religious-habit Karmic-addiction, to deny the total lack of ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing energy abiding inside every mortal separation dry-dream caught in the streaming negative elemental maturing ‘right back at ya’ in constant evil reflection Quanta.

Existence Life in Love Pool does, not include physical-role mirror-double Karmic-dissonant habitual-separation Creation-evil anxiety-illusion, or any separation-idea outside Pineal Portal’s, Love Existence Pool of Life, so Karma-free, gender-free isn’t, even an evil agenda-option, because Love Existence Pool of Life is the absence of gender, as sure as Light-acuity is the absence of Karmic-dissonance in timeless-reverie, as vast as, all the Spirit-beauty Aether Neutral any indweller can enjoy Kindness relaxing into absolute unborn infinite ONENESS Spirit Conscience Harmony.

My Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Love Existence Pool of Life cannot pretend separation from any of my co-created Quanta illusions, and neither can any ‘past or future’ possible Light-bringer, even appear to appear without that same Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Love Existence Pool of Life, already Indwelling inside mine, as if mine indwells inside the same Creative intelligent ‘insourcing’ Pool, whether anyone believes Love Existence Pool of Life, or not. How does a smile appear with no name, or face to pretend it’s just ‘fine’ to communicate separation, so how does any Sentient Light Being totally relax, except to accept all there is within, as if one desert flower dry-dreamed all Creation evil away, in the wet mist of Spirit-meek activation?

Breaking loose from the shackles of Time frees the heart of all beautiful children of God in a wonder-filled chorus, to serve ONENESS Spirit Conscience Love Existence Pool of absolute unborn infinite Crystalline Life, just for the fun of mocking ridiculous lousy ridiculing creation-evil. Gifts abound, yes, enlightened gifts abound, as we become one Grateful Lyric for Celestial music enlightening Compassion in this Aether Neutral Sweet Beloved Nectar forgiveness song of prayer. Since we are a physical-habit Karmic-illusion mirror-double, then we don’t exist in Love Existence Pool of Life, and neither are we, as alive, as, only a temporary Mortal can imagine, when Time-limits, actually defines surgical guilt-slicing Mortality’s separation-fear incision-decision.

So let’s see altogether here!!! I am not, really alive, and I can’t exist in Love Existence Pool of Life as a, mere Mortal separation, only communicating dispirited separation dry dreams, and I am dead already in creation-evil Karmic-dissonant cyclical runaway. I am not gender-free, and I am not Karma-free, and neither are we unconscionable Mortal-free in Atomic Cell-division nuclear half-life degeneration slices of Time. I have no control over Love Existence Pool of Life, so survival motif insures I won’t sleep at night, because I already slept gender-dry all damned-day.

Does this mean a mean-spirited unkind-mean, that it doesn’t matter if I win, or lose, even if I harm another ‘me’, either physical projection mirror-double way, we both suffer at night, without a clue that’s what dead-poo Pool-people do? Inside my Karmic-mother is the same Pool of Life I swim in, that she swims in, even today, after she left Mortality, so no Wonder I can sleep well at night, because I am so gratified Holy ‘wet mist of enlightening Meek Spirit’ nurturing showed me a humble past life, where I hated men just like, all Karmic-dissonant Time-gender devotees did, do, and will, until dipping into Love Existence Pool of Life, for~every~where Aether Neutral frees Peace of Immortal Love energy into Creative Intelligence sleep-capable Pine Cone-tease Mortal Portal Crystalline-invitation Delight Bonding Communion infinity.

Existence: Not Logical, But Absolutely Fantastic | Sadhguru

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