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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: More to Me than Meets the Eye

The Little Prince and The Fox

Sweet Beloved Aether Neutral absolute unborn infinite Love Existence Pool of all Coherent Life in the Spirit of forgiveness, replete, timeless, inviolate and invisible Immortal enlightening Compassion, kindness, flux-flow freeing energy becomes me, inspires me, and appears in thy glory from within all the Love in the clear blue sky blissful innocent Mountains, that move easily, gently, and in timeless essential Divine Providence comes with as many lifetimes from here to Kingdom come, unimaginably skies the limit, to Kind prosperous affinity for~every~where.*_*

Appearing here from Love existence Pool of all Life stripped me of the Light within the Love of all Life and suffice it to say we, blissful Big Bang innocent children suffer a Mortal Blow as if right away we, actually manifest in the unbelievable fear of lack malevolent initiation, imprisoned in the Darkness of Creation sex-slave prison on death row watching others, waiting for our War-torn turn turn to “Burn Baby Burn” away all the evidence of any possible semblance of Immortal Love, at it’s blissful best-offer innocence.

Thou Art That That Thou Art from the start when we see Immortal Love in each other , as you are my mirror-double forced into Physical Creation-evil’s main motive to Hate our own survival conspiracy, so this Spirit beauty, and truth of Love, that we are is my latest awakening repentance celebration, to remember awareness of the whole Universe of Universes filled with Galactic Love Oceans, still singing in Unison, just below the surface ready to float my boat alongside the enormous Mothership-shadows cloaked beyond the sight of any Mortal-lacking in as much imagination as it takes to pretend separation from what’s essential is invisible Love to any Mortal eye.

Mortality’s ‘beat me down’ mantra had me fooled for a very long ‘many lifetimes’ while, but suffice it to say today, “I am not enough” just flew out the Mortal window into the funeral pyre with all the rest of survival motives junk DNA. I think I am experiencing what, every child can feel from the bottom, right up to the top of this ‘worms chasing our tail’ caterpillar tower stepping, all over each other for some damnable dispirited competitive insanity. Creation pleads with we, children of this much Delight Bonding Communion to, just stay down, and don’t get up again, because the next lifetime blow may just be our soul-capable last here.

“How much suffering is enough”, children exclaim, when Love’s clarion Call resounds from within “Every child’s personal~Skies the limit” Heaven echoes back, “When you reclaim in Wonder, that you know you ‘are’ enough”, precious ONE!” One rotting narcissist can spoil the whole Earth Black busy-mold, but Earth has many billion tame~lacking *_*, yet the strangest Love-inverse mean-spirited anomaly on Earth is, that the richest narcissists are the, very ones who taming~lack *_* Kindness the most.

These, most cruel stingy bastards have been my role-model in a sick-loyalty to their fierce-need to have me believe in beat down beat down beat down sex-slavery at it’s family-cannibalism Royal-best, while we slaves minimize as a ‘little dysfunctional’, but lacking everything, just as we become sacrificed, is a little bit too much ****LACK**** to ask a child to do, just for the brief chance to shine a little drip-pity drop of Light here in as much gender-bigoted ‘divide, and conquer’ War-college Dark as it takes to keep us fooled, don’t ya’ll *talk_think_feel amongst your selves*?

The weather at the beginning seemed as grateful as can be when I got this bright new idea of repentance, but now that my supposed lack is more clear to me, no amount of honesty can express just how small a little word like *anger* can seem to touch this bankroll-lack of *rage* that makes me wanna roll up, and ‘blow me down’ as if the Pirate in all of us, just ate the red eye-popping can, with the spinach, just to save another olive-slave for the ****ward’s wet *_* Child-sacrifice Monster-appetite.

Sometimes during repentance I wish tears would last more than a little while, yet this morning a little more rage-time, just doesn’t seem to cut~wash away~the Shame~mustard, as we of little ONENESS~faith, spice it up to elite-bastards A~holiness/separation **Prince~feel it *>* lack** of Love Listening Royal-cannibal DNC Vatican Pizza Satanic-bitches tame~say?

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