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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: A Way of Well Being

Jyota Se Jyota

Jyota Se Jyota from Neon Lizards on Vimeo.

Multidimensional Children of Kind Pleasance transform Musical miracles singing me into Spirit Wonder Grace as our enlightening liquefiable Love energy becomes the, very ONENESS Muse that sings from our one Heart in responsive forgiving Delight Bonding Effulgent Communion.

Sweet Beloved Nectar are we in magical Aether Neutral absolute unborn infinity mystical miracle choir flying from above, down, and throughout as the song of Well Being, becomes the, very music deep within Transformative Spiritual Sovereign Singularity in a Graceful Languid Rhythm.

Like we become the, very music that sings us, Children of Delight Bonding Communion are the very Muse that greets us, as we become becoming in creative intelligence Joy in Harmony, where the bee becomes the honey as Spirit Butterflies become what flutterby music migrates within Overtones that sing us.

Miracles abound, yes enlightening miracles abound for~every~where in the wet mist of Spirit Delight, freeing energy into blissful innocence, that never stops drinking in this fountain of Well Being from deep inside Glistening effulgence Immortal Love Source within all that was, is, and will be Kind, as gentle ionic music within whispering needle’s Pineal.

I am the Music from deep within Sweet Beloved intention to forgive the illusion of our undying Time of death, and what physical motive can ever replace a Muse with such transformative Spirituality with infinity in the unborn fountains, within every Mountain-movement from this celestial chorus of Well Being resounding interstice stillness, where Love never moves.

Would a Muse in Love with children fountains of Delightful music, ever fall for any suffering any Matrix in Mortal limits of time, and space addiction, yet what Muse in Love with Children fountains of delightful music are we, that fly right down from above, and throughout, to enlighten our mirror-double Saviors, ‘for a song’ that sings us together in Unison again?

I am you in this forgiveness song of innocence, wherein for~every~where Muse becomes this very Overtone musical miracle timing, just for the fun of Love Ocean fish-murmuration into we, birds singing ourselves silly, migrating in Paradise Spirit children feathers from deeper inside, than Matrix adult Mortals can, even imagine lilting.

Our Mystical music becomes us, as we switch our allegiance from creation-evil, to creator Muse singing us altogether, so rest a while by the side of the babbling brook, where the Royal-buffoon ego-castles crumble fear-disease into the Stardust we of Sweet Beloved One Heart music are being Spirit-child welcoming granted.

Are we desert flowers effulgent-flowing or aren’t we the flowing music, that flowers sing to us in the desert of creation-evil, to remind us of our Love, that Muse misses hearing from within our surrendering Clarion Call, that kidnapped us right out of bed, before we got a gamblers codependent chance to pray?

Waking up sweet children is so easy within this, very song of prayer we sing right now, before we had that last chance to, even become aware we are, already singing within the Muse that sings us in this lovely hint of Sweet Spirit, that becomes the music that, never stops singing from deep Well Being, just loving to drink me within-a-Muse

Soul quenching Effulgence 080117

3 days ago, (from 080117 before) a surge of Immortal Love-empowered flurry expanded inside, from within absolute unborn infinity, as if all my Karmic lifetime physical body/mind forms eroded any memory of divisive investment untoward Mortal motives. OMG I imagined how this much unknown-before Immortal awareness can express such a noun-less Joy in Harmony with abject-deaf, and envy-blind Mortality?

Enlightening liquefiable Love energy flux flowing took me on a magic carpet ride for~every~where, from above, down, and throughout all inclusive creative intelligence, just to let me know that sometime soon this Inner Realm power would accomplish in "Mortal Love" , what the accumulation of thousands of soul-battering physical-poison Mortal-lifetimes, never could help me understand better, where my innocence was kidnapped as if Mother Earth ripped me a new one every Karmic life-plan I Immortal Love Chimed/Timed in/out here.

This Love-surge wasn’t something to write about at the time, but was an experiential boost to get my ego-mind ready to let go of enough lifetimes-denial shame of separation Mortal-devoted torture, so I would be able to express why NOTHING, that ever happened to me was, ever my fault here, and especially this lifetime when everything that, ever happened happened all at once during this Karmic accumulation of Mother Earth old-soul Grace-filled innocent-fails.

It took everything I had to express above the constant din of Duality clamor that, really is the Collective Immortal Love-fail Consciousness, that flourishes furry-divide and fury-conquer of every innocent deer at the Mother Earth Prison-gang communication watering hole. ‘veni vidi vici’ comes to mind, except for~every~where Effulgence came, and saw, and conquered ‘my’ willing surrender to absolute unborn infinite creative intelligent forgiveness fountain of Delight within ONENESS Spirit Conscience freedom, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible.

“I left, I closed my eyes, I surrendered” to effulgent Immortal Love-energy, and to gentle, kind compassionate Unified lifetimes Mercy, as whatever the opposite of Mortal love can be, I am as for~every~where ‘kind’ again, as any other innocent child can ever Roman ‘veni vedi vici-opposite be. This lifetime I have experienced all rapes, and all murders, and all poison and all evil treachery from the outside in, for Satanic millennia, and to finally experience NONE of those separate lifetimes weren’t, aren’t, and, never will be any more separate from all other illusory Mortal lifetimes, pretty much makes me an integral part of this Mortal Love Mother Earth-fail "Clockwork Orange Shmoop".

GuruMayi & The Chocolate bar.

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