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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Lyrical Singularity Kind Whisper

Sadhguru - universe was not made for you

I am working on manifesting a Private Home in natural surroundings, and what I am experiencing on this Spiritual Home journey, instead, reveals more Unkind Mass Hysteria Matrix discernment to Holy Spirit Nurturing forgive. Since I was Mother-owned by a narcissistic role-model, and as a feral-baby piss-my-pants terrified, I, gradually disowned my broken legs, my broken arms, my broken penis, my broken balls, and my broken heart, because she owned me lock, stock, and barrel in the, very same ownership-definition of a Barbaric Governmentally ill bureaucratic sleeper-slug cell-thug xenophobic sex-slavery-motivated protection/projection self-hate genocidal motive.

Her lack of interconnection to ONENESS Spirit Conscience, forced her into the Spirit~Jealous-rage Mother-barbaric ownership-Source, as the Mother-sum of all fear-manifest, from the fear of all Mother Earth narcissism role-model victim-played for Power-over Child-sacrifices. If my Spiritual Home journey is a perfect metaphor for my Body being taken over by this narcissistic role-model, then Holy Spirit is showing me, just how much unkind Mass Mother-hysteria motives I need to Blue Pill Matrix unlearn, still. “I am a Thug, a barbaric slug-fest thug in death-of-kindness Mother Earth Valentine Mafia Mortal Vatican Money British Crown MAMA Law Matrix Satanic Child-sacrifice sex-slave Death-paradigm, so what this unholy body needs is to be able to feel, really feel the depth my disowning my whole body-need for wanting a Private Home here any more.”

I am remembering how painful broken bones are, but more than any physical-pain is the horror that my Mother hated me enough to rape, and kill me, right down to soul-level dispirited terror. When my MAMA wanted me to die, so badly, any child responds-in-kind, by gradually disowning the parts she breaks first, until even the Spirit wants to respond-in-kind too. How does my unlearning Unkind Mass Mother-hysteria help me, right now, when I am trying to manifest a Private Home for my PTSD with 338 MPD alters to enjoy natural surroundings, inside, and outside now? OK OK I was killed as a Baby-thug, and I am a slug thug narcissist deep inside, so unkind to myself still, that I want a safe Home on Mother Earth as much as I ‘don’t’, even want to live here in Barbaric-slug Thugland Mother Motif!!!

I am my worst problem deep inside, but what comes to me is the best thing anyone could ever do is to renounce Death paradigm altogether, and switch allegiance to unborn Holy Spirit Delight Crystalline acceptance from whence no manifesting ‘anything’ frees me from protection/projection, just to feed the Cannibals, that run this slug thug Mother-mafia money-laundering dump. ‘Woman’, does it ever feel magnificent to discover my realer ambivalent truth buried deep-anxiety inside my homeless imprisonment on Mother Earth Today, and just so we stop leaving Feminist Ascension man out all the time, ‘Man’, does it, ever feel magnificent to discover my realer ambivalent truth buried deep-anxiety inside my homeless imprisonment on Mother Earth Today toot toot too!

My tortured-gender small-Identity defines evil, and criminality, so my ‘hope lesson’ in all this deeper self-discovery is to expand my ONENESS Identity, so I can look back and see how, even gender-identity assures me I will, never find a Private Home in natural surroundings, when I hate my Man-ness, so badly I don’t even believe a man deserves a Home if he, already disowned his Mother’s body, that the Governmentally Ill statist stasis bureaucrats still want to kill for the Mother-breeder cause. I want to become Kind, so good-bad-good, that this disgusting taste of discernment, hardly seems Holy Spirit forgiveness possible. I never forgive anything, and that’s the very thing Holy Spirit does, and does, and does the more I discern, so deep I can, hardly want to manifest anything Karmic to have to repent for anymore.

We have to Wonder about all this disgusting narcissistic unkind Small Identity gender-crap altogether, how anyone would, still want to manifest anything that, just turns around on us, and begins to ‘own us’ back as if there is a little of my Mother in ONENESS-me, and a lot of my Mother Earth Mother-manifest in her Death Paradigm’s, very same ownership-definition of a Satanic Child-sacrifice Barbaric Governmentally ill bureaucratic sleeper-slug cell-thug xenophobic sex-slavery-motivated protection/projection self-hate homeless-imprisonment Collective genocidal-motive Consciousness. To become as Kind, as I want to become, it seems I will want to become kinder than anyone, just like my small Mother-identity taught me to disown my own Spiritual Sovereign Singularity mind, body, and OMG~~ONENESS Spirit Conscience toot toot hooter-too.

Wisdom, Meditation & Bliss with Sadhguru in Moscow - June 3rd, 2018

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